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Thanks, mleigh23.  I tried the private message thing but no dice.  Probably a user error ;) so I will work on it.  Great advice regarding doulas; I got in touch with Stacey DiMuzio, the doula who posted above, and she was very kind and helpful in providing abundant information.  Hooray!  David's fee is incredibly expensive, nearly twice that of the most prestigious HB midwife in NYC.  I can see that David is truly lovely and talented, but I am bothered that the most well-paid and celebrated folks in predominantly-female fields (and all other fields, for that matter) are so often men.  Also, NC's problematic physician oversight of midwives and NPs has me feeling especially eager to support a non-MD midwife.

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I'm happy that there is such an awesome home birth doctor in Asheville, though.  It really says a lot that he has so many supporters in the local home birth scene.

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He takes insurance.  We used medicaid with David and it only cost 500 or 800 I think.

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My husband and I are planning on starting a family in the next year and a half and would love to have a home birth with a nurse midwife.  I have started doing some research for the Asheville area but have been unable to find information on costs.  It's a little more difficult for me to contact people and services directly as we are out of the country and will be for about another year.  Can anyone give me some different price ranges or estimates?  Thank you for all the wonderful information you all post, it is greatly appreciated.  


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The CNM we are using has a fee close to 3000 (not including labs or ultrasound, which she will order if you want).  A friend's lay midwife was around 2000.

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Thank you for the response.  I was having luck finding some numbers for other parts of the country, but for some reason not so much luck for NC, so I appreciate the information.  

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