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Leland Hunter is here!

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Leland Hunter Camp
September 7, 2009
Born at 6:28am via (non-emergency) c-section

I'm going to finish our story soon (hopefully!). I'm really exhausted and my pain level is still high. I'm sad that I didn't get my VBAC, but it was the right choice for us to throw in the towel and consent for the section, and I'm totally okay with my decision









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Congratulations on your beautiful baby!

Hope you feel better soon. :-)
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Congratulations Angel!! He's gorgeous.

Hope you feel better very soon mama.
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Welcome to the world, baby Leland! :

And congratulations, mama! He's beautiful!
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Aw, he's so cute, and love the nursing pictures! Thanks for sharing and congratulations!
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congrats! i love all your pictures..(reminds myself to take some more!)
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oh he is just beautiful! congratulations!!!
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Congratulations!!! I hope you heal quickly and both of you are healthy. :
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OMG, he is adorable!!! Congratulations!! :
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Congrats!!! :

He's a cutie, love the chubby cheeks!
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beautiful! take care of yourself mama. much love and blessings!
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Congratulations! :::

Pictures are beautiful! Fast recovery for you and the baby!
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congrats! Welcome, baby Leland!:
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Congrats and welcome to your labor day baby! :

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Congrats! Sorry you didn't get your VBAC, but yay for you and your baby!
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Congratulations! ::
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Congratulations!!! : :

Great photos! :-)
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