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If you are looking for options in Bowling Green and have facebook, check here https://www.facebook.com/groups/123488504345004/669185773108605/?notif_t=group_activity Babynet has over 1,000 moms with a variety of opinions, you can likely find the best fitting care provider option for you there. Opinions range from "I'm pregnant! When can I schedule my epidural and OH I love doc so and so" to I'm pregnant! What care provider will be happy with 42 weeks, waterbirth, and I do as I wish within safe bounds" and from "I want the hospital 5 minutes away" to "I'm driving to the farm""    :-)

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Are there any homebirth midwives serving the bowling green area?
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Sure are.  I think you've already got a connection on this thread  :)

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In the bowling green area. Not 100% sure just yet but will find out soon.
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ICAN of Bowling Green is having a home birth panel and discussion tonight.  Sorry for posting so late:



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