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((fern)) have you got that cod liver oil yet?

my skin is still a wreck but i'm on my second day without flour...getting there anyway.

i was SO busy yesterday, lots of reorganising, i've taken out a lot of the objects in the studio, made a little information nook at the end of the kitchen shelves with my old fashioned telephone, places for papers + notes, i want to put up cup hooks for keys. i'm planning to hang fabrics over my kitchen baskets, i'm just going to baste it around a length of bamboo, so i can switch it up now and then and use the fabric for other projects. i've moved a lot of books + objects from our studio to our practically unused livingroom bookshelf, and made it look organised and pretty so there is very little left in the studio now. some of it will go to the studio in the city, and i have several boxes to sort + reorganise. getting exciting!

last night i collected a hair dryer from a fellow freecycler, and went to ikea for some white plant pots, white curtains for our bedroom, white sheets + duvet covers for the little one when she moves into her own bed, and guests, and flat sheets (dvala) to use as sashing for future quilts. i looked at things there and really longed for old, used, antique things, things with a patina and a history, made of real materials. so that's nice. i would love to have gotten good old pots, but i don't have the $$$. or the £££! one day.

we got some fabric in the post, i got some lovely amy butler fabrics cut into 5" squares, for my tall one's birthday, she wants to make her own quilt. i'd better hurry up and learn how!! and some fabric for me too my stash is so exciting but i've yet to start. soon! i feel like all the birthdays, canadian thanksgiving, hallowe'en, and organising our household is quite enough for me just now. i long for things to be just a little more settled and i know soon it will be cold and rainy, and then we'll really get into this stuff. i hope!

i think my neighbour just took away a pile of rubbish + garden stuff, i asked him if he'd share the cost of having it picked up and he just did it himself such a relief to me when things are tidied up. i just gaze at those renewed spaces and get so much energy from the change. that's why i like to watch home reno shows, the before + afters (when they're good!) are so satisfying!!

yesterday i did 5 minute room rescues and my weekly cleaning hour, and it really powered me up to get more done. i'm amazed. tmi: i'm into my infertile part of my cycle, and i've been pretty motivated every since. i'm going to try to track it for a while, then maybe when i can hardly get the dishes done, i can see if it is cyclical, and either give myself a break, or see if i need something else in my diet or something to steady me. it is hard not to just want to be moving at high speed all the time! i even designed a logo for a new local company, and had it done so fast, they loved the first design, i made a couple of changes and refined it, finished! why can't it always be like this!

the '15 minute' thread is really helping me, over in 'decluttering'. setting goals publicly is good

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artparent, I want to come to London and hang out in your beautiful home. Careful. Now that I said it, it could happen.

Kids are home for the next two days due to statewide teacher convention. My parents are coming over for lunch tomorrow, and I think we have dear friends coming to visit today. I figured I would cook a pot of chili today, and we could eat it tomorrow with the parents. They could be bringing extras, so a big pot of chili could well be the right choice. I think I'll use round steak.

I'd been doing a great job keeping up the house until dh came home. He is really thoughtless. He leaves Monday for the week, so I will bite my tongue and deal with him after he is back from that trip. He's already descending into his own SAD funk, sleeping by 7PM, coming home from work at 4PM and changing straight into pajamas. So frustrating.

Also frustrating is dd's attitude today. Wish she would just crawl back into bed for several hours so we could have some peace. Ugh. I need to go for milk and dry beans. I don't want to take her with me. Blah.
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Yesterday I was completely glued to my couch with a feverish toddler on my lap. He refused to let me get up. *sigh* He seems to be much better today, though. Hope I don't get what he had.
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come on over!

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It's reassuring to hear other people working through their coping strategies, reexamining their food choices, scrambling to organize, seeking to nurture themselves. Being a SAHM has been very isolating for me (we moved far from family and friends while I was pregnant- except the in-laws which is a whole other story) and it makes me feel sane to see other women working through similar things. What a shame that balance seems so elusive, and yet hooray for all you women on the front lines sometimes juggling to make it work.
I really need to work through some food allergy issues or dietary imbalances. Do any of you have good resources you've used?
Yesterday I made pink sauerkraut! I'm so excited, this is my first go at it. This year has held many little "firsts" for me, which is really satisfying. Things to check off of the "bucket list" like finding morel mushrooms and sun drying tomatoes.
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I had no idea!!!!

What a perfect fit for me!
DH and I are working towards living off grid (off, off grid hopefully).
We live one acre, so we are limited in what we want to do right now.
We have 36 chickens for eggs, and we raised meat birds this year.
We have a greenhouse, and are working on growing our garden space, to be able to grow everything we need.
We hunt and fish for all our meat needs.
Bear, moose and salmon. Monday we went bunny hunting, and came back with 31!
We buy no processed foods, and I prepare a fully traditional diet from scratch.
We use family cloth and I use cloth pads.
I make our tooth powder and mouth wash and laundry detergent.
I coordinate a raw milk co-op.
I sell eggs.
We heat with wood that we gather ourselves.
I sew a great deal.
A friend is coming over soon, to help me draft a good fitting shirt pattern for dh.
I knit lots of things. Socks, sweaters, scarves, hats, lace, etc.
I cut mine and dh's hair.

