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Doula for VBAC in hospital - yes or no?

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Sorry if this has been addressed -- I can't find anything!

So, at 36 weeks, I'm getting nervous and feel like maybe I should have a doula. I've found one who is not certified yet, but does have good references and experience with VBAC clients. She charges half the going rate because she is still working on her certification. I'm under the care of midwives in an OB practice, but am starting to get nervous that I'll somehow get stuck with an OB instead of a midwife. My husband is supportive of a VBAC, but doesn't really "know" anything about labor -- poor man is working 2 jobs and is exhausted all the time.

What should I do? Doula or no?
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Yes yes yes!

I totally think all women should have a Doula, especially those seeking a VBAC in a hospital.

Best money you ever spent!
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Yes! Yes! Yes!

A doula is great for a homebirth, but essential at a hospital birth, especially a VBAC. I had a doula for my VBAC and she and my midwife made a great team.
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I agree! I am in the EXACT same boat as you. I am doing a planned VBAC in a hospital with a doula that I hired at about 35 weeks! I was seeing an OB practice until 34 weeks but then switched to a midwife/OB practice. I too am afraid I'll get an OB, though I've been assured the ones at this practice are under the influence of midwives, so they are less interventive and more patient. I am so excited, and I do feel my doula will be invaluable in my situation and in yours!

Good luck!!!
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Go for it!
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I would say you should especially have a doula in the hospital, where you are more likely to be tense or be asked to so uncomfortable things.
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I would say that a doula is highly recommended, particularly in certain situations. My VBA2C in June, I opted to not have one, for a few reasons. 1) I had given birth vaginally 2x before, 2) The hospital (and the OB) where I birthed has a very low c-section rate, high VBAC rate, and my Dr told me I wouldn't be pressured to do anything I didn't want to do (and he was right, I had nothing pushed or even suggested), 3) The hospital was a labor/birth/babymoon all in the same room, so my husband and I wanted a very intimate and private setting. When I delivered it was me, him, the doctor and the most fantastic nurse I've ever had in my life...suppose she was there just to be my doula! She was there just when I asked, and out of the room when I didn't. She pretty much stood in the corner or offered a kind touch/massage when needed. Baby was born, went to my chest and we were both then left alone for hours! It was the most fantastic thing!

Anyway, in a traditional hospital setting, a doula who can help you AND help to be your VBAC advocate would be the best idea to insure success birthing.

ETA: I just wanted to say that during my pregnancy, even though I knew the very remote risks of VBAC, I thought for sure the fears would creep up in labor. However, due to feeling completely comfortable (what women are seeking when birthing in their own safe environment) I never ONCE thought of rupture during my labor and delivery. Not once did I fear those fast and furious contractions were causing me or baby damage....I was so safe with my body. So, be CONFIDENT-which a doula helps with, as well.

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YES! 'nuff said!
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Oh, YES! Get a doula! They are wonderful.

I had one, but didn't end up taking her to the hospital with me. My midwife was enough for me, along with my mom who was a midwife at one time. So, I had the support I needed. But, I will get a doula again if I have another hospital birth.
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YES...get a doula. I had one and she didn't just help me but also took pressure off my husband to be my 'coach'. All he did was get wet towels and ice chips for me while my doula talked me through every contraction. It was money very well spent.
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It probably doesn't need to be repeated, but having another person who is on your side certainly can't hurt and almost definitely will help. Whether it's a doula, an experienced friend, or your mom (depending on her temperment!), having some continuous female labor support from someone who knows what to expect is awesome.
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I can't afford to hire a doula at this time, but if I could, I definitely would! So go for it!
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yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

and YES!

Your doula will not only support you but be able to support your DH and help him support you. My husband would also say YES! to hiring a doula. He still raves about what a difference they made for him.
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I am planning to hire a doula for my hospital VBAC in February. If she can help me avoid another c-section, it will be money well spent!
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Without a doubt, 100% yes!!!

Personally, I don't think any woman should go to the hospital w/o a doula.
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YES!!!!! YES YES YES!!!!! Please get a doula!!!! It is absolutely the best step I took towards a successful VBAC!!!!

My dh was very hesitant about hiring her at first (he liked her but didn't think it was worth the $$). Now he's the first one to recommend hiring a doula!
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UPDATE: I did hire a doula! Thanks to you all for weighing in. I feel much more confident knowing she'll be on our team. Will let you know when things happen! Please send good VBAC thoughts our way!
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I see you have chosen your doula, but I was also going to chime in about how important they are. Both as a certifying doula, but also as (hopefully) a future VBAC mom myself.
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Originally Posted by catspage View Post
I can't afford to hire a doula at this time, but if I could, I definitely would! So go for it!
try looking for a DOula in training. Also if you are military, you might qualify for Operation Special Delivery
Or you can simply ask if any of your local doula's will work for trade or lower their fee for you.
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