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Simple Halloween Costume Idea Needed for 4year old boy

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Last year my son was a builder-simple...jeans, plaid shirt, tool belt, hard hat.....He will want it to feel more like regular clothes that are special for Halloween-not big boxes, bulky costumes etc. I need help thinking of a cute idea that would be simple to make. I do not want to buy the costume in the Halloween aisle of the local store. He likes trucks, trains, balloons, hot air balloons, puzzles, games, legoes. ANY IDEAS greatly appreciated! I've asked him....and he says he doesn't know......we are not into super heroes, movies etc. THANK YOU!
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My ds is thinking of being a pirate. I found a fancy vest at a thrift store. He's been wearing it over a partially unbuttoned dress shirt with one of my scarves as a sash and one wrapped around his head. He has a cardboard eyepatch. It's an easy costume with a lot of leeway for creativity and using what is available.

Train engineer or train fireman are other easy ones.

Construction worker or flagman?
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last year ds was a cow (he loves the creature!) I used sweat pants and shirt and hand sewed felt spots all over. i also made ears/horns using a foam visor and more foam. it was very cute and easy to make. you could make nearly any animal this way.
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cute clown with balloons?
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Doctor? Scrubs seem easy to make.
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Last year, DS was a firefighter. I bought a pre-made fleece firefighters jacket at the costume aisle at Target for about $10, and a plastic firefighter hat at the Dollar Tree. It was great because it has been used for pretend play ever since. Nothing scary--just normal clothes with a special jacket over the top. Hat could come off when he got tired of it. Oh yeah, and he was adorable!
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you could make a lego brick with a cardboard box and 6 empty cans (plastic cups might be safer) attached to it. You'd paint it his favorite color, and he'd wear the box. I've seen it done, but not done it myself.
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Cardboard box colored/painted like a lego brick. Armholes or shoulder straps. Long sleaved shirt in same color and black pants.

Truck driver
Flag man on construction site
Painter--house or artist
Fire fighter
police officer
security guard
soldier, sailor
explorer aka Indiana Jones
Lawyer/business man (suit with briefcase)
race car driver (can make car out of large cardboard box, wear as Lego brick above)
doctor, nurse, Vet
sports--football, baseball, soccer, basketball, golf. tennis player
historical figure
photographer, either still or video (regular clothes with camera on strap around neck, tripod, camera bag)
toursit (loud Hawaiian shirt with camera on strap around neck and vacation brochures)
martial arts
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A baseball player or some other sports players, maybe
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You could do a hot air balloon. Buy a really big latex balloon and inflate it as firmly as possible. It needs to be a bit larger than your DS's torso.

After you inflate it, cover it in papier-mache. Leave four openings; one at the top large enough for him to get his head through, two at the sides large enough to give his arms movement, and one at the bottom large enough for him to get into. When the papier-mache is all dry, pop the latex balloon and pull out the pieces. Paint it in bright colors like a hot air balloon.

Find a basket large enough to go around your DS's legs. Cut off any handles; cut out the bottom; cut the basket in half (you will probably need to glue around these cuts with hot glue to keep the basket from falling apart.) Hang one half of the basket from the front of the balloon by several strings, hang the other half from the back of the balloon.

Dress him in black pants and a black turtle neck under the balloon costume.
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