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Critique A Blog ~ Krisis

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Her blog is called Why Does the Bird Sing? She sings not because she has a statement, but because she has a song.

As always, here are the generic questions, but Krisis may have more specific ones for you!

Blog Critique Questions

1. What do you think of the layout? The number of columns? The colors?
2. Does my profile info read well? Does it help readers 'know' me?
3. Is the writing interesting to read?
4. Should the writing be strictly educational, or include personal posts to add some personality?
5. Is the content worth coming back for?
6. How can I bring more traffic?
7. How can I generate more comments?
8. Is there something that you feel would take my blog to the next level?
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I read lots of "Mommy" blogs, not blogs that are trying to sell anything or really teach you something per se. Just stories of people's lives, the things they love to do, their families, etc. I find those types of blogs the most fascinating. So if there's any question about what my blog is supposed to be, it's definitely supposed to be the story of our days. Someday I do want to get in to typing up recipes and maybe some little things I've learned as a parent, but I'm not looking to make any money off my blog. Guess I just wanted to clear that up
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Kris, it's really obvious through reading your posts how much you love your family. That's always so wonderful to see.

Your son is a cutie.
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I think your blog does a great job of doing what you want it to do- recording your days and giving your readers an idea of what your life is like. I am always impressed when I find such honesty in personal blogs, because it takes so much courage to be so open.

I find the narrow width of the posts to be kind of oppressive. Beyond where the sidebar ends, the background becomes rather overwhelming.
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I love your "about" page. It tells what a first-time reader wants to know without giving any identifying details.

I also love the bird theme. I agree the template could be better but the fact that it goes so well with the bird theme is a plus.
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i like your writing style and i like the background. i was disappointed when i went to the 'about me' and found out that your little guy is not actually named sparrow, lol . . . the thing about a truly personal blog that gets me hooked is feeling like i'm really getting to know the blogger and his/her family/friends, so fake names sometimes bother me. not that i don't understand wanting some privacy. just my personal glitch, i guess. overall, i like the blog a lot!
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What a pretty blog! I like the colors a lot.

I, too, think the width of the content could be a bit larger. I ended up enlarging the text on my screen to make it a bit easier to read (FWIW, I had to do the same with the new layout here at mdc ).

I really like your bookshelf. Good reads is a great site. I think that kind of personal touch is nice on a family blog. Do you use tags? A tag cloud or selection of headings is often good to draw readers in who maybe are only interested in one or two aspects (ie, recipes or a particular bit of the parenting journey). Even if your intention is just to keep it as a personal blog, you might want to think about categories/tags so that you can find your own entries a bit more easily.

Very cool about your tv interview! If you can get it embedded into the blog that would really rock. When I'm clicking around and reading, I tend to forget where I'm going. So if I were to click to the news story, I might actually forget to return to your blog. While it's not the prettiest personal trait, I think short-attention-span is rather common on the internet so I'm probably not the only person that happens to.

I do really enjoy your title!
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LOVE your blog title and all the bird references. The colors are good. Maybe move to a three columns. I feel like there is more background than 'blog' space on the screen, but that might just be my computer

love the pics! what a cute little guy
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