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Tree reasons I drink Coke instead of the natural stuff.

1) Coke $.50 available from machines every block or so, natural stuff $1.50 available at the co-op down town (mess) or the health food store across town near the worst intersection in 100 mile radius.

2) Coke - all those memories and good times. It all comes back when I hear that tiissssh, those little bubbles hit my nose, and I smell that familiar aroma. If I am going to die, I will do it happy. (And I can use that excuse bnecause it isn't hurting anyone else)
Safer than prozac moire legal than pot .

3) Taste better than the natural stuff plain and simple.

Sorry but I totally understand your husbands need. Look at the bright side. It could be worse. Mine drinks Mt. Dew which ruins his white shirt (yellower sweat), costs us nearly $100 a month (although we own the machine now and it is often a business expense, but we own the business so it is still money out of our pockets) and replaces water.

Good luck coming up with a comprimise. My hubby gives the kids bologna and velbeeta sandwhiches and there is nothing I can do to stop him. At least it doesn't sound like your dh is sharing.
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Lilyka and Jenny- you guys are a riot!!!!:LOL
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Pepsi addict here....but we dont buy it for the house often. We just drink it when we eat out.
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What exactly is phosphoric acid and is it in all carbonated drinks including selzer or just some sodas. Is it a listed ingredient?
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Whole Foods Brand Cola is very good!
It is only $2 for a six pack.
It has natural cane sugar,no caffeine , and is Non Gmo.
I just think Coca Cola and Pepsi are POISON.
Why would you fill your bodies with that?
Because it is convenient to get it out of a machine?, because it is cheaper?
I don't mean to be rude, sorry if I sound that way.
There are alternatives for those who care about their bodies and the planet.
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Because I like the way it tastes, pure and simple. Good thing we all have differences....if we all thought the same the world would be boring.
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I symaphise with the coke battle, Coke is seen by my inlaws as practically the Messiah after communism!!!
My dd drinks it there, at home she is into "fizzy water" and I drink it whenever I feel unhealthy, on the quiet like some kind of homeopathic medicine!!
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Some days I feel like such a freak. I've always hated coke. I had some at a party once when I was about 6 & spewed all night. I've not been able to look a glass in the face since. I'm now 37 My loathing of the stuff runs so deep that I truly have no idea how people can drink the stuff, let alone enjoy it. Maybe force feeding a small child too much coke so they're sick is a good strategy to put them off for life!

When I used to get free bottles with pizza, in the good ol days, I used to use it to clean the toilet. On the odd occasion I used to have to have coke in my bourbon ( also back in the good ol days ), I always used to break out in zits the next day. The only advantage I found is it was a cheap way to go out since it took me all night to drink one drink coz it tasted so gross!

My vote is for coffee & a healthy desert. Real plunger coffee can be really buzzy if you're not overly used to it.
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My name is Happy Mom, and I am addicted to Pepsi....

I refuse to buy it in cans though because I swear I can taste the metallic taste of the can......


I refuse to buy it in plastic bottles because I swear I can taste the plastic leaching into the soda...


That leaves only fountain drinks. I am without a doubt the most addicted fountain drinker standing on this earth. 9 months without it was torture...... And until I stop nursing I restrict myself to just a little bit here & there......

Why can't I be addicted to water??????????
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I prefer fountain to all others also. If I have a can or bottle it has to poured over ice.

Did I mention how I love the stinging sensation of the first swig. mmmm

As for why I love it, Why does anyone love stuff that is bad for them??? Why do people smoke? Use drugs? drive fast expensive cars? WHo knows, they just like it.
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I had given up pepsi years ago, but now I find that some afternoons I need the caffeine (I blame everything on sleep deprivation).

Mmm...off to the fridge.

p.s. Keep pepsi away from computer. Spills are very sticky. Learned this the hard way. DH was not happy.
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prompt use of rubbing alcohol as a cleaning solvent helps. must be while it's wet. nak.
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Well, I guess I didn't clean up very well. There were sticky spots here and there. Yuck. Now I don't even put drinks on the desk.
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ah, I thought you meant IN the computer/keyboard...

and Dovesong...phosphoric acid is phosphorous. It adds the "tart" in cola drinks (not all carbonated sodas). type phosphoric acid carbonated soft drinks in yahoo and you get a lot of info (some from the soda industry.) It has been somewhat linked to bone density decreases in teen girls... they theorize it's the phosphoric acid but the link is uncertain, could be something else about the soft drink, or that it replaces calcium foods.
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Well gals............my husband works for Pepsi......not only do we like the soda before he worked for the company.........but now he gets paid for something he likes.......and sure helps pay the mortgage, food bills, college funds, retirement, etc. LOL!

