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What is your favorite potty?

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Anyone have any good review (or bad for that matter) of a potty for my little one?
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I got a potty used a while back and DS never liked it much. Then we got a potty seat reducer for our big toilet and he's take a liking to it (has elmo & ernie on it...) and will actualy go potty occasionally on it!!
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I second the rec for a potty seat on the big toilet. We've tried several potty chairs, starting when DS was only 18 mos. He was always too big for them, and he is not a big kid (average h/w). They were hard plastic, which cut into his little backside after sitting for just a few minutes, so he could never sit long enough to be successful. And there was absolutely no room for his penis to get down enough to shoot into the potty.

The only challenge with the big potty is the necessity of climbing up on a stool to get on. DS is not much of a climber, so this was a barrier until recently.
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We have the baby bjorn little potty and we've been pleased. It's cheap, sturdy and simple.
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We have the Baby Bjorn potty chair and the seat topper. We like both. They both have a very functional splash guard if you have a boy.
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Im not sure what its called but its white, w/green top and a blue seat.


Its messy, hard to clean, and the lid falls on your kids back when they sit down, or it slides across the floor.

The baby bjorn little potty is great, but it is a baby potty - ds used it from 7months and still fits on it but he is only 21lbs now at 26 months (he has been using the big potty for a year now)

A bunch of his friends have one shaped like a frog and they all seem to like that one - boys and girls.
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The little potty can actually be used well into toddlerhood for most kids... as they get bigger, they just squat more, which is actually a healthier position for elimination anyway. (Our western approach of 'sitting' rather than 'squatting' is actually unusual!)

DD is, admittedely, still under 29lbs, but she's almost 3yo and over 36" tall. She still loves her BBLP.

We do also have a toilet seat reducer, but you can't beat the convenience of a potty for middle-of-the-night easy pees. Sometimes she barely even wakes up.
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We have a Baby Bjorn potty in each bathroom thanks to a dear friend who passed them along to us. Ds seems comfortable and he is able to go over, arrange the seat, and sit right down on his own. It is easy to clean as it is only one piece and easy to transport (we tuck it into the back of our car for longer trips). We received a Winnie-the-Pooh potty that looks like a chair but it is not practical, not comfortable, and not well-made. This is the third child I have been through potty learning with and this is my favorite potty.
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NOT this one... for a wide variety of reasons, some already listed by pp.

- the ring soaks up urine and is difficult (if not impossible) to clean.
- if it isn't sitting far enough from the wall, the back (lid) cuts into the child's back.
- urine escapes between the cushion and the bowl (I have a little boy - I am sure this one is gender specific).
- when emptying the bowl, the urine and/or water doesn't funnel out of the bowl at a singular point. It goes everywhere, making it difficult to dump without spilling on the toilet, and it gets water/urine in the area where the cushion sits, thus giving it a prime opportunity to soak it all up unless wiped dry first (I'm lazy -- this drove me nuts).
- my son is fairly petite. However, when he sat down, I routine had to tell him "push your penis down", because it would sit on top of the shield if he didn't. He got to the point where he would sit further back on the cushion to avoid doing this, yet when he pooped it made a HUGE mess, since his bottom wasn't in the hole.

I am sure there is more, but I threw it away last month and have attempted to forget about it...These are the things I do remember!

ETA: I have been thinking about getting this one. I thought I was going to be able to do without one at all as Micah as pretty good about using the big potty, but these are good for when he is in a hurry...
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we had this one, and it sucks


ds's feet couldnt reach the floor when we got it (at about 14-15 months) and it took me a while to realize thats part of the reason he didnt like it. the handles got in the way when he tried to straddle it, and the "splash guard" is a complete joke

we got this one instead, and we love it


i tried it out in the store, and his feet hit the ground. the handles dont get in his way, and the way its designed, its doesnt matter if he sits on it backwards or forwards, both sides are tall enough to keep everything in
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lol shydaisi, we posted the same links
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Originally Posted by ashleyhaugh View Post
lol shydaisi, we posted the same links
Well, at least I know that someone likes the Froggy Potty!
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Originally Posted by gillibean View Post
We have the baby bjorn little potty and we've been pleased. It's cheap, sturdy and simple.

We got that and a larger potty. My kids only ever used the BBLP.

Edited to add: The one that they didn't use was the one ShyDasi posted a link to. It mostly got disassembled and the various parts were used as silly hats.
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We have both the Baby Bjorn Little Potty and regular potty.

We keep the BBLP in the car and it works great in a pinch. We would have used it in the house but DD likes to lean back on the potty sometimes and the regular potty has a higher back.

I seriously think these(and the frog pottty)are the best, easiest, potties out there.

I've PLed with a lot of kids because of being a nanny for 13+ year and so many of the other potties are a PITA!
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We have all three Baby Bjorn pottys. The big chair type potty, the little potty, and the one that goes on the toilet. All of them have gotten a lot of use and I highly recommend them. They are kinda pricey, so if I had to choose one, I'd probably go to the chair type one. We keep the little potty in the chair for when we can't get to toilet easily, and it works well for that. The seat is great for transitioning to using the toilet full time.

I should add the reason I like these pottys--they are easy to clean! Plus, they match my black and white bathroom.
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We have the ikea potty, it's simple and easy to clean, DS is still learning to sit on it, but I won't actually try pl'ing until after he adjusts to baby.
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I've heard good things about the Baby Bjorn and the Ikea potties. That froggie one is too danged cute!

We had some no-name, non descrpit potty, and DD didn't like the non-padded seat in it, so we got a potty ring that fit in that and used the same ring to transition her to the toilet. She didn't really, truly become potty trained until she figured out she could sit on the regular toilet seat and go without the seat insert thingies. Much easier on just a regular toilet seat.
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We have this super obnoxious singing potty that also has stickers. DD LOVES it and was potty trained by 18 months. She loved the fact that it talked to her and encouraged her, found the pretend flusher awesome and the stickers were a big stinking deal. This potty is not for everyone but really worked for her. But remembering to turn it off at night is a good plan since the cat would set the darn thing off at 3am.
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Another vote for the Baby Bjorn. Its two parts are simple to clean and the hole is big. DS sat on other potty chairs and his penis would hang out because the hole was just too small. We'd wind up with urine all over the floor. I also bought an Ikea mini potty that looked very similar to the mini Baby Bjorn. I keep it in my minivan and it's been a lifesaver when we've been out and nowhere near a toilet. Best $3.99 I ever spent.
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We have a potty version of this: http://www.brightstarts.com/p-59-my-...ster-seat.aspx

I can't find the actual potty anymore, perhaps they stopped making it. That's good, it was a pain. The bowl was too shallow and if DD pooped on it she'd just get backed up. That, and she liked to take the green potty bowl out, THEN sit on the chair, and pee...through the hole, onto the floor. Thankfully this one was mostly outside, and she did a lot of grass watering.

The IKEA potty is great. I actually like that it's white - I can see how hydrated, or not, she is, which is handy with her in the early stages as I then know how much to watch the clock and remind her to go often. I actually went to buy a BBLP-style one at a local store, they were out, and the lovely woman there sent me to IKEA. For $3 a pop I bought four of them and I do keep on in my van too!
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