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Originally Posted by Spring Sun View Post
Oh, and I would love to go on xanax, it is such an easy way to feel good again, but isn't it addictive? My gastro dr gave me a prescription for it years ago (it is supposed to really help crohn's disease) but I threw it out bc dh said it would be way too addictive and I would never be able to come off of it. Is it more addictive than valium or clonazapam?
Technically it's the most addictive of all the benzos but that doesn't mean everyone who takes it gets addicted. It depends on your dosage, how often you take it, and what kind of brain chemistry you have.

I've taken vicodin off and on for my wicked TMJ and I never had any problems coming off of it EXCEPT when I had just had wisdom teeth surgery and took it all the time for 3 weeks (I also took percocet just after the surgery but later switched to vicodin). Ime, you have to take a drug round the clock to get addicted, but YMMV. I'm not even talking about abusing your script, but like, if it says you can take it every six hours, taking it every six hours around the clock every day could cause addiction. And even then, it wasn't horrific. I just felt uncomfortable and had the runs for 2 days. It's not like in the movies where hardcore addicts are coming off their drugs, kwim? If you take meds responsibly and always follow your doctor's orders, addiction should be minimized.
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Originally Posted by Lacrymosa View Post
I'm on 150mg of Wellbutrin. I thought it was working really well until yesterday and today. My anxiety is out of control. It kind of seems like the wellbutrin is heightening my anxiety too.. I don't know what to do about it. Other than that the wellbutrin helps it's just the anxiety thats a problem..
That is a known issue with Wellbutrin If you have anxiety problems, it could make them worse. It's relatively uncommon (per my dr) but it does happen. Fwiw, I can only take 75 mg or it makes me worse. But I'm bipolar. YMMV.
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I def have it again. I've been doing my placenta pills on and off. I feel great for a few days, so I stop taking them because I don't want to run out, and then I get down in the dumps again.

With me, its rage. I feel so much rage and anger when something goes 'wrong'. From spilled milk, to having to ask my older children do to something twice. I just can't hang. Im also having to volunteer at BOTH my sons schools and hang out with other people's children, who I have zero tolerance for.

Its hard. I'm trying to stay on the placenta pills and if they run out, they run out and I'll have to figure something out at that time. I have tincture too, so I"m going to give that a try.

I also have completely irrational thoughts, like I can't walk on the sidewalk because I fear a car will come and smash into us. I remember that fear when I had my first son. Terrifying. I'm also, obviously, not getting enough sleep, so relying on coffee to get me started in the morning. Not good.

Applied for a scholarship to the YMCA and hoping that comes through, but that means I have to start pumping to build up a stash, so I can leave a bottle with the infant care person while I do my work out. I'm TOTALLY OK WITH IT. Really. My mom looked at me all weird when I told her that's what I was going to do. Like...leave my 6 week old with someone. I never did that with my sons, but I know its something I need to do for my health. Mothers leave their 6 week olds to go back to work, so why shouldn't I leave mine for an hour and do something thats going to benefit the whole family...i.e...keep mommy sane.

Lastly, many many hugs to any mama feeling the blues. You are not alone in this. Its not your fault. Go easy on yourself if you choose to medicate. Whatever you need to do to get you through it, you do it. Ask for help, even if its hard. Remember you are not alone.

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TALULA ~what does TMJ stand for?
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Reading this is so interesting because these thoughts have been fairly normal for me for at least the last 10 years or so. What are normal thought patterns then? I do get the "I wish a bus would come hit me" thought once a month, right before my cycle starts. It happened the other day and i started bleeding again the next day. I'm 8 weeks postpartum. I'm taking encapsulated placenta, getting accupunture once a week and cranial sacral every other week. My chiro has me on two different adrenal blends. I also take a B vitamin complex and fish oil. When i feel really anxious i drink tea with passionflower and motherwort tincture in it.
I need to work on my thought patterns more then anything. I am afraid of panic attacks which manifests into so much more.

Spring Sun i started on 5 HTP at around 32 bweeks pregnant. I was in a really dark place and it really helped. The longer i was on it the better things got. I went off of it after birthing because it seemed to lower my milk supply. I'm going to go back on it though soon. I'm going to have my chiro muscle test me for the right dosage.
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Originally Posted by minimunklemama View Post
TALULA ~what does TMJ stand for?
Temporomandibular joint disorder, aka "TMJ", "TMJD" or "lockjaw". It's a very painful issue with your jaw. Also effects your teeth, muscles in your face, neck, shoulders, even arms and hands.
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I was diagnosed with PPD very late with my ODD (like, when she was 10 mo) and did zoloft then, it helped take the edge off a little, but really wasn't the drug for me. So I went off and just did therapy and exercise. Then I had my neurotransmitters tested once I was in a better place and found out that my other neurotransmitters (besides serotonin) were out of whack too and then started targeted amino acid therapy, including 5-HTP. It WORKED but took about 3 months. IMO if you are dealing with PPD, the amino acids might not work fast enough for someone who is spiraling into a bad place- if it is mild depression, then definately worth a shot. I do want to warn that if you are on an SSRI don't take 5-htp as well, unless your HCP advises you to do so. I'm on 150 mg Wellbutrin SR currently- I started during pregnancy for some pretty bad depression. I'm thinking about upping my dose. (It is rx'd for 150 two times/day but I had only been taking the one in the AM.) I have the full gammut- sadness, anxiety, rage. Saturday night I absolutely lost it- it was really ugly. I did some things for me and got away for awhile yesterday- took the dog on a hike, went clothes shopping and grocery shopped by myself. It helped a lot actually. Hugs to all you mamas having a hard time. Be good to yourselves.
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the poet-it seems like there has to be something that a dr or naturopath could find for you that would be the same as the placenta pills? Or at least close? I started taking 5-htp at the sae time as the placenta pills, so I am hoping it is not the placenta pills that are making me feel that much better since those will run out in a couple weeks.

I also felt more anxious on wellbutrin. And when I tried paxil. Dh is taking me up to SHmabhala Mt Center for the weekend for my birthday. I do know that the more I meditate, the less anxious I feel, and yet I can not bring myself to meditate when I am feeling so anxious. It is all crazy making, I wish things were more simple.

But, for wahtever reason< I feel great right now so I am just going to enjoy my little girl.
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I started my zoloft yesterday after two very yucky in my head days... just don't want it to get worse - and realizing it was actually that bad.

by yucky I mean not enjoying my daughter, not nice thoughts, not enjoying my son, no interest in my husband, afraidto go out of house, self isolating and despite eating having NO appetite.
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Mamaheids, I'm also on the wellbutrin SR 150 mg. The dr. prescribed me 300 mg but I tried taking that and then couldn't sleep with the baby when I needed to. I would really like to go to the 300 if it weren't for the sleep thing because the pill really is helping except for my anxiety. Other than that I'm feeling happier, more motivated, more energized, and just loving spending every day playing and being with my baby. Also, db and I are getting along much better, every little thing he does no longer irritates and angers me. not every day is like this but most days are.

I HATE the anxiety, but I am scared to start trying out different pills to see if there's one that works this good and doesn't heighten my anxiety.
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