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Constantly losing/breaking things

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I don't know if this is a tween thing, or a boy thing, or just a DSS thing, but ever since my DSS came back home from spending a summer with his mother, our house (and our lives to a certain extent!) has been a disaster area.

First off, DSS is asked to participate in chores during the week-end, and as usual, he tries to go too fast or to take shortcuts, so instead of carrying one glass jar in each hand, he grabs 5 at once and drops one on the ground, sending thousands of shards of glass all over the kitchen floor (with DD playing on the floor nearby...).

Next, he breaks the roller blinds I painstakingly cut and put up in his room.

Next, he forgets the bus pass loaned to him by my DH's boss, in the men's washroom at my office. Right before we're about to get on the subway to go pick up DD, he "realizes" that he's forgotten it and so I need to drop everything and RUN like crazy back to my office to get the pass and then RUN back to the subway and RUN to the daycare to avoid paying the late fees (ahem, 5$/minute after 5:10 p.m.)...

Next, he breaks yet another glass jar in the kitchen.

Next, he forgets his schedule at home and ends up arriving late to class several times because of it.

Next, he burns himself on the side of the rotisserie oven...

And the list goes on and on and on...

And he's only been back home for a week! Now, I love my DSS and I'm glad to see him back, but he's like a walking tornado suddenly and it's hard to deal with sometimes!
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It sounds normal actually. Sorry.

A lot of that is a growth spurt thing. I'm not sure why, but when kids grow suddenly, they tend to be more clunky for a while. The forgetfulness is just being a pre-teen. It's how they learn to be responsible. We all went through it too.

Just be patient, have him fix his messes, and he will eventually outgrow this and be a great, responsible young man. (in ten years)
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My DS (almost 13) has been fiddling so much this summer. He broke a lamp and my DH's eyeglass case because he had to have something to do with his hands and he doesn't know his strength. After the eyeglass case I told him that whatever else he broke he would need to pay half to replace it. And I bought him stressballs and I am looking for a hand exerciser for him to give him something constructive to do. He seems a little better.

He is also unfocused and forgetful. I am hoping this will all get better as he gets further into adolesence. Good luck with your DSS.
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Originally Posted by Halfasianmomma View Post
it's hard to deal with sometimes!
Yup, it can be maddening, but it's normal. How old is he?

Stress, allergies, growth spurts, they all made/make me klutzy.
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