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Feeling a little more energentic today. DH and I have gotten a ton of stuff done around the house.

DaisyMae - wow, that is a great fert report! I wish I had two ovaries! But it's good you are keeping an eye on the OHSS...I know that can be terrible.
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Originally Posted by DaisyMae08 View Post
Oh 5terre, I hope things start progressing more quickly for you. I know how much anxiety can go along with this whole process, especially when things aren't starting out as you hoped.

As for me, they collected 27 eggs yesterday and just called with the fertilization report. 17 of those fertilized. Our ET is scheduled for Tuesday. Hopefully we'll have two good ones to transfer and some that we can freeze as well.

They're still worried about OHSS with me, so I'm tyring to monitor everything very carefully. My abdominal pain is getting worse, but there isn't a whole lot of bloating to speak of, so I guess that's good.

DaisyMae ~ I hope your feeling better Are you resting or can you go and visit the barn? I love to ride horses but I do not get to often. Do you live on a farm?

That is a lot of eggs and great fertilization! Take care of yourself and grow and divide little embies
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Hi Seedlings, I don't live on a farm but keep my horse at a farm about 25 minutes from my house. I went out this morning and picked my mare's feet and groomed her. Just spent some quality time. I'm still not allowed to ride or exercise. Anything jouncy/bouncy is out for me right now. Luckily there's a nice woman at the barn (decent rider) who is going to keep my girl in shape for me while I'm out of commission. Last thing we need is for both of us to be slugs for the next couple of weeks!

Fingers crossed for quality embies on Tuesday!!
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5terre ~ how much gonalf are your taking? I think they err on the side of caution so as not to over stimulate in the begining. Kinda like "slow and steady to win the race"!

gemasita ~ Glad to hear your and dh are getting a lot done! That will keep ya sane in the tww.
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Daisy Holy cow, that is definitely a good position to be in! Hoping all goes well and that there are plenty of strong and healthy ones on Tuesday. Sorry your pain is worse, keep up the resting!!

Gemasita Glad you're feeling better today. And feeling accomplished certainly helps with that! Has the one ovary affected your number of eggs in a major way?

Seedlings I'm taking 225U of Gonal-F, and tonight I also started 1 vial of Repronex. I go on Wednesday for bw/us. I'm worried about not having enough eggs, since I need a lot because 2/3 of our embies will automatically be chromosomally challenged and incompatible with life. When I see the icon I always think that it's puking. May we all be puking by the end of 2009.

My belly feels fatter by the day. Maybe it's because it's my site of choice and I'm always looking at it!
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5terre - well, I guess I get about half of what someone with two ovaries gets. But my one ovary does pretty well. We got 12 eggs the first time (10 were mature) and 9 the second time (5 were mature but I think they triggered me a day too late). The person beside me last time had 18 when she came out of her ER right after me.
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Originally Posted by 5terre View Post

Had bloodwork today and my estradiol was low at 55 (after 3 nights of Gonal-F). I add in Repronex tonight, and I may need an extra day of stims because of the low estradiol. I hope I don't end up not responding well.

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend!
In some ways, slower is good, if your levels go through the roof, that causes lots of problems. At only 3 days in, they have plenty of time to adjust your dose.

And ladies, let's assume you are all going to get BFP's, which will give you another really good reason to stay on top of the constipation issue!! (since pregnancy often causes constipation) I feel like I've been having problems with this for a year straight!!!! (IVF, FET, FET, FET, IVF, BFP - all constipating!!!). Eat your veggies!!
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ET is tomorrow and unfortunately I have become a victim of constipation. You ladies have warned me, and somehow it still happened. I eat tons of veggies (I mostly eat vegetarian) and yet here I sit. Constipated. And with terrible heartburn and nausea and abdominal pain from OHSS. Ugh!
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Originally Posted by DaisyMae08 View Post
ET is tomorrow and unfortunately I have become a victim of constipation. You ladies have warned me, and somehow it still happened. I eat tons of veggies (I mostly eat vegetarian) and yet here I sit. Constipated. And with terrible heartburn and nausea and abdominal pain from OHSS. Ugh!
Oh, that sounds awful! I got some new ideas re: constipation (on top of lots of fruit, steamed veggies and water, of course). Maybe try: flax, probiotics, and someone swore by warm baths with epsom salts, but you can only do that BEFORE ET. Take good care.
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Gemasita Sounds like the one ovary does quite well on its own. Do you have to take the same amount of meds as if you had both?

