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Luckily we haven't had any duds!

DD has used the BBLP since we started ECing. Now at 28 months she is still using it (she is on the small side).

We also have the Ikea potty and she actually prefers that one over the BBLP now because it is a bit taller. It was only 2.99 here in Canada!

I love both those pottys because they are one piece and very easy to clean. The only tiny drawback is dumping them can be a bit messy since there can't be a funnel. However they are so easy to clean it doesn't really matter.

We also have a Disney Princess toilet insert... which I actually dermelled off the princesses from. It was the best insert we could find (I think the "boy" version is Cars or something like that), because the hole was small for a tiny bum, and it had handles on it.

DD uses a combo of the potty's and insert. We have no room for a stool so I like the potty's because she can use them completely independently whereas the insert she still needs me to lift her up.

A bad review come to think of it was the fold up reducer. We used it only a few times. DD found it way too unstable and I think the folds cut into her legs.