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katico that soup sounds yummy!
Everyone sounds so productive!!
Our family spent the beautiful weekend finishing raking leaves and making great piles to jump in! Over 95% of the leaves are down so I think we're good now! The weather was almost 70 degrees so what better way to spend it, but outside! I made some excellent homemade pizza:dough and sauce and everyone gobbled it up!
Took a jog yesterday and then spent some time decluttering the christmas stuff in the basement. It won't be long before we're pulling it out
Going home from work and sticking a giant meatloaf in the oven and will probably bake brownies with the kids!
I picked up some dried lotus pods at our local co op and put them in a glass vase. They are so cool
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i started another pair of socks, christmas present, - i managed to do it on the bus! it is coming along quickly, i'm very glad. i hope to knit them up fast and make lots of presents this year..

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OK, so I am about 2/3 through the first fingerless glove. I love it--whether in spite of or because of its simplicity. I chose multicolored yarn in deep, earthy-bright colors, and it's entirely composed of stockinette with ribbing on both ends. I prefer the slouchier styles...so much of what I see in patterns looks too tight for my comfort. Anyway, I have to increase and put a thumb hole in, so I quit last night...too scared I might be too tired and mess it up.

artparent, how long does a sock take you? Do you just knit anytime you're not doing something else?

Gorgeous sunrise here today...I can't believe how lovely the weather STILL is!

We got the new goat last weekend...and now I have the project of taming her. Dh and I are looking at the situation as a rescue. She has almost never had human attention. The first day we worked together, she shook with fear just from my forced petting and snuggling. Second day, no shaking, so we are making progress. I need her to approach me like the other goats do and eat from my hands (or pockets!) before I can let her out into the pasture. We have work to do, but she'll come around. She's younger than what we had planned to buy, but the yearlings and older looked like he!!, with long toenails and obvious parasite problems.

I made my incredibly yummy lamb and white bean soup yesterday. It's lamb stew meat (or any cut works), onions, garlic, soaked white beans, cumin, ginger, paprika, turmeric, S & P, a small pinch of cinnamon, celery and tomato. Would probably work in a slow cooker if you have forever, but I use a pressure cooker. I usually use cilantro/parsley, but subbed celery and it was just as nice. And I made a big batch, so everyone can have a hot, substantial lunch today.

I have yard work today, odds and ends really...but that's last on my list. First, I will do barn chores, go for a run, volunteer in dd's classroom, then I have to pick up a car part and get an oil change...and maybe by day's end I'll move the pile of wood in front of the shed. I want to go out to a poetry reading tonight, but dh and I are disagreeing about that.

What are you mamas up to today?
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i ran back into the house to grab my little one's bike - then struggle to pump up the tires, and ran back out...without my handbag, keys, phone, wallet, snacks...knitting...! that self-locking door finally got me!
luckily friends + neighbours and my dear partner helped us out of the situation, so the kids were in bed not so long after bedtime. i am completely wiped out now. the thing i missed the most was knitting through the girls dance classes.

ijooj, i'm pretty new to socks, i'm on my third pair and the first was certainly not successful! the second i was also learning to cable and so was very slow. i'll let you know how long this one takes me! i think i did the fingerless gloves, cabled, in just over a week? that is consciously knitting faster, and bringing my knitting everywhere, including if i watch something with my sweetheart in the evenings. if i take the girls to the park or the library i'll have yarn in my pocket and stand around knitting something. if i don't have knitting i'll have my writing. it drives me nuts to just sit and do nothing...unless that's actually what i am actively doing i like knitting for how social it is, writing really drives potential conversation away

i'm so happy to be staying home tomorrow.

(it was a good thing i did take 15 minutes in each room today, as my partner had to bring his dinner guest with him across london to let us in the house, and i was thankful that the place was presentable!!)

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Good night, artparent! Days like those come around here too...

Dh is tired of the beans. He can tolerate one meal + leftovers, and that's that. So it's fake biryani tonight, and tomorrow back to something with potatoes. A good day, all in all, but way too much crammed in, as usual. I wanted to go to a poetry night again, but dh is not being very supportive of it, so I am . Grr.

Might try to work that glove and see how I do. I made some changes to the pattern (nervy, I know, but I had to ), and I hope I remember them when I do the second.

I think I need to go completely on hiatus. My social calendar is ridiculous. I guess I never realized how much a social outlet my job was.
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how's the glove going? i haven't knit much, i was getting sick yesterday and am recovering today, fingers crossed. headaches aren't the best for knitting! but i did take some failed yogurt and hang it in cheesecloth to take out the whey, and now i have a soft cheese...i was thinking of using it in a pasta based casserole, like lasagna with different noodles...and i'm considering using the whey to ferment some vegetables, if i can collect the energy to do it.