Daisy Oh no!! Having to cut back your activity probably has made it worse. Hope all goes well tomorrow.
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5terre - it sounds to me like I have taken the same med dosages as other people.

daisy - gl with et!!!! Hope the constipation gets better!
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Daisy Good Luck Today !!!!!
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Good luck, Daisy!

Oh, I forgot about the heartburn. Make sure you have some tums on hand after ER and ET. The extra progesterone in your system slows everything down.
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Thanks for all the well wishes, ladies! The transfer went well. I was able to do pre and post transfer acupuncture, which was nice for me as well. Embryo quality was excellent. We transferred two and had eight that made it to freeze! So all in all it feels like a pretty successful second go at IVF. My test is on October 3rd, so now I just have to survive until then.
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Daisy - wow, what great results from just one cycle! Having several to freeze is such a bonus! Now it's time for rest and relaxation!
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What a great result from your cycle. Have a restorative 2ww after everything you've been through!

for everyone else. Thinking of you all...
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Daisy That is fantastic!! Major sticky vibes your way!!!

I found myself in a very negative place this morning and decided to buy the Anji meditations. I like it, but it made me cry when she started talking about medications, eggs, protocols, etc. I am still grieving the loss of natural conception, I think it will always be a wound for me that will never fully heal, even if I am lucky enough to be an IVF 'success'. Anyone else feel this way?
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Hi folks,
My wife, Megin, posted earlier in this thread, but now that things are closer, I feel like I have to jump in and ask some questions of those of you who seem to have done this before.
1. My target ER date is October 10th. How likely is it to stay at that date?
2. How intense is the ER process? I know I'm not supposed to drive myself home. Our family is supposed to be at a wedding on the 10th, so if that does end up being my ER date, I won't have DW with me. If I get a friend to drive me home, will I be ok recovering on my own?
3. I know I'll be fine, but I'm starting to get nervous about the injections. I'm going for a training session with a nurse tomorrow, so hopefully that will calm me a bit. After all of this waiting (there has been a lot of waiting to get this process started) I can't believe I'm this close to ER.
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5terre, I'm so sorry you're having a rough go of it. I still mourn the loss of "natural conception" at times. I usually start to struggle when I see friends getting pregnant so easily, knowing that it will just never happen for me that way. But all that really matters is the end result, right? That's what I have to keep telling myself. One way or another, we will be mothers.

And ktcl, you will be find recovering on your own. I just spend the rest of the day on the couch watching movies and eating whatever I want. Don't really need company for that! And as far as ER date goes, I wouldn't get too attached to the 10th. Things can easily shift a day or two in either direction. You may end up being able to have your partner with you after all.
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ktcl - I think you will be fine too. You have had some anesthesia in your system so they might want someone to stay with you but you will probably feel completely fine by the time you get home since you are "under" so briefly.

5terre - YES! I do feel that way. I mourn all of it. Especially since I work with pregnant women all the time. But actually, I think the experiences of friends and family impact me more. I still think back to when I thought I would take a HPT and be so surprised and we'd be so excited to tell everyone (no one would know we were trying). I went to therapy today and that's one thing I talked to her about - how angry I get when I am in a cycle because then I have a DAILY reminder of all I have to go through to have a baby when other people are just conceiving joyfully and simply...oh, and privately in their own bedroom. It's all so unfair and I think we all have to just come to terms with, ok, here we are and we have to make the best of it. There can still be joys but things are going to look differently than we had imagined. Believe me, I still struggle with all of these things on a daily basis. I am...immensely sad....I don't know how else to say it.
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