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Who is still pregnant?

What is your due date?

Are you considering any home induction methods?


I am due tomorrow. Going to whole foods in a few minutes to get a pineapple, a few mangoes, some pregnancy tea and some blue and/or black cohosh.

My midwife is comfortable with me going to 43 weeks before stripping my membranes or breaking my water...

I've been having some contractions last night and this morning. So I'll try DTD tonight... and just relaxing. I seem to have more contractions after DS is in bed, or he's not around.
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Still pregnant. Due 9/25 and probably won't consider home induction techniques until I'm past due, lets see if I can hold out that long though...
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Still pregnant, edd 9/23. I'm going to start listening to the "Come out, Baby" Hypnobabies CD tonight, I think DH has to go back to school on 9/29 so I'm anxious to have the baby ASAP
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9/29 and yes to all the home stim techniques.

I enjoy a daily walk through the neighboring tree farm while doing nipple stim. Pineapple, this is something I have heard of. Our coop rarely sells this type of tropical fruit, but I would try if I had the option. I have been cooking spicy dinners as well and have finally been given the okay to DTD after 6 months of being banned. DP is scared to do it though. Can someone knock some sense into him for me???
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Still pregnant.

Due 9/25.

Home techniques include walking, orgasm, nursing Connor, and I just was reading up on accupressure (the web of my hand is already tender!)

I've never gone past 38+5, so I'm very anxious since I'm at 38+3 today. I know only having two births to go off of doesn't exactly equal a trend, but my body has been "gearing up" for almost 3 weeks now!!!

I tried to check myself yesterday, it's really difficult to reach my cervix, but from what I could tell, it was still slightly posterior, very soft, very effaced, but I couldn't guage dilation (couldn't find the opening). I need a longer finger
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Still here! Due 9/23.

My cervix still feels far back, thick and closed. I wasn't in any hurry to have this little guy until the last couple of days. He dropped last week, and it is harder to get around and do stuff. Plus, my favorite midwife is on call tomorrow and won't be again until next Tuesday. I so want her to deliver! Plus, I am on vacation from work this week and won't go back until at least 6 weeks PP. I was really hoping he'd come this week at around 39 weeks like his big brother.

I have the "Come Out, Baby" CD, but I'm not sure it would help with my cervix simply not ready yet. Otherwise, I would have listened to it today. I have been using the birth ball my doula lent me, using it as I type, lol. And I listen to the other HB tracks every night before bed. I don't plan on any other home induction-type stuff so far.

I haven't had any real contractions, just lots of BH, so here's hoping they start soon!
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still pregnant (edd 24th) and BORED!
not really doing anything to get it started though.
took an insanely long walk all over london on saturday and only succeeded in making myself immobile on sunday.
going for a spicy curry tomorrow night for my dds birthday. I hope the baby doesn't come tomorrow though, my 8 year old will not want to share her special day.
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Due 9/25 Still pregnant (obviously why I am posting :LOL)

I am 38+3 so I know I have a ways to go. Ds was born at 4o +5. There seems to be a trend amongst my friends to go later with their second. So who knows. I do feel ready physically, mentally: not so much.

I will leave the induction techiniques to Mother nature. We can't DTD. I am nursing ds still so that could have a bearing on labor. Other than that, I am very patient and will leave well enough alone until I reach the point where I cannot birth at the birth center (42 weeks) then I will try some things.
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Still preggo!

Due 9/21 - 1 week from today.

No induction tenchniques here. Seems odd to do before I am even due! We are doing all our usual activities, though. Keeping up with 3 kids and their after-school activities keeps me plenty busy. I am still working PT from home and enjoying that.

Most things hurt, and sleep is definitely a challenge with the peeing and position changes that take 10 mins , but I am definitely enjoying all of it. I think I'm still in denial that there's a new little one coming!

I have been having BH since very early on in pregnancy, and they happen pretty much any time of day and night. I was really surprised at my MW's reaction when palpating this weekend. I got a usual BH and she said, "wow, that's a good one!!" It was just a usual BH, but I guess she was impressed with how hard my belly was.

