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Do you and or your DD sleep without underwear? - Page 4

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I usually wear nothing, Dh wears underwear, and DS2 is swaddled with a diaper. That's our bed.

In the kids' room, sometimes DSD wears jammies, sometimes undies, and sometimes she takes her panties off.

DS1 wears a diaper and at minimum something on the bottom. If he doesn't have something over the diaper, he will rip off his diaper and pee all over his bed. DS1 usually winds up in our bed in the morning for mama milks.
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We wear PJ's to bed. My dd takes off her underwear and pj's at night sometimes but I leave mine on. I used to sleep naked and will again when we have our own place and I have my own room again.
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H sleeps nude, the rest of us sleep with clothes on, including underwear. Sometimes the girls will sleep in just underwear, when it's hot outside. I am uncomfortable being nude, myself, but I don't mind H or the girls being sans clothes!
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Originally Posted by oceanbaby View Post
None of us wear underwear when we sleep. Our bodies need to breathe!
Same here!!:
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Originally Posted by oceanbaby View Post
None of us wear underwear when we sleep. Our bodies need to breathe!
Ditto! I do wear baggy pj pants to bed though. DD is still not 100% reliable at night so she mostly wears a pull up but if I feel she will make it through the night I let her sleep in just a t-shirt. I think it is good to let her bum get some air! I will often put her in bloomers or baggy pants during the day with no undies on too, for some additional "airing".

Growing up my mom was always very adamant that you don't wear underwear to bed.
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Originally Posted by Pepper44 View Post
My DD loves to sleep naked, and it doesn't bother me except for one thing--whenever she's without panties I always wake up with her butt smooshed into my face!

The other morning he said, "Ow! You just hit my nuts!" without thinking, and DD immediately stuck her head under the covers and proclaimed, "Daddy there are no walnuts in our bed."

thats great!

i'm another one who always heard about airing out your nether regions. i guess that pearl of wisdom came from my grandmother as well.
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I actually remember reading or hearing something about females wearing underwear to bed, and how it greatly increases the risks for yeast infections and UTI's. Allowing that area to get some fresh air and not be all "cooped up" 24 hours a day is good, I think----especially at night.

I don't know how any girl/woman could wear panties to bed.......so much FREEDOM is going bare a**!!!
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growing up i only wore an oversized t-shirt (one that came above the knees, but was still long enough to cover everything, even while sitting) to bed and i never wore underwear to bed. not till i went to college and had a roommate for the first time haha. by the time i was in high school though i would wear pj pants and a tank top to bed, no underwear or bra though.
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we all wear underwear to bed here. but no bras
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I do occasionally if I am cold or just too lazy to take them off, but usually I don't wear underwear and I definitely prefer to wear a gown of some sort or nothing at all if I get hot. I would say never a bra, but I have actually worn one a few times now with the heavy pregnancy breasts

Granted, it is just DH and I, but I can't see changing that even with kids in the picture and my Dad wore only tighty-whities to bed and walked around in the house with them at times, but I do feel my family is a bit of an oddity in our region as far as being more casual about nudity around family. Like I see a lot of people say they are uncomfortable or would never change clothes in front of their parents/siblings. I mean, I will go to a private space if readily available, but it isn't a big deal if we are in a hurry or whatever.
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I HATE sleeping naked, absolutely hate it! I *always* wear underwear and pajamas, that is how I'm most comfortable. DS wears a t-shirt and diaper, DH wears a t-shirt and boxers.
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Originally Posted by snapper mamma View Post

Am I the only one who thinks about having to run out of the house due to a fire or intruder? Totally nuts, I am sure! I loooove to sleep nekkid but am resigned to wearing a night shirt and panties, "just in case". It sounds so silly as I type it as I am sure no firefighter would laugh at me if I was naked and my house was on fire.
This is me exactly. DH has tried to encourage me to sleep naked several times. I try but always put on clothes. I might have to run out of the house in the middle of the night.
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