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I'm soooooo tired!

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I am 9 weeks now with #3 and I am so tired I can't stand it! Yesterday I got so tired that I laid down on the couch at 9am and dozed until dh got home at noon and then took a nap until 2:30! Then that night I went to bed at 7pm and woke up at 7am! I don't remember being this tired with my 2 boys.

I also have a cold right now that I just cannot kick, so maybe that is adding to the sleepies, along with morning sickness... UGH!!

Anyone else experiencing extreme sleepiness? I did just read that progesterone is what makes you so tired... I'm hoping maybe I have a lot b/c this baby is a girl???!!!! :

Just wondering if there are any other tired 1st trimester mamas out there?
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Me too! I'm just over 8 weeks and I'm sooo tired. I don't remember being this tired with DD but I had the luxury of sleeping and napping whenever I wanted. Now I have a toddler so I can only nap when she naps and I can't sleep in. I'm also 3 years older this time.

I'm definitely going to make sleep a priority. I went to bed really late last night and DD woke up early so I only got about 7 hours of sleep, which was interrupted by about 4 trips to the bathroom. I think pregnant mamas should be able to go to a sunny spa and sleep for an entire week during the first trimester!
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oh, YES, I feel your pain. well, sort of - I'm 9 weeks, and exhausted, but don't have a regular 9-to-5 job (I'm self employed and work at home), and don't have kids. I keep thinking, "how on earth do women have more than one child?! How does anyone with a job or anything to do function during the 1st trimester?!".
I slept 10 hours (minus the time I got up to pee like 6 times) last night, woke up and could barely drag myself out of bed. I seriously think that we should just be allowed to hibernate during this time! Ugh.
C'monnnnn 2nd trimester!
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So glad I'm not alone out there!

I don't know how I'd do it if my husband wasn't able to help so much. We have a flexible schedule right now and he is able to be home and helping a lot! Otherwise I'd never survive.

I really think that I need to hire full time house help and I need to go off to a mountain spa and sleep until I reach 12 weeks. LOL Maybe if we were rich, hey?
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I always find first trimester very exhausting. With my very first pregnancy I was honestly sleeping 18 hours out of every 24.
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it gets better? with my last pregnancy i just felt horrible the whole time. This pregnancy I feel better but I'm completely exhausted..

i'm hoping for a girl, too, though, op!
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Exhaustion in the 1st trimester was one of my most noticable pregnancy symptoms and yeah, it was crazy. I've never been just bowled over like that where I just felt like I had to lie down immediately! I felt pretty much back to "normal" as I approached and all through the 2nd trimester and I am just entering the 3rd now and feeling great still, so hopefully it will pass for you! Just get lots of extra rest!
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Yeah, I was super tired to. I would cry I was so tired. I was so tired it hurt. I would fall asleep where I was sitting. We are having a boy though, so I don't know about the progesterone theory. I was the same way with my daughter. I just get really sleepy early in pregnancy regardless!
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I got like this with DD. I seriously slept like 20 hours a day. I was out. I didnt have it as bad with DS but still slept a lot more than uaual. Im very early now with this little bean so Im not feeling anything yet. I give it a month or so...
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I am not so tired any more, but in my first trimester, I am usually so tired I can't keep my eyes open. Almost constantly. All day long. No matter how much sleep I get.

It is really crazy and frustrating.
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oh, my god, I started writing this looong reply about feeling your pain - and almost published it before realizing I already posted almost the exact same thing (below) last week! a really great example of how stupid I am feeling lately

I cannot wait till we can tell people, because I think that some of my friends and clients think that I'm just shining them on or neglecting them - and I want to say, "no, I just can't stay awake, or I forget!". I've never felt so braindead in my life.

what's really scaring me is how much faith I'm putting in this second trimester, to be feeling better. I know most women get some energy back - but not everyone does, there are no guarantees. I can't imagine being like this through april and then dealing with a newborn?! yikes.

what does seem to help me is taking 10 minute (or hour long, when I can) breaks throughout the day. sleeping as much as I physically can, when I can. and looking at my preg books to see how big the baby is now - it really makes sense when I see the leap s/he's making in size just in this month!

but my bedtime has been moving up from 1am to 11pm to 9pm... sigh.
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also - I told my beloved auntie (who has 3 boys, near my age, just a few years apart from each other) how tired I am, and how I can't believe she gestated and raised three BOYS so close together (I think often working full time, too) - and she told me nonchalantly, "oh, I used to fall asleep during dinner a lot." that made me smile. I'm not a great sleeper in the best of circumstances, so maybe I need to stop fighting the urge and just give in and relax and zzzzzz....
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There's another thread on this I just posted on. I'm due with #2 in April and have been so, so tired. I don't remember being this tired with my first. I work out of the home but work way less now than I did with my first. I can barely stand to go to work, though

All I do at home is sleep and watch TV (not a normal activity for me). I did feel like reading for an hour last night, but that's it.

I'm very ready for some energy.
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