I don't count the baby as coming any time soon. I don't get much going on until labor actually starts, but I am happy to let this little girl pick her due date!

We have SO many late-in-the-month mamas - it should be busy here the next couple of weeks!

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Still here. Due 9/6.

BPP today, then we're talking medicalized birthing interventions dependant on the outcome of that.

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I'm here. EDD 9/26. Today marks my longest pregnancy so far. I don't want to go tomorrow though since my mom is having some heart testing and I don't want her to cancel. No home induction. I do take walks and DTD (try ) but that's just to get ready and not really for induction. I think Wed. will be a great day and that was my prediction.
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today I'm 40 + 1 (never gone this far)

so my EDD was yesterday 9/13

not considering much (ask me in a week)

I really really hope that Confustication goes into labor right now she was due on the 6th can everyone send her the vibes!!!!!
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Still pregnant. 38 weeks today.

Edd: 9/28

My dd was born at 40 +6 (dates may have been off. Could have been closer to 40, not sure.

Started losing the plug on Friday, and was having contractions. DD got sick with a cold that day and now, I have the cold. Sore throat yesterday, and congestion started last night. That means we will not try to move things along and will pray for time to get better before baby comes. After that, maybe I'll have sex and stay active on my feet. Nothing else though.
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Still pregnant. Due tomorrow. I think the stress of having house guests is making this baby stay put. My brother arrives from Australia tomorrow ON MY DUE DATE!

My mw will let me go as long as the baby is handling pg well. I think after 42 weeks I would need to do some u/s to check on baby but if all is well she'll let me go as long as it takes. I am not sure if I am going to try any natural induction methods, besides sex, nip stim, walking etc, maybe I would consent to stripping of membranes after 42 weeks <shrug> . I am really hoping I don't get to that point!!!! The two births I knew the conception date I went to 39w6d and 40w.....I know I am due tomorrow but have no signs of labour starting!

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Originally Posted by confustication View Post
Still here. Due 9/6.

BPP today, then we're talking medicalized birthing interventions dependant on the outcome of that.

I hope you avoid a medicalised induction...sending birthing vibes your way mama!! :::
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Still preggo

Due Date Sept, 29
Still pregnant yet hoping it comes soon!
Not doing anything to induce...yet.

update...the baby came on later on that evening after the original post! now its been almost a year!
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EDD Sept 20.

Not considering anything at this point, since I'm only 39 wks. Although I spent yesterday nesting, and was VERY uncomfortable for the first time. I couldn't find any way to sit or lie last night that didn't hurt. Contracting fairly regularly, although no pattern. I can't reach my cervix, so have no idea if anything is going on - darned short fingers.

I see my MW in a couple hours though, and she'll tell me whether he's dropped again, which I suspect he has.
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Still here, but expected to be. EDD 9-30

I have to admit, I think I was more anxious a week ago. Now that I am cleared for a homebirth, I feel much more relaxed about the 'when'. I would like for this to happen soon, since I am so uncomfortable, but at this point I supposed anything is 'soon enough' really.
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Still here. Due 9/25

I start doing acupuncture at 38 weeks (well I do it all pg, but I let them do the induction points at 38 weeks), but I firmly believe that it won't do anything until the body is ready.

I sort of thought I'd have the baby by now, because at 36 weeks I was 5 cm, effaced and baby's head was in engaged. But she's hanging on so now I'm thinking I'll have the baby close to my due date.
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Hello, all.

I was due 9/5, so 41+2 today. I'm not doing anything yet, but see the MW on Wednesday and may beg for stripping of membranes. I'm really okay, but my mom has time off NOW, and I'd really like her to be able to be with us for several days before she has to go back to work.

Last pg went to 42+2 and finally got going with stripping, so I think 5 days sooner than that (Wednesday) will be plenty long enough. Come ON baby!!
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