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Thank you all for your kind words and understanding. I'm feeling a lot better now, warming up to the idea of having a son. In fact, it puts a smile on my face. I'm looking at this as a chance to redeem my faith in little boys (that's a reference to my brothers that I mentioned in my OP, not in boys not in my family, so nobody be offended!). He's not the same as my bros, and my family that I've created will not be like my family of origin. I am looking forward to mothering this one just the same as I did my daughter. I bought a new moby wrap today and tried it on and yearned for it to be February so he could be in there!

You know, the funny thing is that I'm a huge tomboy, and I feel much more comfortable around men than I do around other women. My dd isn't girly either, probably because we don't encourage super girly things--she does love animals and nature. So it won't be that much different. It just took me awhile to realize that.