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Dying tulle / netting

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Is it possible to dye a light ballerina tulle tutu from a light dusty pink to black, and be certain that the color won't run?

I bought a very affordable tutu skirt for DD1 and DD2 in pink. Then I saw a much more expensive Hanna Andersson version in black, which would be supercute for Halloween with some Hanna leggings I bought.

If there's a high likelihood of being able to succesfully dye the tulle to black --and getting an even color-- I'd buy two extras and try dying them.

If it makes a difference, I have two washing machines, one for every day use and one for DH's work clothes when they get really grubby. So I can use DH's machine without being too worried about any lingering dye residue ruining something.

Also, the tutu/skirt is actually part of a 3 piece set with a matching off white shirt and leggings. Any suggestions on whether I should try dying those as well? I can think of one good reason not to. The shirt has pink rosebuds on them. I can't imagine them looking right after the dying process. I suppose I should keep them off white and mix and match them with other outfits.

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I've never had real good luck with dying black but here is a source for dyes that are specifically for synthetics, like polyester and nylon, which I am guessing your tulle is made out of. Good luck!

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Whoa, thanks for the reality check

Well you've confirmed DH's suspicion that the plasticky material could be a problem.

Given the cost of materials and the time investment, not to mention the prospect of having to figure out how to boil the material, it's probably not worth the gamble.

But thanks for the useful info.
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You want what's called a direct dye, like Dylon. Read the packet instructions, and you may have to apply more than one layer, but it should be possible to get a strong grey at least.
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No. You're not going to be able to dye a synthetic a solid black or any strong, deep, or vibrant color. The dyes must be mixed into the batches before the fiber strands are made. Synthetics aren't fibrous enough for dye to seep in deep enough. You're better off spray painting the surface or just buying some black tulle (which will cost about the same or less than buying paint).
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Nope nope nope. Tried it once. I think you're out of luck with trying to dye.
Tulle is cheap, I agree with the above, buy some & make your own tutu.
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