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I had mouth surgery yesterday so haven't done much. Today I might do some knitting depending on if my drugs let me read or not lol. DH's work holiday party is tonight so I don't have to cook, phew. Mostly we're just watching Signing Time, listening to Music Together CDs, and taking it easy. I read about 5 books to DS earlier but it made my lip swell again so not doing that again for a while.
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Girls....I'm feeling disheartened.

We've had such a hard month with DD, so little sleep I feel like a zombie. She won't sleep or nap unless I'm holding her. We are up waaay before the sun everyday. I am getting NOTHING done around the house. Naptime used to be when I got laundry, dishes, supper, cleaning, everything done! Now I sit and hold her. I can't even leave the room to pee without her screaming. Oh the screaming. She also has a cold and is leaking snot like a river.

I know this is all normal stuff and I should be grateful that the first 6months of her life were pretty easy.....but I think I'm going insane. I am looking around my house and all I see is dirt and chaos and things that need doing.

DH took her this morning so I could have a nap and when I woke up I found he had taken her to the grocery store (in her pjs) and bought bags of frozen pizzas, frozen dinners, chocolates, microwave popcorn......... it's like Thanks...but now I have to go to the grocery store and buy some real food, couldn't you have waited the 1.5 hours I was asleep?

And all this frustration and guilt about things undone has me thinking about our foremothers who really did keep their homes traditionally......how did they do it? If I feel this insane with one baby, a good husband, washer, dryer and dishwasher, running water and power, grocery stores, shops and premade clothing............how did those women deal when if they didn't make bread, wash and sew warm clothes, haul water, grow/forage their own food and do e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. themselves their families wouldn't survive? I can't even manage to get a shower very often. I haven't worn anything but pajamas all week. And I didn't even have to sew them myself.

I hate feeling so defeated. I feel like I should be better at this by now. I feel like I should be able to suck it up and manage better.

I feel like I should have my house clean and be whipping up an elaborate handmade Christmas.

Gah. I know this isn't really the place for all of this. I just thought you might all understand the guilt of seeing things you could/should be doing but not.
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wow! gentle now, take it easy on yourself! those women you talk about had a lot less belongings to take care of, unless they were wealthy, and then they had staff. they also lived in villages where folks helped each other, and you'd hand that baby to one of your four sisters or six sister-in-laws, your mother, or any of your aunts, if you needed to get something done, yes? and probably, sometimes, you'd just have a dirty house, which by standards of days gone by (at least 60 years) would be far lower.

i don't know very many mamas who can manage lots of the things we are talking about doing on top of an ill baby...give yourself a break. taking care of your babe is a priority, and getting five minutes to eat, change your clothes or jump in the shower is up next.

believe me, i look around and wonder, and try not to guilt myself for this and that, and i no longer nurse anyone, and i sleep through the night most nights, and my children often play for hours without needing much more than help with this or that and a snack. right? so i could sit and knit a sock for a christmas present today, while they played with a friend, and i had time last night to make yogurt, because while they went to bed later than usual, it was still just 8.30 and i wasn't worn out at the end of the day.

it will come. all in good time. let this be inspiration and not a source of guilt. when you have the time, energy, and desire, you'll do many things. if you don't have them, make plans, get ideas, and try to trust that this is actually a brief part of your life, cherish it, and go back to bed with your little one who needs you. thank your partner for caring for you the best way he knew, eat the food anyway, and keep it simple.


there's a great thread in 'unschooling' right now about children helping out around the house, and i've been thinking a lot about how to involved my kids more. i just made a gratin, and my tall one ground the pepper between layers..but now it dawns on me that i might have just sliced the potatoes and had them turn on the oven, pour the layers of cream, sprinkle sea salt + cut + drop in the knobs of butter. yes? even grating the parmesan. the two of them could have done most of it without me. shucks! next time.

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ooo, by the way, while i never got to the cultured veggies (yet! i have the whey reserved in the fridge - anyone do cultured vegetables that are not shredded?) i did make the yogurt cheese - just hung the cheesecloth with yogurt inside it, letting it drip into a big bowl to catch all the whey, overnight. and i used it in a lasagna type casserole, it was divine

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Katico yes dear, you need to give yourself a break.

I have realized it takes just the smallest of events to completely trip me up and throw me off for basically the rest of any week. Monday is my recovery day, usually, when I pass go, collect my $200 and feel like I am not a total loser again. All it takes is a kid with a cold, or one errand I hadn't planned for. And my children are both in school.

Like artparent said, they had fewer possessions in general, and indeed a different standard for what qualified as clean clothing, bedding, etc. If they had the wealth for more stuff, then they had people to help handle it all. You're doing your best.

