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Sylvester McCoy might play Radagast!!

I do love Radagast.


Sylvester McCoy appeared at the Armageddon Expo in Auckland over the weekend where he announced to fans that he's been offered the role of the wizard Radagast The Brown, but has not yet signed a contract.
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I have only seen him in Harry Potter and Doctor Who so...not really anything entailing noble bearing.
He was also in Bright Young Things, a Stephen Fry adaptation of Evelyn Waugh's Vile Bodies. (Love the book, quite liked the movie.) He played a rather repellent character, a member of the aristocracy with a nasty little moustache, and a rival love interest to the main character. I love how David Tennant can play people who are SO sleazy and repulsive you just want to wipe them off your shoe... and then turn around and play the most adorable, charismatic, infectious character you would jump into a TARDIS with. Philip Seymour Hoffman has that talent too - watch him in Capote and then in State and Main, the difference is unbelievable. It's a rare gift. I guess you have to have the right sort of face... Jude Law, for instance, ALWAYS has that cold steely look in his eyes, that I can never get past when he's supposed to be playing a likable character. Anyway. Not relevant.

I heard he did Hamlet on stage. Maybe he had a noble bearing in that? (Apparently he was brilliant, I wish I'd seen him! Hmm, wonder if any of it's on YouTube?)

Also.... dance of joy that NZ got to keep the filming!
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He was Hamlet in a Royal Shakespeare production with Patrick Stewart. It was a fangirl/boy dream come true. The TV production of the same was aired on PBS a couple of months ago, it can probably be tracked down. I watched most of it; it was fascinating.
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Yeah, I found it and watched some last night. I'm not sure about the production as a whole - don't like Ophelia at ALL from what I've seen so far - but David Tennant has had some great moments. I'll watch more tonight.
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OK, wasn't Radagast only mentioned in the Hobbit?

So maybe this is an example of how they are bringing elements of the Silmarillion into the movies.
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Originally Posted by journeymom View Post
OK, wasn't Radagast only mentioned in the Hobbit?

So maybe this is an example of how they are bringing elements of the Silmarillion into the movies.
I think so...

Radagast is in LotR and the Silmarillion...I don't know why they left him out of LotR. People might understand who he was if they hadn't left him out.

Are they going to include Glorfindel in the Hobbit too??? (that might be my bitterness talking)
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IIRC... which is not guaranteed... Gandalf related his meeting with Radagast in some depth, with verbatim quotes. So there's some material to work with.

Also, I really need to reread the Hobbit. I used to know everything about Tolkien's works... and I'm not kidding, I could write in Tengwar and sing the Elvish hymn to Elbereth... and now I'm sitting here going "Oh yeah, Beorn, what did he do again?". Pathetic. What's the use of being obsessed if you can't retain the knowledge post-obsession?
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Interesting notes from Peter Jackson about filming the Hobbit!





Hobbit 1 coming in December 2012!



Edited to add, wow! I haven't checked the IMDb entry for the Hobbit in a long time. How exciting, there are so many parts cast! John Howe and Alan Lee are back as 'conceptual designers', yay. Howard Shore is back doing the music. 


Brian Blessed is rumoured to be playing King Dain.  Now there's a rumour I would love to see come true. 

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OK, Tolkien buffs, who is this Itaril character?  I don't remember her.  She's played by Saoirse Ronan, the gal who was in the Lovely Bones.  

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Peter Jackson posted to FaceBook a 10 minute long video from the set of the Hobbit.  Pretty fun! 

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Itaril isn't mentioned in the Hobbit or LOTR.  don't remember the name from the Silmarillion either, but it's been a while since I've read it.




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bigeyes.gif    Stephen Fry will be playing The Master of Laketown.


Nothing wrong with that. I just don't really get it.  Which means it's probably a brilliant decision.  orngbiggrin.gif



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A photo of Galadriel, Elrond, Gandalf and a giant Hobbit:



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Got tickets for us to see LotR the Two Towers big event in the theater next Tuesday, the 21st!


Check it out, it might be playing near you:





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OK, we saw the whole 4-hour extended edition of Two Towers on the big screen last night. While I loved the casual, personal introduction from Peter Jackson, who made it feel like he was talking to us personally -whew!   That was exhausting!  It was wonderful to see all that up on the big screen for the first time in nine years!  Awesome! But that was a lonnnng sit.  I have to admit, I'm not particularly inspired to go see Return of the King next week. 


The fanboys down in the front row were very entertaining, though. there was a variety of hobbits, rangers and wizards.  The curtain rod as wizard staff was particularly clever.   =D

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First photos from the movie!!




Bilbo's feet are HUGE!!  :D

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At dinner last night, DH was all excited about it and it turned out both kids had already seen the trailer...... I predict there will be a LOTR marathon viewing of the trilogy here at some point soon - maybe the day after Christmas. 



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Short on time... comment first.... read thread later..... YES!  I saw this!  AAAAAAAAHHHHH!  I've waited too long for this (now I have to wait longer).  I love the re-imagining of Thorin's character.  Read more tommorrow and get back to y'all.  Thanks, and goodnight!

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Wow, I really wish I'd found this thread sooner.  I would have loved updates on the Hobbit as it has been years and years and waiting and waiting and i didn't have a clue as to why.  Thanks for the recap.  If they really are doing it in two parts, I think Beorn will be in the movie (any new info on that?)  Their visit to his house is a much needed bit of a calm and humorous respite in the middle of the story.  But what do I know?  It looks like they will take some liberties with the story in parts.  Hopefully not enough to annoy me too much.  I understand the need for movies to necessarily use different methods for telling the story because they have no narrative.  But even understanding the reasons why, I still get supremely annoyed by those parts (in LOTR) while enjoying them at the same time.

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