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Need to worry???

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This October-November DH is going to Mexico. I'm trying to find INfo on what POlitical wise is going on there with the swine flu.

Are they forcing Vaccinations?
NOt allowing travel? etc.

I know it's a little early to tell but here in the US there is talk of mandatory vaccinations,road blocks,quarantine, and airplane checkpoints so I'm wondering what you are hearing in Mexico
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no forcing vax here. the vax isn´t even ready yet, imposible to be forced upon us.
nothing has closed in the d.f., people are scared but i guess you just have to take care. i do my life normally, just carry antibact always and put it on our hands all the time while we are out. nothing else.
i personally would not vax even if it was forced. not a good idea...
but don´t worry, anyway you have one month left...keep in touch!
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