I deal with gluten intolerence, and a slight liquid dairy issue.
Makes kitchen life interesting!
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Originally Posted by vermontmomma View Post
hi everyone! hope your canning is going well. i love chutneys! they just don't get enough attention i think, whenever i offer someone some they just make a face and say "chutney?!" we made a gingery, limey, spicy one with the last of the peaches this year. there's still some of my white tomato one from last year in the canned good cabinet so i'm getting a bit of a chutney collection.

catching up on previous posts...
i second the use of cod liver oil for depression but don't forget about a good protein intake too. depression was a problem for me for a long time and i always just felt run down and sad. i had been a vegetarian for over a decade but didn't do a good job of balancing my diet. when i switched to local humanely raised meats instead of soy substitues from big corporations and started supplementing it all changed for the better and i even got pregnant after a few months of being healthy.

1jooj-i'm so sorry about your dh having to be away so long! i complain enough about having to run the farm because dh is working double shifts all the time but i can't imagine him being gone for weeks at a time.

flylady bugged me too, no pun intended. a whole room at a time? ha! not bloody likely. today was my vacuum day so every room was vacuumed (there's not that many), anything else that gets cleaned is a bonus and no matter what the house looks better and i feel like i accomplished something. on a sad note our dog cut his paw and keeps removing his bandage so i am repeatedly helping him out and mopping up a trail of blood spots.
Sorry, I just saw this. I do have cod liver oil pills at home..if only I could remember to take them! Yeah and flylady...I am lucky to get one thing accomplished...it makes me nuts!!! And sorry to hear about your doggy's paw even though it happened a while ago.
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Originally Posted by artparent View Post

my passion for all things old-fashioned continues. my mother showed me some old, embroidered handkerchiefs from her mother, and gave me a old nightgown to transform into lots of handkerchiefs for our family, my little girls want to embroider their initials into them, and flowers. where is a romantic smiley? and she gave me my grandmother's dainty old watch. it is cracked a little, but still works, and is really old fashioned: wind up!! it has a delightful little circle on the face with a tiny second-hand spinning around. it is platinum in colour, and the patina is lovely. in need to get a strap for it. she also gave me her vogue sewing book from around the year i was born. i've got a big piece of paper to try to make a pattern from my friend's skirt. i leave in less than a week so must prioritise somewhat though

i've hung all the white laundry in the sun to dry and bleach out, and i've finished filling + sewing up the felted pillow i made from a wooly blanket i once knit for my second babe. it is ribbed, and the ribs look lovely felted. i cast off the scarf for my little one. my children have lost the first linen cloth i knitted i'm trying to follow this idea of organising a day. it does really help me to mix fun things in with difficult or boring tasks. also if i use youtube to listen to classical music, i will assign myself an area - say, one countertop - for the space of one song, and go as fast as i can. i tend to get more done that way.

i cannot believe it is nearly october! the nights are

Is there any way you could send the linky again about organising your day. It didn't work for me...thanks!
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Okay, everything online that I've seen about making stock says you only have to simmer it for 2-4 hours.

When I did it last I did it for 24 hours (roughly) and kept it covered so I wouldn't lose a lot of liquid.

Am I doing this right?
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Originally Posted by hippie_mommy View Post
We love using retained heat cooking. Its great for beans, rice, or anything like that. It uses so little energy too!

Cooking in a straw box/cook box.
They have tons of other good stuff on their blog and the video section as well.
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dr worm, try this link.

you want twinlab or carlson's, otherwise you may be taking either not enough vit d, or chemical versions of it. you want about a tablespoon each day. i've been hearing recommendations for it to protect against the flu...i should really make sure we take it every night!

af, yes, at least 24 hours, you can stop it overnight and pick up again in the morning if you're worried about leaving it unattended. also, when you've got all the water and everything in, squeeze in a half lemon or so, and leave it to acidulate for 1/2 an hour, then start cooking it after that.

designing another logo instead of making dinner. get going !

