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Medication question?

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So, my primary care physician prescribed me 25mg/day of zoloft (the generic brand). I've been taking it for just over 2 weeks. So far it hasn't done a thing except make me really drowsy - to the point that I have to take it at night b/c if I take it at any other time I end up asleep for a few hours when I have to do other things.

I saw a psychiatrist today who said that b/c I'm breastfeeding she doesn't want to adjust my medication until she does some research. I'm really nervous that she won't change it!

Are there other things that are bf'ing safe? If 25mg/day of zoloft makes me that drowsy will a higher dose make me even more drowsy?

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Some pdocs don't know about the meds enough in terms of breastfeeding. She should not have scared you... zoloft is VERY VERY VERY safe in breastfeeding. It's totally normal to feel really drowsy when you first start on it. That will go away in a couple of weeks or less. I would NOT change meds, though, because zoloft is the best while nursing and none of it (maybe trace amounts) get in to your milk, so it's not a worry at all.

You can check out Dr. Hale's books for more info, but you are very very safe taking zoloft and the drowsiness is normal and will go away.
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25mg is a starting dose. You should be on it for a week or less. A therapeutic dose is 100-150. After 2 weeks of that dose you should feel better if zoloft is going to help you. Take her a copy of hales book.
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oh, and some ssri's will make you sleepy. Just take them at bed time.
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WAIT!! Yes, it's true that 25 mg is a starting dose, but that is the dose that I took for 2 years and it was all I needed. So if you want to stay at 25 or even if you go up to 50, for many people, that works.

Again, the drowsiness is part of the adjustment period and will go away.
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So, I spoke with my psychiatrist again today (no, I cannot switch, I'm on state health and have no money) and she said that I can choose - medication or BF'ing. She said that if I stay at 25mg its my choice whether to keep BF'ing or not, but she won't increase my dosage at all unless Lincoln weans.

25mg doesn't seem to be doing anything except putting me to sleep. My mood hasn't changed, its not helping my anxiety, I'm still a complete wreck. I'm NOT going to wean b/c I know that its safe to take meds and BF, but I don't know how to convince my psychiatrist that. What is Hale's book? I've never heard of it.
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SHE IS WRONG! Zoloft can be taken up to 200 mg while nursing or pregnant. That's just wrong. Are you sure there isn't ANY other doctor you can see? Do you have an OB? Go there and talk to them. This pdoc is just wrong.

How long have you been on the 25mg? The sleepiness does go away. You will get MORE sleepy initially on a higher dose.

Dr. Hale's book, Medication and Mother's Milk, talks about every medication you can think of and its effect on nursing.

He also has a website you can check.

I just saw that you have only been on the zoloft for 2 weeks. GIVE IT TIME! The initial effect is drowsiness. You cannot expect it to help your mood until you have been on it for 6- 8 weeks.
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that doctor is really irresponsible and ill-informed. I urge you to speak to a rational doctor who is willing to do their homework on your behalf. a family doctor, an OB... they can all prescribe these medications.

I'm sorry you're suffering and dealing with this incompetence on top of everything else.
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Originally Posted by lisasaurus View Post
that doctor is really irresponsible and ill-informed. I urge you to speak to a rational doctor who is willing to do their homework on your behalf. a family doctor, an OB... they can all prescribe these medications.
I agree, even on a state plan, there's got to be someone else who can write you a prescription. Could even be someone you haven't seen before. If there's a women's health clinic that could be a good place to look. It is more likely to work out if you come with the documentation for your specific request. Or you could talk to the pharmacist that fills your prescription and ask if they will call the psychiatrist to tell them that it is safe and common to prescribe higher doses during bfing. Couldn't hurt to try.
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I just read this thread. How are you doing? I'm on 100mg of Zoloft myself, and breastfeeding fyi. I hope you're feeling better
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It can take up to 6 weeks to tell if an antidepressant is going to be effective or not. Two weeks is really not long enough to say it isn't working.
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Things are super rough around here. I don't have any family or friends close by at all, and my BF and I are having a really hard time.

His mom babysits while we are at school, and since she lives 60miles away she stays with us during the week (monday - thursday). She's a busybody. Gets involved in every conversation we have, doesn't keep to herself at all, she's really one of those people who NEEDS to be NEEDED constantly.

The first thing she does in the morning is try and take Lincoln away from me so that I can get ready (I enjoy doing it while watching him TYVM). Whenever we get home from school she is ready willing and able to do all childcare activities until bedtime as well - every 5minutes she's offering to do something else for me! She gets offended when I don't take her up on it too - But really, I thought Lincoln was MY child!!!! I WANT to take care of him when I'm at home! Really, Truly, I WANT TO TAKE CARE OF MY BABY!!!!

My son also HATES bottles - like with a true passion screams when he sees one and won't for the life of him take one - so she has trouble getting milk in him (we solved this problem btw finally). She has been trying to convince me to stop pumping at school - "You know, if you don't pump then you'll signal to your breasts that they don't need to make milk at that time..." True, BUT MY SON NURSES ALL DAY ON THE WEEKENDS!!!! I KNOW WHAT KIND OF MILK MY BOOBIES NEED TO MAKE AND YOU NEED TO MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!!!!!!

