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I didn't read any replies but my son wet his bed until a couple of years ago. He'll be 16 in three weeks.

At ten he was TOTALLY old enough to handle his own sheets. Period. It's not a punishment, but I pointed out if DD wet her bed, or if Dad or I did...is it reasonable to expect HIM to change OUR sheets? He got the point. Definitely get him a hamper and work with him on it. Also we invested in a factory sealed heavy cover on the mattress, it made a huge difference. Man that smell is unreal!

Good luck mama!
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I wonder if you could have a neutral 3rd party like a doctor revisit the pull up idea? My oldest ds wet until he was probably 15, and my younger was about 11, I think. For my oldest, who was NEVER dry until he was in his teens, using pullups was a great help. He was worried a lot about being teased and having issues with sleepovers, and camp and what not. He even went to camp for a week a few different times - he's keep a stash of pullups in the bottom of his sleeping bag, and change into them after he was in bed, and no one was the wiser. It made it possible for him to do things he would otherwise have been too uncomfortable to do.

We also had some luck with the alarm system. I think it can sound really negative to some folks, but basically, its a biofeedback system. At first the alarm wakes you because you've wet, and later, you start to wake on your own before. It has the highest "cure" rates of any medical type treatment. It's time intensive when you are starting it, because often kids sleep so heavily that you have to get up and get them out of bed when you hear the alarm, but it does work.

I say definitely he can take his own sheets off at least. At 10, my kids sometimes still struggle to get the bed completely made, but they could certainly pull the sheets off and stick them in a hamper or washer. Again, it is totally not a punishment, just a matter of taking some responsibility for your own self, just as my older dd takes her own allergy medication, and my youngest puts her undies in the hamper if she has a didn't-quite-wipe-right experience.
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I just want to thank everyone for the helpful responses. It's also very refreshing to see that our experience isn't really all that unusual!

Thanks again, you've given DH and I a lot to talk about!

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Make sure his room is warm enough at night--being too cold can cause bedwetting.
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My friend's 6 year old frequently bed wets. He sleeps naked so pj's aren't an issue. He climbs into a sleeping bag on the floor in the middle of the night if he wets, and "helps" his mom do laundry every morning.

Basically, no way in heck would I be changing sheets in the middle of the night!
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