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Miracle Mineral Solution(mms) anyone?

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Anyone heard of or used MMS? I have been hearing positive things about it the last two years and now I keep hearing things about it for curing the swine flu and other secondary infections, bacterial or viral.

I', going to buy it, just wondering if anyone has used or heard of it???
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I'm wondering as well, my doctor (yes I say doctor because he is a liscenced doctor) suggested I take this for reoccuring strep infections and possible lyme disease.
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I was just reading about this - it sounds like there's both the mms *product* and also the *protocol* right?
The first part of the book can be downloaded for free here:
Haven't read it all yet.
Anyone tried it???
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subbing... haven't heard nor tried
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We just bought some. My naturopath had some in her office and I asked her about it. It's amazing stuff. Her assistant is using it for short term use. I read in Nexus magazine that bacteria is the culprit for every disease on the planet and the MMS will kill it. My doc. said to dose low for a longer period of time instead of the standard dose that makes you nausious(sp).

yes there is the product and you have to activate it with vit. c or lemon. We are going to use lemon.
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We have it but I haven't ever used it - the protocol is not that complicated but enough for me I figure I have it if anyone ever gets *really* sick.

For flu, though? Would you use it?
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I don't think I would if it's just a 'regular' flu but I would if one of us was REALLY sick or had signs of pneumonia.
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