My BF thinks that its fine for her to bring up my breasts and how much milk they need to make - Umm....wait, aren't they attached to ME?? Is she jealous that I can nurse my baby and she can't?? WTH.

Anyway, so things are really tough. This woman has no boundaries whatsoever (she has come into our room in the middle of the night to offer to take our screaming child off our hands - yes, she actually opened the door to our bedroom and came into our room at 2am!!) No boundaries, and my BF thinks its all perfectly fine, and I need to work on my conflict resolution skills so that we can get along and she can live here half the week and take care of our son, and that I should let her do what she wants b/c after all, she's here to help us. NO SHE'S NOT, SHE'S HERE TO BABYSIT!!!!!!!!! WHEN WE'RE GONE - SHE'S NOT HERE TO CARE FOR HIM WHEN WE'RE HOME!!!

Ok, I'm done ranting. I hate living with her. I hate my BF for making me. I hate that I can't put my baby in daycare at school so that I can nurse him during the day instead of pumping during the day. I HATE IT.

I often wish I could go back to my life before Lincoln, b/c becoming a mother has been the hardest, worst thing I've ever done. I'm not even a shadow of my former self, theres nothing good left about me from before Lincoln. NOTHING. I'm tired of being defined by a baby.
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Very tough situation. Sorry. Have you tried talking to BF's mom about this? She should give you more room.

More importantly, have you considered therapy? Not because of you situation at home but because of what you said at the end of your post about having lost your old self. This is what I've felt like a lot since the birth of my son, and it is only recently that I've been able to cope with myself, after months of taking Zoloft and therapy.

It's tough being a mother, no doubt, but feeling desparate about it, doesn't make it easier.
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I'm in therapy. its not doing much (if any) good.

BF's mom is the type that doesn't take no for an answer. The other day I had to go pick up BF at school. BF's Mom said she was going for a walk, and when did she need to be back? I told her when I was leaving, and that if she wasn't back in time it was no big deal - I would just take Lincoln with me, its easy enough.

She acted offended that I didn't want her caring for him instead of taking him with me. Umm....NO thats not the way this works. Then she made sure to be back in time.
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The pdoc I saw never blinked an eye when I saw him for lingering PPD. I was still nursing my then 18 month old and was pretty adamant that he was not ready to wean. He said the only drugs they really worry about bf and side effects are the heavy duty ones used to treat severe cases of bi-polar. He switched me from Effexor to Cipralex. It saved my life.
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That sounds like a very difficult situation. Your BF's mom has good intentions, but she is really overstepping her boundaries. Unfortunately it's probably upset you to the point that even when her help is needed, you must resent it at the same time because of her behavior.

I don't have advice, I just hope that you can feel better soon.
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Sorry to hear about your situation . My MIL is similar...totally overbearing and a little looney I think thinking maybe she was the mom or something until we really set some serious boundaries with her. Do you have other options for childcare? Can you get state assistance? Are you happy with how she actually takes care of your son other than her relationship with you? Personally, I would have a talk with your boyfriend, try to get on the same page, and then both sit down and have a talk with her, tell her how much you appreciate her help (be sickeningly nice about it), but then firmly tell her that the things that cannot continue. And if your boyfriend won't get on the same page, I'd talk to her myself. This did seem to help with my MIL. She pretty much is clenching her jaw and will barely even look at me every time I see her, but at least she's not buying my kid things I said he couldn't have or questioning our parenting decisions 24/7.

As far as your therapist and psychiatrist go...I would suggest thinking about getting new ones if they're not helping you. I've worked as a social worker and have been in contact with countless providers who were basically useless. You mentioned anxiety...years ago before motherhood I was on Lexapro and it helped me dramatically! I am pretty sure you can use Lexapro while BFing. Also, it helps with depression as well. Don't stand by and let your psychiatrist offer you no help...find someone who will work with you on this. With almost every medication the question is if the benefits to you the mother outweigh any potential risks to your baby, and I am sure there are plenty of other options for you that wouldn't pose a huge risk to him. My understanding is the all the SSRI's pose similar risk (and very little....) but I could be wrong.

Hang in there...the first year of motherhood is definitely incredibly challenging and I think any mother would be lying if they said they never wished just a little they could return to their old lives. Definitely hard on relationships as well...just a little fact...couples report the very least satisfaction in their relationships when they have infant and toddler children compared with any other time in their lives. It gets better though. Good luck!
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I agree with PP. If psychiatrist and counselor don't work for you switch asap. I don't know if you have access to counseling through your school, but if you do there should be more people for you to see. Otherwise, talk to your PCP or MW to find someone who works for you and who has some experience with PPD.

I had to switch counselors after 2 months because I did not think my first counselor took me or PPD very seriously. Her standard response was that everything I experienced was normal and she didn't challenge me at all. My current counselor is very different; she actually forces me to confront my self-perception, my relationships, and my depression head-on. It hurts, but it works wonders, not only for me but also for the way I deal with DH. Keep looking until you find a fit.
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