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I've always wonderd why

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I'm going to school to become and RN and I always wonder why the pictures in my Anatomy book show circumcised males.:
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To make YOU think this is the natural state of a penis and an intact penis is a disease riddled organ.

My d-i-l is an OD. A while ago I looked at her med. ped. book under measles. Guess what? In the first paragraph they mention vaccination four times. Interesting isn't it?

The CDC shows the status of diseases starting around 1940. Then they show the intro. of vaccines. It looks like vaccines saves us all. But go back a bit futher to 1890 and it presents a completely different picture. Almost amusing!

My son, a surgeon, says the medical books are all written with a certain agenda.

PBDS prevents kids from burning in their cribs. ?

All fats causes you to be fat. ?

My grandmother used to say: Believe nothing of what you hear and only half of what you see. I BELIEVE HER.
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My grandmother used to say: Believe nothing of what you hear and only half of what you see. I BELIEVE HER.
I believe it!

It makes me angry that they are trying to make out like that is normal. I feel like I should write to the publishers of the book and ask them this question. What they are showing is an altered form.
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For the first 70 years of the last century, the majority of the medical profession recommended all boys be circumcised and some even advocated mandatory universal circumcision. The depiction of the circumcised penis in medical books is just to advance that agenda and an effort to normalize the abnormal. At first, it was in the sincere belief that it was beneficial to the man's health or that men were too sexual and it benefited the man or his wife to partially sexually cripple him. Once it became ingrained in the profession, it was no longer necessary that there be any concrete benefit, only superflourous and ethereal benefits like the social justifications or the comfort (to the father) that the son would look like the father. Of course, the profit motive was also a strong influence.

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Interesting, I wonder when that book was published?
Also, if they are older men, then it was more 'mainstream' to be 'altered'....
Circumsision is now considered plastic surgery in Canada. So, it's maybe 1 in 10 who do so!
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It really doesn't matter when it was published. The vast majority of medical text books printed today in America show the circumcised penis as normal. The only time they show an intact penis is when they are addressing a topic that specifically involves the foreskin such as phimosis or adult circumcision.

I suspect there is at least one innocent reason for this. One is that the majority of men under 60 years old are circumcised. Another is that circumcision has been a class distinction up until the last 30 or 40 years and probably the most legitimate one is that if you are showing a problem with the glans, meatus or other parts of the penis other than the foreskin, it must be retracted to show those parts. So, the circumcised penis is the more common and easier to find for photography, Circumcision has been associated with higher income and education and thus these men are more likely to seek medical intervention and the photography of the circumcised penis is easier. Certainly, these are all pathetic reasons and it must be realized somewhere in these peoples subconscious that they are normalizing the abnormal to the detriment of millions of men.

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Well, don't you know that everyone circumcizes. And if they don't well they don't deserve good care. I mean how can they expect you to learn how to care for a normal and intact penis. If they don't circumcize they are just asking for it.
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