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Fleece diapers?

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Can you make cloth diapers out of fleece only, several layers? I have tons of fleece that I would like to use to sew up some quick diapers. And will snappi's work with fleece?

I also have a ton of stretch knit that I could use on the layer that actually touches baby.

What are your opinions?

I meant to say Flannel, I don't know what I was thinking. I have tons of flannel, not fleece
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Fleece doesn't absorb much so I don't think making a diaper entirely out of fleece is a good idea. You need something absorbent in there -- cotton, hemp, bamboo. Old towels or flannel sheets or receiving blankets work well if you're looking to do it cheaply.

Some people use a particular type of fleece as the outer layer as a cover, and some people use fleece as the inner layer so baby feels dry...but there is always something else in there to soak up the pee.

Try pouring a cup of water on a pile of fleece and see what happens...
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It "works," as in flannel is soft and absorbant, but it wouldn't be waterproof at all--you'd need some sort of waterproof outer, or a cover. I'm not sure if that is what you mean or not.
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No. Fleece wicks. So you can use it as the inner "stay dry" lining of a diaper, or you can use it as the outer to act as sort of a cover(assuming it's a heavier fleece or you use two layers).
But fleece will not absorb wetness. So it wouldn't work as a diaper itself.
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Originally Posted by rachel65655 View Post

I meant to say Flannel, I don't know what I was thinking. I have tons of flannel, not fleece
OK! That make a LOT more sense! Short answer...yes. You definitely can make diapers out of flannel. They're nice and absorbent. What kind of diapers - fitteds? You need something waterproof on the outside whether that's a cover, an attached outer like an AIO, or you could make flannel inserts for pockets.

Flannel often doesn't snappi, the weave is too tight, although some people do manage.
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I have several flannel fitted diapers. They work pretty well but IME they are not a good option for overnight or long trips because they get soaked really quickly, like they don't hold as much as other fibers I guess. If you want it waterproof you still need to add a cover, but at home I often use them without covers because I don't really mind a bit of dampness and it is easier to tell when the baby has peed.
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I only use flannel, for night time and going out included. But, I put several layers in the middle for a soaker, and add additional pads if needed for quicker drying, and quilting the pads before it goes into the diaper or being serged, or quilting the whole diaper helps them be more absorbant. And, although I am doing cute quilting now, it can just be a couple lines like they have in pads to make the wetness stay in the middle. KWIM? I love all the cute prints, whereas other fabrics may just be offered in white or off white, or shrink differently. I have also used many a receiving blankets, sheets, and old towels. But, I put that in the hidden layers, if I can help it, as I like the cuteness as I said. OR, it doesn't matter what is in the middle, as long as the covers are cute, since thats what shows when going out. I am really considering buying wool longies for the babies, although I have never used wool before. THEY are toooo cute, and can be used as pants in the winter. Covers can only show in the summer. Great idea!!! Kymberli
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just wanted to add that although flannel doesn't snappi that well, your knits might. so you might try your knit fabric with a snappi. if it works you could put it on the outside instead of the inside...
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