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AAAARGH! HELP I need to sleep! Xposted sleep forum

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Bear with me. We have quite the situation on our hands and my husband and I are in desperate need of sleep.
We have 2.5yr old twins and a six year old. They are all horrible sleepers.
They don't cosleep and never wanted to after six months of age.
My six yo gets up about three to four times a night and asks to be taken back to bed. My 2.5 yo boy gets out of bed in the middle of the night and runs around the house wreaking havock (opening fridge, trying to open front door, turning on lights, music, tv, making messes) and then ultimately comes to our room and wakes us at which point I take him back to his bed and stay with him until he falls asleep (through much grumbling on his part about how he doesn't want to sleep). Sometimes he gets his twin sister out of bed too and takes her along on these adventures. THis goes on at about 2 in the morning and dh and I are so tired we don't hear a thing.
This sometimes happens twice a night. Other times he just does it once and then wakes up again crying and asking to go outside or something, and I just go to him and stay with him till he falls asleep.
He ultimately wakes up at about 4:45 gets out of his crib goes and wakes up both of his sisters and then our horribly overtired day starts.
Our twins nap once a day for about 45 minutes. I don't know what to do anymore. I am at my wits end. We just cannot go on like this.
He refuses to sleep in our bed, as does our six yo.
This is worse than when they were infants. Also they don't nurse any more (self-weaned around 14 and 16 months.)
Please help if you have any ideas, we are a chronically overtired family.
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Is there anyway to put baby gates up on their rooms so that they aren't able to roam the house?
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how about a mattress on the floor in your bedroom?
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We tried that, but they just don't keep him in. He scales them (he's very physically resourceful -- lowers himself out of the crib reverse pull-up style using just his arm muscles.) The one that just wedges into the door he managed to push out of place, so I did the one that screws to the doorframe and he just climbed over it somehow. I just don't know how to contain this kid until he's old enough for team sports. I have a feeling at that point things might get better.
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I was speaking to an older mom about this (friend of my mother's) and what she used to do was put the mattress on the floor and the crib upside down on top of the baby. That way he was contained but safe. Another suggestion given to me was to put an eye/lock on the outside of the door. I haven't had reason to lock them in their room yet, but that is another option. My mother has a severly active child at home (they are foster parents) and when he started getting really out of control they had him evaluated and the pediatrition suggested giving him a small does of meletonin just before bedtime and it worked great. The child slept through the night and because he was rested was calm the next day. This started when he was about 4 and now he is 11 and doing great. If he is that active in the middle of the night you might want to have him evaluated at a sleep clinic to make sure that there are no neurological/medical issues waking him up or stopping him from sleeping.

: sending you sleep vibes
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