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UPDATED in #21: If anyone can spare some positive thoughts and prayers today

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I could really use them!

I am 41+6 today and feel like I'm looking down the barrel of a gun. DH and I are not getting along and it is a HUGE mental block for me. I really think it is getting in the way of me going into spontaneous labor.

I feel like I will probably lose my home birth and need to be induced at the hospital.

I have an NST and BPP today and then will see my MW and she will sweep my membranes. I will also find out what her backup OB said (she was supposed to call her yesterday to consult about my case).

I have to leave the house in 2.5 hrs. I can't stop crying.

Going to scrub the floor now....maybe that will help because I have tried everything else!
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Good thoughts coming to you. I am in the same boat, except I'm only 38+3, so I'm trying not to stress about labor yet, but DH and I are having a very tough time, too. He's been out of work since April and I know he feels crappy about it, but he's taking it out on me and DS and I'm just so beyond sick of his crap. He says he's a loser...well, anyone can lose their job and it's a tough time for a job hunt right now, but what is making him a LOSER is the fact that he lays around and does nothing all day, ignores DS while I try to WAH so DS bothers me and I can't get anything done, he doesn't clean up the house at all, so I have to try to do all that in addition to working at home, caring for DS, and being 9 months pregnant...what does he do, you ask? Well, like I said, watches court programs and Maury all day and then tries to dash out of the house to go to the casino every chance he gets. He has me asking my family for money so we can pay the bills...and then he runs out and gambles away his unemployment check, really cute. And then he's just mean to me on top of it, yesterday he made me cry in Costco because I told him that we couldn't buy a $10 2-pack of Acai juice for his mother considering we have only $100 to last us for food and gas until the 2nd week of October. So he got mad. I just want to run away.
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Big hug to you!!!

Floor scrubbing is mind-numbing, it might work.... but try also grabbing couple of minutes, sit down somewhere quiet, and regroup.

Imagine a great meeting with a midwife, normal results of NST and BPP...
Find your inner peace and calm, and you'll influence those around you.

Also, talk to your baby - just love and encouragement.

I'm sending you all the positive vibes, and I know you can do it, although I do not know you personally!

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Sending you labor vibes!
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:big HUGE s. I was late with ds. I took two very long walks over 5 miles each. Less than 12 hours later, slam bam labor. Labor was only 12 hours. Walking not only put my body into to gear but cleared my head as dh and I were not getting along at all.
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aw. s to you. I'm so sorry that this is such a stressful time for you. I know that you've already done all you could to naturally induce labor. Maybe now you just need to clear your head of the worry and anxiety. It could be what's blocking you from going into labor. I'm still sending labor vibes your way and I really hope that you go into labor soon! It will be okay, no matter what happens. s
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ELVs to you....
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hang in there soon you will be able to hold your new babes, which will be a ray of sunshine in your dark hours
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you know what, Deymm, just let go of all of those problems with your husband. they don't matter at all right now.

right now, it's between you and your baby. focus exclusively on that -- segment your life away from the DH for now, if that's what it takes. separate bedrooms, separate meals, whatever it takes.

good luck!!!!
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Oh, Deb,

I would gently caution you against deciding it's any issue with your DH that's delaying labor. That could cause a rift that's hard to heal later.

Science is learning that it's the baby's brain that tells mom's body when to go into labor, not anything you're doing or not doing.

It seems like you're both anxious about this situation. Can you have a heart to heart and talk about how you're both feeling?

My thoughts are with you today!!

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I'm so sorry and I am sending you all the ELV's and spontaneous birth vibes I can muster!! :::
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Originally Posted by angelachristin;14385135I
just want to run away.
Yikes it sounds like you have it pretty rough right now too! sounds like your dh might be depressed, I hope he is able to find his way out of his funk for you, ds and new babe!
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My fingers are crossed that the dr. says all good things and that the GOOD news and membrane sweep send you into labor.

Hang in there - one way or another, you are on the HOME STRETCH here and you'll be meeting your baby SO SOON!!!!!!
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sending good vibes to you! I'm sorry your DH is giving you a hard time. Is there any place that you can go just to feel unwind for a bit?
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Oh, mama, I can hear the frustration and exhaustion in your post. I hope something happens for you soon.
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i've been praying for you. this sounds so difficult and frustrating. i'm so sorry.
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Many hugs & good thoughts for you!
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You're definitely in my thoughts today. I hope something good happens for you soon!
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Baby will be here soon and will change your whole perspective. I hope you can find something to comfort you til then. I know how grueling the wait is.
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