Believe it or not............Pepsi started out being sold as a drug........some 100 years ago........the syrup was bottled in glass jars.........and was said to cure upset stomaches! Quite amazing how far it made it in every household and widely used!

I am proud to say my dh works for Pepsi.....who donates a lot to charities.........yet it disturbs me that they pay Britney Spears to promote their product........

As much as we enjoy the product........my 2 children drink juices and milk with their meals..........and only on special occasions.......do they to "indulge" as well!

I work for a diagnostic/imaging company where we perform bone density. I will find out if there is some truth to the statement that caffeine affects our bone density!:
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Personally, I think it's probably the packaging that makes the little guy want to drink it too! Can you just rip the label off the bottle and put a fake label on that says something like "Daddy's Caffeine"? We drink beer and wine but our kids don't ask for it because we tell them it's for adults. Even my eldest, who is 11, won't drink soda unless he knows it's specifically for him (and we rarely have it in the house!) This evening, he spied a Mountain Dew (!!!!) bottle in the fridge and smirked a bit at my DP, aware that my DP had been caught doing something naughty! Oh my!

There are lots of things adults do that kids don't. Drinking caffeine is probably one of them. But I do think removing the darned red silver white glittery eye-catching psychologically appealing label wouldn't hurt any.

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it contains so much sugar, even though I love it !
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Our children know they cant have drinks with caffine in them so the girls have their own soda to drink. Usually Hansen natural soda.

My girls love coffee with real cream in it, youd think the taste would scare them off but every time I make myself a couple of cups I have to make them some also. I only drink decaf and very rarely.

I love Pepsi, and it come in decaf
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Yes, soda is bad and soda is evil. But soda keeps my children alive. No, they don't drink it. See, coffee can only go so far (I can drink more of it during the day than my wife) and without the caffeine boost, well, let's not think about it.

We did stop drinking Mountain Dew because it has Brominated Vegetable oil in it. For years I wondered why they wuld have vegetable oil in soda, but it was one of those "everytime I read the can I wondered, but soon after I forget" thoughts. One day, I decded to look it up. Here's a one example, BVO.

We mostly drink Dr Pepper now. Loved their "Red Fusion", but no one around here sells it anymore

neither DS (8 yr old & 15 mos.) drink soda, although on occasion we let out 8yo have some (like last night, had a root beer float). He recently went for an examination to get his teeth sealed. The four children in front of him each had cavities on the sealable teeth, DS had none. Now I don't know the histories of these children, but I'd wager that the reason DS's teeth were cavity free is due in large part to the fact that he doesn't drink soda (not to mention his brushing twice a day.)
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using the term "nazi" to describe yourself is offensive. the nazis were genocidal bastards, i'm sure you're not a genocidal bastard.
back to the discussion...
we drink diet soda in our home, and dd has never touched it, nor does she want to. soda is absolute crap. poison. it's horrible for you. especially the diet brown sodas. but we drink it anyway. we treat it like coffee, that's it's not something that is healthy for little ones to drink, and that water is what's healthiest and best for little ones. (that's what we tell her) we also drink plenty of water in front of her, and tell her that's the healthiest thing for big people too.
T again..we went thru the wendy's drive thru the other day, and maya yells "NUMBA ONE DIET TOKE PEASE! BIGGIE PIES TOO PEASE!!"

lmffaaaaaaaaaaoooo....you'd think i ate fast food alot. (i dont) funny the things they recall.

anyway, she seems to be ok with the soda thing for now. if she acts like she really wants it, we'll make the switch to organic fruit fizzy drinks, b/c i hate being a hypocrite for now, i'm keeping my diet toke.

if it really is very important to you, which i gather it is, i would go with asking him to drink some coffee or tea, or stash the soda in the crisper drawer and sneak it into another room to chug it down.
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