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Too soon to ask I know

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But, do you all make your own baby food fresh? Me and db want to.
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I am hoping to. When my sister had her kiddos we would take a day a month and spend a few hours makimg food and freezing it in ice cube trays. It was so easy and you knew what was in it all.

My only drawback is I am going to have to buy a blender and most likely a microwave. We have made it 4 years without so I am sure the only real use it would get is re-heating the baby food.
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I started with homemade purees until I read about Baby Led Weaning (BLW) and BLW made a ton of sense to me. I will do BLW with future babies.

HERE is a link with directions and recipes for homemade baby food.

But because "baby food" isn't the only option, please consider BLW and come up with your own conclusion.....

This is my quote from an old post. My wrist is hurting, can't type much.

Babies need breastmilk as their primary source of nutrition for at least the first year or better. Filling baby's tummy with puree'd green beans and squash is nothing like filling her belly with wholesome breastmilk.

I don't know of any other mammal that purees their baby's food. Dogs don't chew up dog food and spoon feed their pups. Cats don't chew up cat food and spoon feed their kittens, etc. Think about it.

And no matter what you believe--whether it's Jesus, the cavemen, the big bang theory, etc--at some point humans had the bare neccessities to live on. Did the cavemen puree food for their babies with a processor? Did Mary puree Jesus' food? I highly, highly doubt it. I'm sure they nursed until the babies had enough teeth to eat by themselves. That's the way I see it now, but I didn't see it like that until after I started purees with dd.

http://www.tribalbaby.org/babyLedEating.html Here's one link that talks about BLW and there are other links to follow from there.

As with any other parenting decision, there is no right or wrong answer. It's whatever you are comfortable with after you've looked at the information available GL with your research and decision, OP!
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Nope. I hated making baby food and I am never doing it again.

My second didn't even eat baby food anyway. She just ate whatever we were eating as long as it was appropriate. Soft broccoli, crackers, stuff like that.
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Great link MayBaby!

We did make food with my dd, and I would just have a pot with a steam basket in it on the stove and would just throw in a pirce of whatever veggie I hava round and quickly steam it and mash it up. I never bought jar food. Dh bought a jar once and my dd hated it. We just fed it to the dog (who wouldnt eat it either. (must have been really bad)
We also eat alot of soups and they are totally natural and no MSG broth, all safe for the baby. So I would puree broth and veggies alot for meals. We started grains last, not first.

My baby may eat sooner since he is intersted in food already- not eating it but just so facinated by it. He is always on my lap when I am eaing.
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I do baby-led weaning (BLW), althought I didn't know that it had a name when I did it with my first. I don't think baby food is all that natural, it's something that has been created in the last 100 years. Before that people would have fed their babies soft bits of whatever they were eating. I always just let my son feed himself and plan to do that with this one. When she can get it into her mouth, she can eat it.
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I've made my own for both kids, it is super easy. I just bake or steam the fruit or veggie and then add a little water or breastmilk and mush it up by hand or in the food processor. Then I freeze it in an ice cube tray and when it is frozen I pop out the cubes and put them into a ziploc bag. One Step Ahead now sells these handy little 1 oz cubes used for freezing baby food.
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Originally Posted by Mamatoabunch View Post
The last article pretty much sums up what I have always thought about baby food. I traveled to China in 2003 and asked a local woman if she knew ANYONE that didn't like vegetables (since it's a staple of their diet) and she couldn't think of a single person that didn't.. That means that we do something different in America that causes picky eating.. Hmm, just something to think about..
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We did BLW too. I never did purees or spoon feeding with DD1. It worked beautifully for DD1 and I plan to do the same thing with DD2 - starting in 6-8 months.
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Originally Posted by Lacrymosa View Post
But, do you all make your own baby food fresh? Me and db want to.

We do, but we do not offer baby food until at least 6 months or older.

Good luck!
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