My struggle lately has been with my modern social life. It's totally out of control. I love my friends and my friendships, but I am putting too much energy into maintenance of too many relationships. I need to pare down and keep it simple. I, too, simply do too much of the housework just because it's faster and easier to do it all myself. That leads to bad feelings for me, while also digging myself the hole by not training the children to do more. As odd as it sounds, I do much better on all counts when dh is traveling and I have responsibility for everything. He's not as deep in it, so he's far more willing to drop the ball for a day or a week than I am.

OK, suddenly have some farm stuff to go take care of. More later...
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Originally Posted by artparent View Post
wow! gentle now, take it easy on yourself! those women you talk about had a lot less belongings to take care of, unless they were wealthy, and then they had staff. they also lived in villages where folks helped each other, and you'd hand that baby to one of your four sisters or six sister-in-laws, your mother, or any of your aunts, if you needed to get something done, yes? and probably, sometimes, you'd just have a dirty house, which by standards of days gone by (at least 60 years) would be far lower.
Coming out of lurkdom to add that if they didn't have the family to help with the baby, they would often strap baby to themselves. Do you have a carrier? A mei tai or wrap would be really helpful so you can put your DD on your back and get more done.
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Here's a hug Katico. I feel your pain. There are definitely days when I feel like this and beat myself up too. The above posters are right, of course. And, those traditional women of the past lived in a much slower time- no ringing phone, no "must see TV," no long drive to work, no pressure to decorate every surface in your home until it looks like a page from Martha Stewart Living... Their lives were SIMPLE. How hard is it to keep a dirt floor clean?
Let go of the guilt and forget about could and should. Doing your best is all that matters even when that means you stay in pajamas all day and throw a frozen pizza into the oven for dinner.
When I get really frazzled I remind myself: This too shall pass. Don't sweat the small stuff, it's all small stuff. Everything is temporary.
Hang in there.
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My mouth hurts I ate an Oreo and I think I opened my mouth too wide because my stitches have been bothering me. AND I am sick of eating mashed potatoes and pudding. SICK OF IT I tell you!

I really need to knit Toby a pair of gloves, and make a pair for myself, but the patterns I've found are all knitting in the round which is confusing for me. It snowed today so I've got to hurry and get SOMETHING done. ARGH!!

Tomorrow we are having pot roast... I love the crockpot. I won't be able to eat anything except STUPID POTATOES but at least DH and DS will be happy and have full tummies. Sniffle. I better be losing weight on this mushy food diet.
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Krisis but...an OREO! Do you do yogurt? Cooked fruits? How about sweet potatoes instead of white? Baked squash? Lovely pureed soups? I for one love my chewy carbs, but my dear, an Oreo can cut a mouth that hasn't been operated on. Get better soon.

OK, I am one for one right now. It was kind of a late morning...we were all so tired. I got up and packed the kids' lunches and then decided to make them pancakes for breakfast. Dd was in a bad mood, and lately she has been burnt out on oatmeal, so...I made ww pancakes with real WI maple syrup and they chowed--and came within seconds of missing the bus, but they made it. I was actually making the pancakes 12 minutes before bus time thinking, if they eat this happily, I will not mind driving them to school.

So now I am going to take a little time to enjoy MDC and my coffee before I kick it into gear. This is crazy week. I need to get gifts for the kids today. I think I will get some sort of model kit or robot building kit for ds, and maybe something he wants, too, and dd will get more art and craft supplies and a latch hook rug kit. She tried knitting this weekend, and I think soon she'll be catching on. I may also look for a special cookbook for her, or some kind of journal she can make into her own cookbook, collecting recipes she knows how to make. I will buy myself some more yarn and knitting goodies. Not sure what to get dh...he's hard to buy for.

The house needs a full, deep cleaning. Three loads of laundry are waiting upstairs. I need to figure out a good dinner and have it waiting for dh when he gets home, as he left for work before breakfast. We have a ram in with the sheep now, so I am not really safe doing the barn chores. Need to run for chicken feed, too. I know, I know, and here I sit.

I am going to sit down tonight, too, and complete the second arm warmer. So cozy! I love them, and I am looking forward to making some pattern tweaks so I can make more of them in a variety of color blends. Ds wants a pair, too, and I also want to try my hand at in the round with a hat.

So we'll probably just have a nice, classic beef stew with carrots and potatoes, and if I am lucky I'll make a fresh batch of bread. I know that's a lot of goals for one day, so maybe some of those things will wait until tomorrow.
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Katico! - this too shall pass, little goals make the bigger ones easier to tackle. I feel for you as your DH sounds like my DH in terms of quick fixes to assist

Well ladies mi casa is knee deep in the flu, it has passed from DH & DS1 to now me & DS2 (10months). DS & DH got over it quick, sort of. Jack (DS1) had his settle into his ears and got a nasty double ear infection.

