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Bumps on cervix

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I am just starting to chart my fertile signs and today I checked my cervix for the first time. While doing so I noticed several bumps - about the size of a half-pea they were raised smooth and painless. I had my yearly exam on 7/9 with a normal pap.

I called the midwives office and spoke with one of the nurses. Once I had convinced her that I really knew what my cervix was and that yes that is where I was feeling the bumps she checked my chart, said nothing had been noted during my exam and scheduled an appt for me to come in 9/17 (um - 3 weeks... ugh).

From the bit of googling I've done it seems they could be nabothian cysts or a number of other more sinister things...

Anyone been through this? Anyone else dealt with nurses who seem confused by patients knowing where their cervix is or checking it themselves?

Now I am having a bit of cramping (possibly unrelated) does anyone get that after checking their cervix?

Feeling a bit like a freak...
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lots of people get that after checking their cervix.

also, if this is the first time you have checked it and thus the first time you have noticed it... Im sure you have no reason to worry. Not every womans cervix is a smooth round opening, mine is bumpy (and rough in a few places) but thats normal for me.
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Have you given birth before? I have some scar tissue on my cervix that feels like harder bumps like you describe...
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Yes, I gave birth to my daughter 20 months ago. I wondered if that might not be part of what I was feeling.

The center part of my cervix has irregularly shaped bumps and I immediately thought those might be scar material. Then separate from that area on the outside edge there is symetrical and round bump that sounds (from what I've read online) as though it might be a nabothian cyst.

I guess I will find out in a few weeks when I have my appointment. (And in the mean time I will try not to freak out fearing the worst.)

I did think it was a little weird that the nurse had no idea what I was talking about and seemed to think it strange that I was feeling around my cervix. In general I love their office as they don't tend to be close-minded, but I left that phone call feeling like I was some sort of weirdo... Ugh.
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I had one or two of these when I first starting checking my cervix. I freaked as well (good god, how come nobody ever tells us these things exist!!!).

After reading TCOYF I relaxed a little because it mentioned that women often get these things and never know it (and I think the book did refer to them nabothian cysts - although I don't have it in front of me right now). In any event, mine have gone away. I'm not sure if that's what mine were, but I am happy they are gone.
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I thought the same thing when I first found my cervix and figured if my paps have been coming back normal they are probably nothing. A book I read said it is supposed to feel like the skin of an orange which can be a little bumpy. I have since stopped checking it because it did cause cramping and didn't really help my chart become any clearer. It was really fun to check while pg though to see if I was dilating at all towards the end.
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Can't help on what the bumps are - but it's good you'll find out soon.

I can relate to the clinic thinking it's weird you were pokin' around your cervix. I had just started ovulating again and was checking CM and CP for the second cycle when I noticed a bump that wasn't there before. Much larger than what you describe, and only one, not directly on my cervix, but beside it. My doctor was like "How did you even FIND THAT???" Uh, by checking?

Mine turned out to be a blocked lubrication duct, so basically a zit. On/near my cervix. It resolved itself, no intervention from me. Apparently that can happen when the ducts start producing more fluid in response to hormonal changes.

Also, I find that checking my cervix doesn't cause cramping, but checking it kind of aggressively and frequently can. If you keep with it, you'll find that checking it gets easier over time, you can tell what you're feeling much more quickly, resulting in less poking and prodding and thus, less discomfort.
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Thanks for the replies gals. I really appreciate the shared wisdom here (not to mention the fact that you all don't think I'm some sort of freak for feeling up my girl parts).

I'll try to remember to post after my appointment so the next person through this can see how my story turned out.

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Apparently there were two sorts of bumps.

The first we round and hard - like half a pea stuck onto my cervix - these (there were two) are nathobian cysts. They did a pap and verified that they are non-cancerous. These are expected to go away on their own. No action to be taken.

The second was a lumpy feeling bit coming through the os. This is a cervical polyp. My midwife tried to remove it in the office but was unable to. The "stalk" attaching it was too thick (She also did a pap of this to verify it too was non-cancerous). I was forwarded to the OB who also tried to remove it, also w/o luck. I was set to have a sonohysterogram to see if there were others in my uterus and then decide whether to let it be or do a d&c.

However, much to my surprise I've gotten pregnant this cycle. (just 11 dpo right now). So I have a call in to the OB and midwifery offices to see what we will do but from my reading I believe we will just let it be during the pregnancy.

Hope this info helps other who might be going through a similar thing.

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And thanks for posting. What does "os" mean?

I too have some lumps (hard, they change throughout the month) which I wonder if they are polyps. They have not gone away since I started checking them in early September.

Do you know if they can affect fertility? I have an appt. with my OB GYN in December. Should I get an appt. sooner?
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os = opening of cervix

Let me start by saying that I am a novice to all of this, and can't really do more than pass on what I've learned along the way...

That being said, my nathobian cysts were smooth feeling hard bumps. The drs both said they would come and go based on hormones and such (they likened them to pimples).

The polyp feels like a weirdly shaped skin tag (google image search for cervical polyp and you'll get a good idea of what they look like - and then can kind of imagine what they would feel like - to me they felt exactly like I would imagine they would feel like after having looked at the pictures).

As I understand it nathobian cysts have no impact on fertility. Cervical polyps definitely can - either preventing the sperm from getting where they need to go or acting as an IUD inside the uterus (the polyps can actually be attached in the uterus and just hang down through the cervix).

As for getting them checked out sooner - I would give the dr a call and describe what you are feeling. When I called they got me in within a few days (not sure if they felt it could have been something serious or if they just had an opening). They did a pap and both the cysts and polyp came back benign (as the huge majority of them do).

Good luck.
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I too just noticed some (2) very small bumps on my cervix. I've also been beginning to chart CM for fertility, but in the past, I don't recall feeling these before. I have not, however, been this involved with my cervix in the past : )


They are painless, small, rough feeling little bumps.There are 2 of them.  I'm scheduled for a pap in 3 weeks with a new doctor and plan to mention it. Until then, I'll likely worry myself to death. I'm a RN so the smallest issues get me in a frenzy because of things I know or have seen...I've had 2 colposcopies and remember my last doctor commenting on how she could see a little scarring. My last pap was 13 months ago, which was normal. I'm hoping what I'm feeling is scar tissue and just haven't noticed until now (with TTC and all).

I've read quite a few posts on this topic and and have to say that find it crazy that other medical professionals are telling women that we can't find/feel our cervix's! How ridiculous! Why would we not be able to?


Good luck to you other ladies! Don't let anyone make you feel or tell you that what you're feeling/seeing isn't really there. We know our bodies.

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