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vancouver islands

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wondering if it is feasible for a family to live in nanaimo and have someone working in vancouver? do people really take the ferry every day?

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Ugh - I suppose it's possible but I wouldn't want to do it. Depending on where in Vancouver, you might have a heck of a commute to get from the ferry terminal to your workplace (and the same on the Nanaimo side). There are two ferries going from Nanaimo to Vancouver, one on the north and one on the south. One is longer than the other but even the shortest one is 1.5 hours on the boat...assuming it leaves on time. The walk-on fare is now up to about $15 one way although they may have commuter rates, I'm not sure. I hope you figure something out, because this would not be my ideal plan at all, although the housing prices in Vancouver are enough to turn anyone off. Maybe someone who does it will chime in here...
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The only people I've known who have done this have stayed in Vancouver during the week. They usually find a roomie or have a cheap, cruddy little bachelor apartment. None of them have lasted long with this, though.
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well, nuts....thanks for the replies....my ideal would be to be on the island but looks like that wouldn't be an option.
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In addition to taking approx. 3 hours each way (including getting to the ferry terminal half an hour early) it would cost nearly $100 per day if you needed a car in Vancouver. If you were to walk on to the ferry it would cost $20 per day plus the cost of transporation on either side. I'm afraid it just is not feasible.
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