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Do/would u let ur kids play in the rain? - Page 3

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sure... why would I not.
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Sure do. Naked or in clothes. I don't care. Fun times.
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Absolutely. We LOVE puddle dancing.

And, just to show off, this is DS dancing in the rain on our back deck when he was about 18 months old: http://simplifyingmama.blogspot.com/...nstorm_09.html
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Their skin is waterproof.
Their clothing will dry.
Mud can be washed off.

Like several other posters, we live in the Pacific NW. If we stayed inside in the rain, we'd be inside from Oct to June!
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awww all these sweet sweet pictures bring back such memories.

we have done easter egg hunting in our own backyard in the rain. :

i remember this one time we were out late listening to a band at a cafe. they had just closed and dd woke up. she was about a year and half old. she came out and saw the puddles and clogged drain. and walked right into a puddle and jumped in. it was about 1 am on a cold winters morning. not only did she spend a half hour having the time of her life - she infected the surrounding people with her joy too. and the neaviness and tiredness lifted all around us. people seemed to be talking and laughing much more and going home with smiles on their faces. it really had an impact on everyoen around. many just stood and enjoyed watchign a child having so much fun.

of course many came over and said i was the coolest mom for allowing a child jump into a puddle in zero degrees weather. heck she wasnt cold one bit. no blue lips. went home and took a warm bath and slept wonderfully.
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Of course we do. Not just summer either, but then we don't get many summer rain storms and from about Mid october to February there would be almost no outside time if we insisted on not going out in the rain. Our whole family loves the rain. DD loves going out in the yard barefoot in the rain and dancing.

In the winter, the PJ's go in the drying before we go out to play in the rain so that when we come in and dry off we can change into warm, straight from the dryer jammies. Then we all curl up in the living room and play games or read or something.
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As long as it's not lightening, she's out there puddle jumping. All the kids in the neighborhood play out in the rain, as far as I can tell.

Of course, the next best thing is the day AFTER the rain: today she spent the morning making mudpies.

I do know of at least one family that won't let their kids play out in the rain (or walk outside barefoot, or play in the mud, or pretty much anything that would get them wet or dirty).
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i practically force them. man the whole neighborhood comes out when it is raining. so much fun.
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Originally Posted by savannah smiles View Post
I grew up in south Georgia, so warm summer rains were the norm, and my sister and I would often play in the rain. During really hard rains, I'd stand under the where the water ran off the roof and wash my hair that way. Nothing softer than rain-washed hair!
I let my girls play in the rain as long as there's no thunder or lightening.

I even let them strip down to their undies and take really fun showers in the rain and under the run-off
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I do, but I will admit to making them change into their swim gear in the summer, and in the cooler months they're in galoshes and slickers, and if it's too cool I don't let them. So uh, I'm a little OCD about it.
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Of course! I've always made sure the kids have rain slickers and boots so we're ready to stomp! Drawing on sidewalks with chalk at the end of a rain storm is really nice, too. It makes the colors brighter.
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Yes I do!
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Yes, whenever it's raining and not lightening or thundering, then my kids are outside in it. We live in New Mexico and it doesn't rain very often, so when it does, they go out and enjoy the water (another rare thing around here.) Unfortunately, it usually doesn't rain for very long.
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Yes during the summer month. I do insist that they put on their bathsuits but that is more because DS2 has a issue with wearing wet regular clothes and I don't want a meltdown.
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Originally Posted by inkslinger View Post
Absolutely, we run out in the rain every time it rains.
Us too. Then we put on the rubber boots and go for a walk to jump in puddles
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We stayed at a hotel over the weekend (trip to Disney for kiddos birthdays) and we all went to the resort pool in the rain. We weren't going to let a little rain ruin our fun at the pool!
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Depends on the rain. Rains like the ones we'd get in PDX, absolutely. Rains like the ones here in IN? Not so much. Kids can wait 5 minutes for the downpour (some times with hail (in summer!)) to slow to a drizzle before going outside.
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we play in the rain a lot.... not every time, but often enough
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Yes, she loves to play in the rain. We always do a warm bath afterwards, though.
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