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Getting excited...

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20 week appointment with u/s is tomorrow morning! I am looking forward to seeing this little one again, and hopefully finding out what we are having! What is really cool is that the past week or so, the movement has become a lot more pronounced and regular. Totally cool!
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YAY! Can't wait to hear!
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Woohoo! Enjoy your scan and come tell us the good news as soon as you are able!

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hope it goes well & that you wil be able to find out the gender.
update us when you can
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Yes, update afterwards!

It is such fun to peek inside just a bit!
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I thought I was the only one who was just starting to get regular kicking. It was perfect timing, it started right around the ultrasound last week. I knew I wouldn't get to 'see' him again until he's born and the kicking really helps me feel connected with the little guy in there.

Enjoy your ultrasound!
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