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Emotional - weepy...

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Oh my! I have been so emotional lately. I'm tired, my DD is sick, and I don't have the emotional capacity to handle everything. Do any of you feel this way? Right now, my DH has my daughter and I'm all weepy about her not being my only baby anymore. It's weird...I've always wanted a large family and I'm definitely excited for new baby, but I sort of feel like a loss is coming. I miss her already...like I know that I won't be able to give her 100% of my attention anymore and I feel bad for all the times I don't already. Is this a normal 2nd baby reaction?
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Totally normal!! And it doesn't stop there. I'm having my 3rd and feeling really sad that DD2 isn't going to be my baby anymore!
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Definitely a weepy day! Right there with you mama! I woke up in tears and just cried through most of the morning... at everything. Too much work to do, haven't seen DP in forever, it seems; I need to stop stressing so much which causes more tears and stress... oh the cycle. But you are not alone!

My mom just called and said she's bringing me over a care-package of ME items (not baby items) because she's been weepy for two days that she's losing her daughter. Ah mom! She knows she's gaining something even better, but I'm her only child and suddenly it's hitting her that she wants to come over and take care of Me for a moment. Yeah, I cried about that too :-)
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I certainly hope it's normal. It took over five years to conceive my first dd and she's just been my heart and soul for seemingly so long (she's 4.5 now). I was a single parent to her for awhile and I just feel like we're so much a part of each other. She's just brilliant and beautiful and courageous and when I think of missing out on some of her awesomeness because I'm preoccupied or stressed, I feel really sad. I communicated this to my mom and she started tearing up - she had the same feelings when my sister was about to be born (I'm four years older than my sister) and could completely relate. I think awareness is the biggest thing though, and also recognizing how great the sibling relationship can be for our older children really helps.
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I've been feeling this way about my third child. It happened with my second child too. My son was 6 when DD was born and DD is now 7.5 and baby #3 is due. I think 'daily' about how I really hope DD doesn't feel ignored or left out in any way. I am so close to her. She's my little girl and was supposed to be the baby of our family and was always told that. So far she is doing okay with it all and really looking forward to her little sister though. I'm thankful for that and I'm thankful I home school my children so I don't have any separation from them each day.
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So glad to know I'm not alone. TBH, I've struggled with some really difficult challenges the last couple years and emotionally I've dealt with things that I never have before. I started going to counseling right at the beginning of this pregnancy and unfortunately I didn't feel like the therapist was a good match for me. Another experienced mama suggested that I just focus on my pregnancy and wait to go back to counseling until after the baby is born. Overall, I've felt like that was good advice but with the way I've been feeling I've been a little worried that this was more than I could handle. I feel like I need to be really aware of my emotions so that I don't spiral into PPD after baby is born.
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Thanks for giving words to what very closely resemble my own feelings and fears. I just can't imagine loving my son as much as I love my daughter. It sounds terrible, but I really do have a hard time imagining it.

All I can do is put my faith in the promise that those I have shared my feelings with have told me, and that is that my love will simply multiply.

But every night I curl up in bed with my 5 year old next to me, I stare at her while she is sleeping and I marvel at the idea that I'll feel that love x2. Pretty overwhelming feeling for sure...
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ugh yeah. I dropped DS off at school this morning, got back in the car and starting BAWLING!!!!!!
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