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You will be well supported here as you progress in your pregnancy. Yes, it will be difficult but you are able to do it! You can be the parent you want to be to four babies! Your heart will love and nourish these children.

I wish you peace, joy, and health in the upcoming weeks and months.

Congratulations on your pregnancy!
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You are supposed to feel just as you do. Anyone who doesn't comprehend what an amazing and scary task that can be is just delusional. I'm ashamed to admit that when I was expecting my twins, I thought several times that things would work out just right if I would just miscarry one of them I'm sure part of what is scary is also whether they'll make it with the increased risks. I have a friend who conceived quads, but she ended up miscarrying one, so she has triplets. I don't know whether that is encouraging or not, but try to take it one step at a time. For now, focus on getting enough protein and enough rest to grow those babies!
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I felt the same way when I found out I was having twins after IVF. We had done IVF twice before, the first time ended in a chemical pg, the second gave us our son. We knew the risks of multiples were there, but I was still shocked that there were 2 heartbeats. I had the same range of emotions that you did, only I imagine yours are a bit stronger.

I chose not to join our local multiples group, because I already had stuff for one baby, and was able to borrow a few things to get us through. It probably would be a good resource for cheap clothes, gadgets, etc, but not necessarily for advice. Probably still worth checking into

Please keep us updated.
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Just now seeing this I would be a puddle on the floor in your shoes so I completely understand your fear and hesitance. You are not alone, Claire!
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I don't think many women really hope for multiples, at least not higher order ones but those of us who get them certainly hope for alot of other things, a good outcome, healthy babies, healthy mama, just one more week in the belly, the grace and sanity to handle it all. I know mamas who have conceived triplets and quads both with and without assistance. There is support from other super MOMS out there as well as from us twin moms. This isn't a punishment, it just is. It's not what you wanted but you're here and you'll get through it. I hope you have a very uneventful pregnancy and things go really well for you. I know how stressful having twins is and I know what my Triplet and quad mama friends have gone through.
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s: Wanted to send you my thoughts and support. I am presently 28 wks w/ triplets, after 4 and half years of infertility tx and 5 miscarriages. Our first u/s revealed 4 sacs. The feeling of dread that ran through my body was unbelievable. DH and I were in shock for days. I felt so sick. A couple of weeks later, one of the babies stopped growing and was absorbed by my body. I definitely had to grieve the loss of a normal, healthy, pregnancy. Higher order multiples brings you to a different level. But it is still your pregnancy. You can manage it. You can do your very best for you and your babes. I still get waves of panic when I contemplate how I'm going to manage three babies. I tend to focus on them as older children, like 4 yrs, when the house will be chaotic and dinner will be loud and large. That's what I'm looking forward too; The first year will be intensely difficult, but what doesn't kill us, only makes us stronger (at least that is what I'm telling myself this week). Please keep us posted.
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Just wanted to send you a hug! It is A LOT to take in. I recommend the book Dr. Barbra Luke wrote about being pregnant with multiples. I was only pregnant with twins but I followed much of her plan and had to healthy boys at 37 weeks - 6lb & 7lb and zreo time in NICU. You can do this!! Get a Dr. you trust and listen to your guts and body :-)
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I just wanted to send some extra loving your way this evening. I have caught up on reading this thread now, and I can only imagine. 4. Words cannot express what you must be feeling! 2 brought us to our knees for weeks. My DH and I literally could not have a conversation without the words, "My god! There are 2 in there!" passing our lips for the first month after we found out.

Be gentle with yourself, and allow the feelings to flow. They are going to come out sooner or later, and really, isn't now better than living in denial until after they arrive? I think everyone who has experienced a multiple pregnancy has gone through some sort of shock and grieving process. There are so many variables, so many risks. You know there are things you want for your child as a mother that will not happen with more than one at a time. It is ok to grieve. It is ok to be angry. It is ok to be scared.

I wish you peace, and the very best of luck as you carry these babies through pregnancy. Feel free to lay it down here if you need to vent. We have all felt something of what you are going through ourselves.
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Just to update you all for claireb:

Twins, triplets, quads, triplets, now back to twins
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Thank you fuji...I was just coming to post that.
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