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smee had her baby!!! - a little girl
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..... and Heidi was the most amazing doula! She was born yesterday at home at 9:34pm after 26 hours of labor. She had a nuchal arm (yes, the whole arm, apparently), but I had only a few tiny skid marks - no tears! She's already nursed, and is just the most beautiful thing.
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I have to say that was one of the most phenomenal experiences of my life.

Sara, I agree w/you. Her hand had to be up over her head or in front of her face. It was after you said you had felt something move that your labor picked up. I think that's when her arm came down by her ear, and then you made progress.

I was seriously pushing with you!

You were amazing!!!!!

Cody'smomma and Jess- I am so sorry I never got back on here to answer your posts. I hope both of you are in a better head-place now.

Here's my newest development... I love Ativan!!

Matt's still job-hunting, and we are out of cash. sigh.... thanfully our income tax refund is comeing soon, but we will still have racked up some cc debt by then.

Henry- Ds1- has an IEP meeting that Matt and I are to attend on Friday. Its to determine services for him for speech. On the up end of things, I have been hearing him use the 'F' sound!! But he has 2-3 other to master. Then we'll start getting him evaluated for ADHD. blegh.
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Ok, new thread!!!! Thanks Heidi

But, fist- I LOVED the birth story from both of your perspectives, I can't believe i didn't comment earlier. Yea!!! Congrats!! Beautiful!!!
I've been hoping to find time to chat here, but now I'll just hop on over to thread 4(-; But not now, lo asleep in my self, I need to go to the bathroom, I need to clean up the kitchen, and leave to pick up ds in a few minutes. AIIIGhghhg!! -Jessica
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