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Just starting a new page, so we don't have to wade through the last 10. There has been an overwhelming response and you guys are awesome.

My hair's a little flakey today.....not sure what's up. I'm going to try to get the lady who's post (on my Continuum list) inspired me to come here and encourage us all.....

Gotta run....fresh cookies & milk!!

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Re: NO-POO MAMAS (February)

Originally posted by spyiispy
Just starting a new page, so we don't have to wade through the last 10. There has been an overwhelming response and you guys are awesome.

My hair's a little flakey today.....not sure what's up.
I hear tell that rinsing with vinegar helps.
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I did my first baking soda wash last night (last 'pooing was Friday 1/30). My hair feels SO soft and looks great. I swear, it feels better now than it did after shampooing/conditioning! I didn't have any apple cider vinegar (what I had bought turned out to be apple cider flavored ) - but then I remembered when I was a child and used to spend the summer with my Italian grandmother. After washing my hair (and hers too!) she would give it a rinse with diluted red-wine vinegar. So I did the same last night! I did add a few drops of lavendar EO so I wouldn't smell like a salad! It worked great though! My hair is just so bouncy and healthy looking! I'm so excited about not using shampoo anymore!
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So yesterday I did the cornstarch powder-head because it was so greasy. And it turned out great. I had to brush it quite a bit to get my scalp to not look powdered, but once I pulled my hair back it stayed perfect all day. Today I just washed with warm water and did a rosemary rinse (about 5 drops of rosemary eo in 24 oz of hot water, but only used about half of that mixture). I can already tell I'm going to have a really bad hair day. It's not even totally dry yet. Greasy, stringy roots and dry flyaway ends. I don't even own a hat (except my winter, outdoor one and that'd be hilarious to wear to our playgroup). At the moment I'm not sure what I'll do except pretend I didn't have time for a shower or something. It's been over a week though.
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I was amazed!!! My hair was getting a bit oily on my scalp and I did a BS rinse last night, skipped the ACV because I forgot to take it into the shower with me, will try next time.

My hair looks and feels awesome!! Smells fresh too, not icky perfumed or like a bar of soap. It just smells like clean and natural :LOL.

My hair is soft and shiny, not rough and dull looking! It felt kinda funky at first when I put the BS rinse on it but after I rinsed good and let it dry it looked and felt great. I just took a big glass measuring cup and put some BS in the bottom and put very hot water on top, about 2 cups and then hopped in the shower wet down my scalp and dumped it on. Then massaged it in and rinsed it off good.

The kids are poo free also but I don't think they even need the BS, maybe once a month with them I might, as their scalps don't get oily like mine does.
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Alright, I think Im on week 3 no-poo...
Did the bs wash for the 3rd time (do it every wednedsday) and my hair is awesome!
Thank you spyiispy for starting this!!!

Anyone else having a MEGA problem with static??? I can hear the static sparks when I brush my hair
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Oh, I'm so on the fence here. I have very oily skin and hair and suffered terribly with acne up until I was about 35. You wouldn't believe the chemicals I put on my face!! I shudder to think.

I'm just worried that the greasy hair will cause another outbreak of pimples around my hairline. Plus, I have a bad case of rosacea so my cheeks and nose are bright red. The one thing I have going for me is my thick, brunette hair. I don't know if I can live with a greasy head AND a red, pimply face.

However, dd has been poo free since birth...except for maybe 3 times when I started to question what I was doing. She's pretty much soap free too...just has a water bath every night. Her hair and skin are great...although her hair doesn't have any volume. I figure that's just her hair type though. It's definitely not oily.

I am 95% deodorant free. The only time I use it is if I will be in a stressful situation. I've found it so much less necessary since I started working from home. For some reason the office setting really made me sweat and it didn't smell pretty. I rarely notice any smell and I am quite sensitive to bad b.o. I really hate it...makes me retch, although I'm convinced that is a result of never smelling normal body odor while growing up. The other thing is that we live in a cold climate so I rarely sweat from heat. I think it would be different if I lived in a hot climate.

I also think there is a difference between an unwashed b.o. smell and a clean one. If you bathe every day..even just a quick sponge bath..the b.o smell is not so offensive. It only takes a second to put a bit of soap and water on a washcloth and gives your pits and maybe genitals a wipe. Even busy moms should have time for that.

So, I'm off to the shower. No poo today and I didn't shower yesterday...I usually shower every 2 days in winter.
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I'm not sure where I am on being poo free. Maybe a week?
Anyway, I have oily hair also Island Mommy. Like a daily washer. Before I found this new thread, I posted on it on the older thread. I'm convinced that it's just the detergent of poo that causes it.
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Originally posted by andrea88

Anyone else having a MEGA problem with static??? I can hear the static sparks when I brush my hair
Yeah mine does have more static now :LOL.
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day 6

I had been having a HUGE static problem and then last night I put a few drops of tto on my brush and brushed the hell out of my head trying to distribute the oil....VOILA!!! My hair looks better than ever.

I bought rosemary oil and jobjoa (sp) oil today and I'm going to give that a whirl, too. My ends look a little on the dry side even thought the static is completely gone....thankfully the up top greasies aren't as bad as they were yesterday.

