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with all the info you already know about circ and bf, you are gonna be one heckofa great dad one of these days

keep up the good work, and just curious, do you by any chance feel drawn to the medical field? it'd be wonderful to have more like you who were peds and ob 's
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Well thx for the kind words I hope what you say comes true. I really am trying hard to get stuff figured out for the future, but i don't want to worry too much about the future and not about the present.

But, to answer your question, i have thought a little about going into the medical field, but nothing more. First i want to finish my highschool education if you can call it that: , and then get into college for a couple years, then start my pilot's training. After that i want to travel the world, and help tribes and people in need in Africa and the like. I figured if i became a doctor, i could maybe be a traveling doctor, and maybe when i come back to the U.S. i could be a doctor, and a pilot. I really, really want to help people with my life, and i want be known to everyone who has ever doubted me. We shall see, and no matter if i become a ped or not, i WILL help stop RIC. No if's, and's, or but's about it!

Thx again for the compliment!

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