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Recycling center in home?

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So I try to recycle as much as possible but I find that I have overflowing recycling containers in my kitchen. What do you have in your house to keep recycling neat and organized?
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I have a big trash can for newspapers, a big box for cardboard stuff and another box for cans. They all sit on the landing going to the basement.

We don't have any pickup service, so I try to get it dropped off before they get overflowing.
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I had a laundry basket and two boxes (one for cardboard, one for cans/glass) under the dining room table at one point, but it all got moved to the garage. As of this week I have three trash cans, one for each and a box for cardboard. The extra trips do get tedious, but I wanted it out of the kitchen.
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We got rid of our dish washer and my dh put in a roll out contraption that holds four bins for recycling. It's perfect because their medium size bins that don't get too heavy when carrying them out to the car. He built a swing open door that hides the bins so it looks neat in the kitchen. I really love it. I should post a pic.
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For a while I was putting recyclables underneath the sink until I took them outside - and any overflow into the pantry. Now, though, we got a 2nd recycling bin (it's huge - the size of our trash bin) and so we have one sitting right inside the garage by the door that leads into the house.

We do have single-stream recycling with curbside pick-up - so there is no sorting necessary. They take pretty much everything besides what is truly trash.
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we now have one of those large cans for recycling and it no longer has to be sorted just not filthy with food. but prior I would use one of those plastic grocery bags (we always seemed to have them) and I would just put all recyclable in it and then take out daily to our outside bins to sort. I recycle every bit of paper/plastic/metal in my house so I often have several trips to our bins (which were small trash cans)
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I keep ours in the garage, but I have a plastic grocery sack on a knob by my sink and put washed out items in there and take them all out at the end of the day.
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Aluminum is seperate to go to a charity which collects and sells it. paper goes into the recycling box provided which is too small for much more other than the paper products. its in the breakfast nook, and quite unsightly, but o well. Plastic goes into a large plastic toy basket in the garage. There is a weekly collection, but I don't always put stuff out for collection as we don't have much.
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We have mixed recycling in our HOA now (nearly everything is recyclable in one dumpster; no sorting required; do need to rinse, though). We reuse a paper bag (from when we forget our canvas bags) or cardboard box (from packages and Costco) to collect it all and then dump the whole thing when it is full. We'll reuse a bag or box several times, if it holds up....boxes last a LOT longer than bags. The bag or box sits on the floor in our kitchen in an out of the way spot that the average visitor doesn't notice.

We had a major problem with ants this summer (unusual) and we walked every single item out to the dumpsters every single time and didn't have a trash can nor a recycling bag/box at all. Benefits and drawbacks. I'm glad the ants are gone now.
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We use small trash cans in the kitchen, and empty 2-3 times a week into large recycling bags in the basement, then put those out every other week for pickup (or weekly if they fill up). If our trash guys wouldn't destroy/loose cans, I would skip the plastic bags altogether, but that doesn't work well here!
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We don't have to sort, and our bins are small totes that fit under my kitchen sink. We rinse things and just toss them right in there. When one bin is full, we have a second one that we bring in and keep the full one in the garage until pick up day.
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I've been thinking about this and would love to find those bins you attach to the inside of your cabinet doors. Under the sink I would want garbage and compost and beside the sink, another bin on the door to hold odd shaped items (cans, bottles etc) and a large pan/box sitting in the cupboard to hold paper and other flat items.

We have a huge roll out bin in our carport that gets emptied every other week. (Around here we have garbage pickup one week, recycling the next. We also share a huge roll out garbage bin with our neighbour)
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