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Central IL Help finding doctors

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We live in the LITTLE town of Nokomis, IL But I'm willing to drive to:


We need to find a dentist, pediatrician, and pediatric ophthalmologist. Also we are probably going to be on All Kids insurance soon. Any recommendations? We don't do too many Vax's and my babies are all born at home. Springfield and Decatur are kinda far- an hour away for us. But we go to the doctor so little that I really don't mind driving an hour for the few times we need to get physicals for them or what not.
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BUMP. . . seriously NO recommendations? Springfield. . . decatur. . . litchfield. . .. Vandalia?
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I don't know anything about the All Kids program, so I'm not sure how helpful my information will be.

We see Dr. Costerisan in Mt. Zion. He mostly does family practice, but he's also an OB. He's respectful of selective and delayed vaxing, very pro-breastfeeding, and has a reputation among my LLL of being good for natural birth.

For a dentist, we see Dr. Cole in Mt. Zion. My children's vax status has never even come up there, but he's been great so far with my kids.

I don't think I can help with the pediatric opthamologist, but our optometrist is Dr. Bedford in Decatur, and he's probably the most patient eye doctor ever. : And his prices are very reasonable.

I think that's probably all I can help with. I do know a very crunchy, pro-homebirth chiropractor in Monticello, but I imagine that's way too far for you. If you're ever in the market for a pediatric urologist, PM me. :
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Thank you!
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