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How are your babies sleeping through the night?

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My baby seems to be sleeping a lot more the past few days. Most of the day and night. I'm wondering if that means she's having a growth spurt, because it's unusual for her to sleep so much. But NORMALLY she's been sleeping about 5-6 hours a night and then takes a lot of naps throughout the day..

How are your babies sleeping?
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He sleeps good durring the day. The last few nights have been torture. He is peacefully awake for a couple hours (nursing every hour) then he gets cranky and crys for another hour or so. No fun.
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Reid is up about every two hours at night. Fun.
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Asia was up every 1-2 hours for the first two weeks---not fun. But somehow at the 6 wk mark she just started sleeping for a 5 sometimes 6 hour stretch at night. I hope it lasts but her schedule is always changing once I think I get it down.
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My babe is an awesome sleeper. She wakes up almost exactly every 3 hours at night to nurse but she's all business. She gets her milks then goes right back to sleep cuddled with me. Yay for a good sleeper finally!!
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Olive sleeps for 2-3 hour stretches at night, but she just wakes up to nurse and then goes back down. Usually she sleeps from 10pm-8am. During the day she's awake in the morning for 1-2 hours then naps on and off until 6ish, then goes to bed at 10ish. She's a pretty good sleeper really..
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My dd was a terrible sleeper, but Jukes is the best. I really deserve a good sleeper after the 2 yrs of waking up every 2 hours with dd.

He sleeps from 8 to 12 pm, and them I nurse him, change dipe, maybe change cloth pad under us ifI soaked it with milk. and then he wakes up twice more during the night and wakes up at 7 am. We co sleep so I hardly notice I am waking up.

During the day he takes a great reliable long nap around 10 am. He may sleep for 4 hours. Poor mama is ready to burst after that. Then he is awake most of the day after that. If I don't get dinner made during that slot, it may never happen.

Jules went through a few days where he slept almost a whole day, maybe waking up to nurse hardly. But he seems healthy, even though he is still very jaundice at 6 weeks, and gaining a lb a week. I am not concerned about days that he wants to sleep all day. I consider it the calm of the storm. Enjoy it while you can.
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My LO has figured it out He falls asleep while nursing or being held, and will sleep like that forever. We put him in his crib, and he instantly wakes screaming. Last night at 4am I was tired as was he so I brought him to our bed. We woke up at 9am:: My DH asked if we have created a monster..I told him no, Jackson just likes snuggles all the time.
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Oh, bad day to answer this.. LOL

Anna was such a great sleeper at first, but last night and the last few days PERIOD since the hospital stay she has been more wakeful, last night was literally every 15-45 minutes. I woke up with a pounding headache...

But one night out of many and in a few years when she is at a different stage I will be missing this. When the girls are in their own room and I want to snuggle, I will think of these days.

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I know what you mean! I am so going to miss how cuddly she is..
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He sleeps 3 hour stretches at night and 2 hour stretches during the day.
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