I came down with the awfulness on Friday, and have been down since, and it has been a trip. Friday I got treated to take-out pizza (yuck!), as DH didn't feel comfortable with anything else. Next night I tried to walk him through homemade potato soup (it sounded sooo good to me), and it was frustrating for all involved and ended in mac & cheese from a box with peas & hot dogs.

So the house is in shambles - literally, I'm on a couch (well except right now), laundry is sky-high, and more to be added from all of us now finishing up with this flu and some how we need to get ready for t-day.... ahh this too shall pass

ETA: Forgot to add in the midst of the flu craziness yesterday, Jack (DS1) tried to blow out a candle we had on a bathroom counter (he knows not to do this) & managed to catch his hair on fire. luckily only a little singed, minor 1st degree burn on the forehead, treated with aloe & he's fine now... yup... this too shall pass.
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Oh ktg! He set his hair on fire?! Yikes. Thank goodness it was minor.

DS has been tearing the wallpaper off the walls in our rented apartment, so there goes my security deposit. It's hideous paper and peeling at all the edges (all the easier for a toddler to rip off) so DS is really doing the landlord a favor but I don't think it will go over to well when we move out.
Vacuumed, swept, and mopped this morning. Making stuffed mushrooms and steamed brussels sprouts (from the garden) for dinner. Is that a weird combo? Would it be more or less weird if I added some baked salmon? Whatever. We eat a lot of weird meals around here. Speaking of which: we're transitioning to an anti-yeast, allergy sorting, somewhat restrictive diet. The protocol is at www.wholeapproach.com We're eating the last of our contraband groceries during the transition. So I'm trying to wrap my brain around cooking without many of our usual staples. Have any of you gone through this?
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Poor fella! I set my hair on fire once...only it was an exploding gas stove and my whole head was on fire. It ended in an ugly haircut.

About to bake some biscotti. I managed to do all the Eid shopping in just 4.5 hours. Dd is getting new tights, card games and a couple of crafty toys. Ds is getting the stupid toy he asked for and also a telescope. Dh is getting much-needed pajamas. I got wool.

I got a lot of the cleaning done, too, so I am feeling OK about where I am at. I have a lot to do tomorrow, but it feels like things should work out OK. Once I get to next Monday, I'll be able to unwind a little.

Angelique, I think that sounded like a nice dinner. I've never eliminated anything, so I have no advice there. Good luck!
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Originally Posted by 1jooj View Post
Krisis but...an OREO! Do you do yogurt? Cooked fruits? How about sweet potatoes instead of white? Baked squash? Lovely pureed soups? I for one love my chewy carbs, but my dear, an Oreo can cut a mouth that hasn't been operated on. Get better soon.
But I drowned it in milk! So it was supposed to be soft and mushy!!!

I am doing lots of Kozy Shack pudding which isn't too bad... and I did buy a bunch of sweet potatoes, I'm just bored of mush!

I have to deep clean my house tonight. Tomorrow Toby and I are going to the zoo, then in the evening DH and I have dance lessons (my birthday present!) Then Wednesday I am picking up my grandma and bringing her to see my house and spend the weekend with my parents.

I did finally finish setting up Toby's room though, yay! I'll post pictures tomorrow, and maybe I'll start on his quilt this weekend.
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angelique, thanks for posting the link.

i've done a much more strict diet than that (if you can imagine!) and i've been off it for a few months and back to square one. okay, probably i'm at square 6 or 7, but disappointed nonetheless! i'm going to try this one, loosely, though i'm keeping some of the ideas from the other diet...i won't be eating beans or even sprouted nuts except as a treat, and i'm the kind that has to just not eat any grains at all - at least for now. i also don't think the bentonite etc. are good ideas, though i'll be looking for other ways to detoxify.

it is miserable for me but i've just hit my version of rock bottom, when my skin and my tummy are more unhappy than it makes me to eliminate so many foods. i've done this for years and would like to be healed - hey, i don't mean to disillusion you, i lived prettily happily on the diet for most of a year! and i've done a less strict version of this for about 5 years. my eldest got better, though my youngest has had a rash for awhile since we stopped and needs to join me.

i like the weekly quiz, and that there are clear stages...let me know how things go for you. i'd love to just eat traditional foods, but i cannot even tolerate sourdough, or dairy it seems...i may hold on to butter + cream for a while, though, or else i'm constantly hungry

bye bye coffee

oo, my first sock is nearly done! i knit on the underground, and while waiting for the concert to start, things are coming along much faster now that i have my bearings. i hope to finish the next sock in a few days, and then get on with some other christmas presents.

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