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So exciting to find this thread!

I'm returning to school in the fall to finish up my BA in fine arts. I was supposed to graduate last December, but had a baby in August instead. So DS will be about a year when I go back.

DH is also in school, and we just worked our schedules so that we aren't in class at the same time... we'll see how it works out!

Nice ti have some support from those who've BTDT, and nice to be able to provide some support as well!
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Ugh! I've got such writer's block! Actually, I think I've got ADD! I have another chapter due next Friday, and I just can't focus long enough to write a word. So far, I've got the title, and that's it

Of course, if I didn't spend so much time checking out the diapering forum here, I'd be a lot further ahead....

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!
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Just checking in! I start school in a little over 3 weeks. Please, please let the baby get here before I have to go back! I've outgrown most of my maternity clothes already!

This summer I'm taking 1st year spanish and astronomy, and then in the fall I'm taking all my stuff online so I can stay home. Two upper division psych classes, sociology, and algebra.
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Howdy ya'll!

Hi everyone! I've been looking for a group like this for a long time! I just finished reading through all the posts. whew! You have a lot of great advice.

I'm not yet a full time mama but have been a full time student all my life. Right now I'm beginning my 2nd year of grad school in clinical psych.

It was only a couple months ago we decided to start trying, before that I was pretty ambivalent about whether I wanted children or not. Now it's all I can think about!!!! I'm learning patience though! I suppose that's one lesson I will need to have learned by the time a baby arrives.

I've read and re-read my preconception planning books and every other baby book I could get my hands on. Funny, the books only tell you how to handle your employer when planning a pregnancy, not your professor. If anyone has advice, do tell! At first I thought I might tell them what I'm planning, then I thought that would be too much like asking permission. NOT.

Anyway, great to meet ya'll!!! I can't wait till I can chime in with my own pregnancy/mama woes!!
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Been lurking, hope you all don't mind me jumping back in. Prophetmother, IMO, don't even think about telling your profs that you are planning to have a baby! Just quietly do it & then let them know. I say this not out of dishonesty, but because (depending on your school) some profs may be supportive, some may try & talk you out of it, & some may be down right hostile. You prolly don't need that when you are TTC your first baby.

Greaseball, do let us know when the new bub arrives, if he/she hasn't already. DOn't worry, as you know all babies are born eventually, even if sometimes it feels like it will never be the time........

Me, I'm writing the lit review & revised research plan...... one letter at a time... **sigh**
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You're right! I "heard" that one of our professors said that they should start handing out birth control when they accept women into their program...
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If your university receives any sort of public funds, it's illegal for them to discriminate against you on the basis of anything related to pregnancy or parenting.
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I agree to not give profs too much info about your life. I was amazed that some of my profs didnt even realize I had a baby - and I was a HUGE pregnant woman at finals last year!
The law school environment can be cold that way, but I think it is a good rule to just do what you do. If there is a prof you feel would be a good source of advice, than talk to that person by all means, but no reason to talk with those who dont really care at the least or who are hostile at worst.
That said, I had a prof this year who has 8 children, all of them breastfed for at least one year, and she had them while being a professor and having her own law practice! She was so great to just be around when I needed good female energy in a place filled with macho egos.

Good luck!
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We should write a book about our experiences. I plan to one day. In my spare time...lol
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My cat pooped on my thesis.

Do you think I can use that as an excuse to be late with this chapter? Would that be a university approved exemption?

I had what I'd written so far printed out, and left it on the floor intending to read it when I finished eating supper. Came back upstairs - poop! Ugh, that cat.

Plus, my DH is really trying my patience tonight. [VENT ALERT!!] He's working on his MBA right now, in addition to working full-time, and has a two day exam coming up in couple of weeks. And I'm talking care of our DD on my maternity leave, and have a chapter of my thesis due on Friday. Yet somehow, his stresses always seem to take precedence in our house. Tonight (before the poop) I was doing some really good work after DD went to bed, and DH came skulking about wondering about supper. So I go downstairs, pull together dinner, gulp it down, clean the kitchen, clean up the poop, clean today's diapers, and now it's pretty much time for bed. And what did he do? Drank a glass of wine, watched tv and is now back at studying, belly full and quite relaxed. What IS it with me? What IS it with men? (my cats are both boys too, which explains the complete lack of respect they have for me).

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One more week and I am off for the summer.....

One more week and I am off for the summer...

I am clicking my heels together does that mean it will come true?

Good luck on finals everyone.

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OK, baby's here! Now I've got 3 weeks to fit back into my size 4 clothes, or I'll have to buy an emergency fat wardrobe.
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Buy the clothes and give yourself the necessary time to heal. I hope you had a wonderful birth and congratulations on your new addition to the family.

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Greaseball- congrats on new baby Andrea!! And, uh.... unless you know some trick I don't know, you might be needing to head off to the shops for a few pairs of tracky daks to wear at the beginning of next term!!

Hope all is going well!!
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Congratulations Greaseball!
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I went and got some stretchy shorts and large t-shirts. I surrender!
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That is why I love my spinny dresses so much. No matter what size I am they fit just right. Plus, they don't need much attention in the wash etc.

Check out www.twilightdance.com if you are interested.


Oh, I am not the chick who actually makes the dresses. She made some for me and they are worth every penny. I used up all the fabric and patches that I have had for years and got some really beautiful dresses out of it.
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Yep. Surrender to the wobbly tummy for a while. Don't worry tho, give it a little time & all your bits eventually fit back together, even after two kids- trust me!

Re: spinny dresses. I know a girl who modified hers to work for breastfeeding- she just changed the straps into velcro drop ones, IYKWIM. Eye & hook would no doubt work as well.
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Right on. I don't know about that wobbly tummy. It has been 3 years since my daughter but still have that tummy issue. Any other ideas besides crunches? I do those on a daily basis but to no avail.
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okay, so we're way T here, but ashtanga yoga did wonders for me, combined with climbing training one night a week & walking lots of places. And looking at my tummy now, okay, I've been slack lately so my chubs are coming back & hanging over the edge a bit (did you really need that image late at night????? ), & I suppose I'm stuck with that slack skin caused by a 17 kilo weight gain forever- I just don't lean over at the beach in a bikini & no one knows....... But most of it did fit back together eventually. Good enough for me I guess.
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