I think I'm going to do the bs and acv rinse every 4 days or so because that's about the only time I get a chance to bathe.
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I've joined in too. I am only on day three!! LOL. I am an everyday shampoo'er though (sometime more) so three days is huge for me! I did the BS and ACV yesterday and so far so good. My hair is a bit greasy today, but as long as I brush it a lot it still looks good (actually it looks really good right after I brush it...a few hours later it starts to look weighed down and oily)

I have a question about hair dryers though. This morning I got in the shower and just used hot water to rinse my hair. then I blew it dry like I do every morning. Is that "OK"? I know that blow dryers are bad for hair, but I have to style my hair or it just looks so limp...

are there any other no poo'ing hair dryer users out there?

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I did my 3rd BS rinse today and I am just loving it. We are enjoying ds2's natural baby scent without the shampoo scent covering it up Ds1 is also loving the no-shampoo life. He is a reluctant hairwasher and likes the good combing/quick rinse alternative! His hair looks just awesome, even the color looks better. If only I could convince dh......

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Day 4 no POO!

I was an every other day poo-er... I would poo with a dandruff poo and then on the off days just use a conditioner. I work out side the home, so I have to shower and do my hair every day... Well I've done the BS wash once, and today I just rinsed it with hot water and then did the ACV. I blow dry my hair everyday, because otherwise it will just hang there, but I don't use any products on it. I'm going to buy a brush tonight and also get some Rosemary and Jojoba oil. How often should do the BS wash? should I do the ACV on the same day? So far so good, still flaky and itchy, but not too greasy or heavy.
Thanks for the support mama's!
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I love reading this thread! I'm on day 3 of no shampoo and looking really greasy, but tomorrow is the first day I really have to venture out, so will try the baking soda.

I stopped washing dd's hair as well (just rinse in the tub) and her hair smells so sweet now. What was I thinking using soap on it all this time???
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Can someone detail exactly HOW to do the baking soda wash? (measurements, etc.)

I have cut down on shampooing by about 50% (twice a week washing down from 4-5 times a week) and I only use a small dab of shampoo for my scalp. But I work part-time, and it is downright embarrassing to go to work this greasy!!!
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I washed my hair last week in BS and ACV and it was great! Today I did just water and it' s kind of greasy feeling.

I'm thinking of cutting it. It's long and thick and without shampoo seems to hold water and take EVEN LONGER to dry if that was possible. I was freezing all day with wet hair running errands. I didn't want to frizz it up by blow drying.
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Hey all..
Im on my third week of no poo and it is all good. I have been using the bs on my face every shower (which isn't all that often ) nad I am looking and feeling great. I find if I BS every 3-4 days my hair is better than if I bs once a week.
I have been doing about lets say 1/4 cup of bs and enough water to make a medium paste. Not too thick, but not soo runny that I can't spoon it out onto my head. I just dump some BS into a jar that I keep in the bathroom, and then add the water in the shower. I get it into my roots, but don't worry about the ends so much

Island Mommy - I live right across the water from you, on the Island, and I have oily skin as well. I find that if I work the BS into my scalp along the hair line, and everywhere really, it is not oily or greasy. Again I find that using the BS more often than once a week or so helps as well.
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Hi All

Lisa wrote to me asking me to come here, although I am not sure in what role she wanted me here

Anyway, here I am; 'the lady' - (gee thanks Lisa; I like you already) who wrote the post on TCC board and who hasn't shampooed for, let me see now, about 3 1/2 years I guess, despite being an everyday-at-least-once kinda girl originally.

I have a daughter who will be three next month who has never had shampoo, soap, well nothing on her skin at all apart from grapeseed oil and witch hazel on her gorgeous bottom.

I haven't had the opportunity to read the 11 page previous thread to this, but I'v enjoyed reading about your experiences here and your enthusiasm is FANTASTIC

blessings, and thanks for the invite
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Welcome Rachelle! Thank you for coming here to offer us your support. One thing you said really has me intrigued. You put witch hazel on your daughter's bum? What form is the witch hazel in? In the states, it's commonly sold as in a liquid form that is just distilled witch hazel. Here in France, we can only get it as an herb that is sold at the herbist. Since I don't have (and wouldn't have a clue how to use it anyway) a still, I've been having it visitors bring it to me from the US. The last one decided that it was ridiculous that I keep asking people to bring me a bottle, so she brought 5 bottles. So I'm set for a couple of years now. If they have it distilled in England though, I know I could figure out how to get some sent here before I run out of my stash.

And why'd you 'poo your hair so often before? Was it oily or was it more out of habit? How long did it take for you to get over the hump? I tried giving up shampoo once before and gave up after maybe a month and a half. I kind of hink I was probably real close, but I was just frustrated with it being so yucky and trying to come up with the time to try to get it clean (no children then - just worked a lot).
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I thought I'd join you here. I've been 'poo free for 3+ years now. My old hairstylist recommended it- I have really thick, wavy hair. My hair usually behaves much better - softer, shiner, managable. But- I'm pg now so it's not quite as nice. I usually just brush really well and occasionally do a hot oil treatment- olive oil and either lavender or eucalyptus eo depending on my mood.
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