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potty learning question

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my dd started using the potty full time august 2nd. i just started back to work (after having the summer off) last week and her and her brother stay at our house with my parents (they always watch them when I work).

She won't use the potty with them. Actually, she won't use the potty with anyone but me. She peed at 7:30am before I left and then didn't go again until it finally just came out at 5:30PM! My mom said that starting at 2, she started saying it hurt but she still wouldn't go.

I am not making a big deal of it but have been talking to her about not holding it in. How do I handle this? Do you think she'll just sort it out when she's ready?

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This sometimes happens with children who have recently begun using the potty full time. It can take some time before a child trusts their new caretaker (even a grandparent they know well) enough to want to do the deed on the toilet while their parents aren't home. It is something that she'll probably outgrow once she's adapted to having grandma as her caretaker while you're at work. Also, her toilet skills are still new, so as she gains more confidence on the potty she will probably stop holding out during the day and resume her normal toileting schedule. Hopefully sooner rather than later, right?
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