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The Feel Good thread!

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I have seen a lot of vents recently, including my own recently! I have had a bad time with chosing pre-schools but another fantastic experience with my local Kindermusik and I had told my DH about all my feelings throughout and he said that I should remind myself of all the aspects of parenting I think I'm good at!
I was wondering what aspect of parenting you feel good at....

I love and feel good at showing and introducing my children to new things, like friends and activities, and as they're always changing there's always the challenge of doing it again... This time it was more of a challenge and it nearly defeated me, but my DS announced that today had been a 'wow day'. I nearly cried!:
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Good idea for a thread, mummyofan.
I feel good about giving my kids lots of opportunities to be outside to explore nature. If we see a creek, we splash in it. If we see an interesting bug, we stop to observe it. If they want to pick up every single rock they find on a walk, that's what we do, then when we get home we examine them and sometimes we keep them for years.
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