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I did. But, I think he grew out of it. He is 28 this year about to be 29 and gave it up about a year ago. I know he has a few 'friends' who are still addicted to it.

And yes, I consider it an addiction!

It was so annoying when we were going through it!!!

His was Half-Life - HATE THAT STUPID GAME!!
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Ok, time for me to fess up. 5 years ago, I was a Quake2 player. I had my own clan, competed in matches and ladders. I met my future husband online, he joined my clan! After about a year of him in my clan and talking to him, he flew from TN to DE to meet me. We got married 1 month later (no I wasn't pregnant!).

So now it's 5 years later, and we both still love playing games. We've been through EQ, DAoC, and SWG together. Those games are great, however, with dd, its just too time consuming. He has an xbox, which he plays all sorts of stuff, none of it really interests me except Tetris which he got me for Xmas.

Both of us are playing the new Unreal 2004 demo that was just released, we are having tons of fun! My dd plays various games on the laptop, like Blues Clues, Dr. Seuss, etc. She been an expert with the mouse (thumbwheel) since she was 2 years old. She knows how to play all of her games, open and close the programs, type in her name.

No problems with violent games here, we just have to remind each other not to play them when dd is around.
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Thanks for this thread, mamas. It's good to feel less alone. I could relate to many of your posts, & for me this is just one of many aspects of my life/marriage that I'm utterly discouraged about. Dh is sort of self employed (also depressed & often sick) so he doesn't have somewhere to get up & be, even, so who the he** knows what he does all night. But these games are a part of it (OMG for whoever mentioned HalfLife2... this game's release is looming in my life like meteor about to hit, lol!).

The thing is, for me I know that there are so many other issues about why he dislikes his life so much he always feels a need to escape it. The violent games are disgusting to me - for heaven's sake we are peace activists. I just don't get it. But worse is the amount of time he gives to it & the activities we aren't doing together as a result.

*sigh* anyway, thanks for the chance to vent.

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So many wives don't understand the attraction to violent games. my advice is PLAY IT ONCE AND YOU'LL SEE!! I tried Halo. My heart started to race. All of my sences were acute. It felt real. I HATED it. I don't like to feel that warrior rush kick in. That is the appeal. The rush. No thanks, not for me. The violent gaming has nothing to do with violence.

My theroy is that you can get a rush many other ways. Exercise, sex. These are healthy ways to get a good rush. I guess I just see gaming as unproductive.

Amandasmom- Did I get it right? Trying to describe the appeal? Also, I bet your dh buds envy him for having a gamer wife.
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Originally posted by IdentityCrisisMama
Forest Sage, I have heard that there are women gamers but I’ve never had the pleasure, lol. Could I pick your brain?

What’s the deal? Why do you like them? What do you get out of it? I honestly don’t get it and DH can’t explain it.

With the violent games, I especially don’t get it. I’ve asked DH why he can’t play games that exercise the same skills w/o killing and he kind of freezes up. How does the killing component enhance the game? What are you thinking about when you play?

Please don’t take offence to this. I’m MARRIED to someone who does this and I love and respect him. I just don’t understand. I figure I may get a better answer out of a woman!
No problemo, IdentityCrisisMama! No offence taken!
I like them because I consider them a high form of art and entertainment. It gives me a sense of accomplishment (whether or not one agrees with me is moot, how I measure my sense of accomplishment is going to be different from someone else's). I once butted heads with my aunt because I told her once that "riding" a horse in a game was "just like the real thing." Let's just say we didn't meet eye to eye Of course it's not like really riding a horse. But the point is, is that our lives are restricted in a sense, and gaming is an appropriate out. As for what I get out of it, the feeling that I have mastered something that is challenging and interesting TO ME is what I get out of it. Not to mention feeling like I'm "at home" in a world where I don't feel insecure, lonely or like the oddball that I am. See, I used to ride horseback, but the physical toll it would take on my body was atrocious. I like my brain stimulated instead.
If I was neglecting my DH or my job or caring for my kids there would be a huge problem, but if things are kept in check then I think gaming is healthy. I can't speak to the ultraviolent games that saturate the market now because I don't like them. I prefer RPG/Fantasy. There's killing in those kinds of games too. I like taking down the bad guys. It gives me a sense of adventure.
BTW I have no aspirations to play EverQuest ~ I know enough about myself and my limits to know that I should avoid that which will enslave me.
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