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i am taking my vitamins and feeling much better for it. i got some fish oil that also has borage and evening primrose oil in it and im loving it. my moon came right on time this month after a few months of being early and my moods seem much more balanced.

i didnt mean for my post to sound so blue.. im not feeling blue all around, just in terms of getting into the halloween spirit..elwynn came home sick from scool just now, so im not sure if we will be going to his class party tomorrow or not. we had plans to make cookies after dance class.

im actually feeling much better, getting out more in the lovely autumny weather. its been snowing and we spent the morning with some good friends down at the park by the lake and now we are home eating warmed up pizza. my house is a WIP and i think i have come to grips with that. for now anyways :P

i just got this book from the library called the backyard homestead ans its giving me some great ideas for spring! i really love the winter months when i can map out all of my plans for planting and growing and creating for the next year.

welcome angelique!~ and paula!
my saurkraut is getting pretty nicely sour! i just tested it. maybe another day or so, then ill pop it in the fridge for eating. yum!

im really wanting to learn more about mushrooms, there are heaps of pine around here i have heard..but with this snow! not sure if i have missed the time.

im loving the 15 minute thread as well elisa! I miss my camera, it helped me feel happy about my space when i could capture good moments!
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do tell us *everything* from that book!!

another round of yogurt finished, i'm really pleased with this recipe.
another logo finished, let's hope they love it and are done with me

we even got violins played, which we've been neglecting, and i'm ready to actually cut some fabric, eek! for the under sink curtains. i'm doing them very flat, using dowels - i got them cut today. just bamboo from the garden.

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I really appreciate you all, let me just get that out there. You inspire me to be better than I am.

I have been doing better all around, finding the balance of keeping a tidy house and doing everything else. I think I discovered why my laundry was drying so slowly too! There was apparently a small leak in my washing machine that turned into a huge flood on Wednesday. All that extra water was under the machine, putting extra humidity into the air in our small apartment! On Monday the repairman is coming so hopefully I will not get too behind in the laundry department. After all, I just got caught up!

Yesterday I made a War Cake, 30 egg casserole "muffins" (DH named them "Good Morning Muffins"), honey oat bread and honey baked lentils. Today I make popcorn balls for the potluck tomorrow. Also I need a good sandwich filling, they've asked us to bring a plate of sandwiches to share and I don't know what to take. I was thinking Egg Salad, I'd like something a little out of the ordinary, as I know there are going to be a million turkey and swiss and peanut butter and jelly variations there.
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I do know how to make an amazing PBJ...
Is hummus and sprouts too "crunchy"?
I love a salad sandwich.
Non vegan options:
creamcheese and jelly
tomato and mozzarella
What about wraps? You can fill them with anything.
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Thanks for the ideas Angelique. I went ahead and made egg salad. I'm afraid if I did a bean and veggie sandwich I'd be taking the plate home with me. I am going to be playing with chickpeas next week though. I have a couple pounds of dried beans so throw any ideas out there for me if you want, thanks!
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i love making veggie pate into sandwiches. YUM! my favorite right now is toasted walnuts and sunflower seeds with sauteed onions & garlic, fresh herbs and lots of nutritional yeast all blended up. tasty fine.

im knitting like crazy on a pair of fingerless gloves. they are a new pattern and really sweet (ak. i miss my camera, they really deserve a photo...mother of pearl buttons and all) im going to try to make at least 10 pairs before the 5th of december, which is the local craft fair date. i have already made about 10 hats and plan to make more... also some kids legwarmers and needle felted things. im feeling ambitious. im trying to make at least one thing every day.

my littles are eating cast iron popped corn cooked in coconut oil and grey sea salt for snack (nutritional yeast for the smallish ones) while they watch The nightmare Before Christmas.. a favorite in our house~!

back to knitting.....
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wow, speedy, fern!!

okay, on with the hallowe'en preparations!! yikes!

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Fern, you ARE speedy. I want you to have your camera, too. I downloaded a few patterns for fingerless gloves, want them sooo badly. But I am still working on a scarf to match dd's fingerless gloves, and my hands have been going numb after just a couple rows each night. !@#$ing carpal tunnel syndrome!

I am dressing up with the kids today. Depending on how much fun it is to dress up, I might do it every year that they trick-or-treat. They have a couple good years in them yet. And then, after that, we may need to throw parties to keep wearing costumes.

Tons to do today. We have more goats to breed, leaves to rake, the house is a terrible mess, but it's a special day, so I may leave most of it until dh travels again Monday.
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i am a fast knitter when im inspired! this yarn, all hues of blue with buts of purple in some divinely soft yarn (i got it at birkeland bros. elisa, some of the hand dyed yarn that they have from out east, trying to recall the name. fleece artist maybe?) that is soOo beautiful! with a bit of a halo..it is just YUM to knit..

whatcha doing for halloween prep today alisa? costumes? treats? decorating?

jooj: that would make me so sad! the hand getting numb that is..actually i have experienced this if i knit too much for too long..i get this buzzy feeling in my hand that is very distracting..
hope you get it all done and have a great day today!!

instead of my usual kitchen tidy after the kids go to sleep i knit, so i need to do a fast cleanup to prep for ginger-cut-out-cookies, pumpkin carving, squash soup making... im having my SIL and my nieces over for all of the above and then trik-or-treating * then a party at a local farm with bonfire & fireworks..but its very much downpouring ATM..so hopefully it will clear up a bit!! its snow just at the base of the mountains around us, so if it gets any colder it could well be a white halloween.. ak.
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