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I was a little teed off that April went, I thought for sure that Shandi should have gone this week. I think April takes amazing pictures and I agree, who cares how she gets it done, as long as she does it

However I am a Yoanna fan here. I think that she is proving to the judges that she can make her body look how they want it. We could not see the whole photo but I am assuming she did great because even that beeotch Janice said it was great and I think she hates Yoanna. Yoanna is amazingly beautiful on and off film, I really hope that she wins.

I thought April and Shandi both looked bad. Mercedes and Yoanna looked great. I also like Mercedes but I do think she looks too commercial.

I know it's a competiton and to have Shandi feel guilty would help them, but that is just so wrong. I think someone should have just said a little something to her and then let her take it from there, ya know.

Edited to add that yes DAMN it is done. I got my neighbor sucked into this show as well. Oh and an fyi, Tyra tired to sell a male version of this show and noone wants it :LOL I thought that was interesting!
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I don't care for shandi. Nothing agaist her personality just she looked so bad in a swimsuit she had bones potruding this way and that, way too stick for me but hey I guess that's what being a models is all about. I don't think mercedes can pull off high fashion like the other girls. It will either be yoanna or shandi now that april's gone but I'm guessing shandi.
I was also surprised it was april, never guessed that one I though she's be one of teh laststanding. Her and shandi to be exact.
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Bumping in celebration of the season finale tonight!

Who will be America's Next Top Model!?

The suspense is killing me!!
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The suspense is killing me too, and the thing that sucks is that American Idol is 2 hours tonight so I am going to tape Americas Next Top Model and watch it later. I am going to be tempted to channel surf but I don't want to ruin it so I am going to try really hard not too!

Who do you all think wins?

I am going to say Yoanna, eventhough my gut says they will pick Shandi!

Oh yeah and speaking of Shandi my dh said that once her boyfriend cooled off and reaized that she could become very rich if she wins, he calls back and says, I still love you and want you to concentrate on winning :LOL He thought that was telling...........
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Oh I can't WAIT for tonight!!! I am a Yoanna fan too but think Shandi will win...we shall see!
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Good observation on your husband's part, SoccerMom.

I think it will be Shandi though I won't be surprised if it is Yoanna. Tyra and the judges seem to be blind when it comes to her. I really don't think it will be Mercedes though. I think they are just keeping her as the token minority : Whatever. I think Mercedes is GORGEOUS and she poses well but she doesn't have the model look. If they wanted a minority there, they could have kept April or Camille. They actually can compete with Shandi and Yoanna and definitely in my book beat them out by tons. And this is coming from a fellow WOC.

Cant wait to see either who wins tonight!!!

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ooohhh i can't wait either. dh usdually gets home half way through, but today he works earlier so he's going to watch it with me. tyra was on american dreams on sunday...i forget who she was supposed to be????
mercedes is so sweet but i doubt that will get her anywhere.
shandi or yoanna? yoanna or shandi????hmmmmmm? i haven't a clue.
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OH< thank you so much for reminding me this comes on tonight> dH IS SO NOT GOING TO GET WHY i WANT TO WATCH A SHOW ABOUt models, sorry for the caps.

Liek I said before I'm not a fan of shandi I pick yoanna over her. The only way mercedes will win if they play the lupas card. sounds bad to say but it does happen. " struggling with a terminal illness she overcame agaisnt all odds to become america's next top model."
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Ok so I had to tape this tonight and still didn't watch it, I am going there directly :LOL

I hope that a commercial agency hooks up with Mercedes I think she is just so beautiful! It would be a shame for her not to get work, she really is good, just not for the runway, but I think she could do almost all other types.

Ok off to watch my tape!
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I have been uploading pictures all night and didn't see it. Someone has got to tell me how it ended!!!!!!!
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lilyka!!!!! OMG it was : please

YOANNA!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHoo HOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

Once Shandi was booted I knew it had to be Yoanna, although for a few minutes I thought they might go with Mercedes. I was so happy for her. She has been vested in the whole fashion thing her whole life, for her it was not just about being a model, kwim, it was about the whole business, I mean she knew all the designers and the photgraphers. I was so happy for her. I also hope that Mercedes gets a deal too.
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Oh I was really happy too! She was my pick from the begining - and no one can aruge that her face is just so classic! I LOVED that last pic of her - so flawless!!!!
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I was acyually pleased it was yoanna also but a little surprised. I am pleased because it was a dream of hers since shildhood and I love it when people's dreams come true although I think mercedes would have been a good pick also, hell I'm just glad it wasn't shandi. wonder if her boyfriend will still stay with her?
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i am so glad it wasn't shandi-she is TOO skinny and didn't have the confidence.
yeah for yoanna, wow she is beautiful! and to make her dream come true is jusy great.
i have to say that mercedes was just hot on the runway. her little booty hanging out and all. she has such great spunk, i hope that she gets a contract somewhere.
now what am i going to do on tuesday nights?
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jeca that was my first thought after Shandi got the boot, will her boyfriend dump her now that she lost?
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All I can say is I'm happy I won't have to see any more of Shandi. Yoanna definitely has the 'look', but Mercedes is amazing, abnd I, also, hope to see more of her as well.
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Wasn't the show good? I swear, when they called Mercedes name first during the first elimination, we cheered. Man, she got sooo close and hell yah! She looked amazing on the runway.
I was mighty pleased to see Shandi go and I hope that she can work things out with the boyfriend at home. Shandi didn't seem all too upset about being eliminated, did she?

Yoanna was an excellent pic, although I have to say I had initial disappointment that it wasn't Mercedes.
Anyone who looks that beautiful in a freakin helmet should win.

Also, I was wonderin if Camille is stewing about her nemesis winning?...
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Originally posted by Susana
Also, I was wonderin if Camille is stewing about her nemesis winning?...
:LOL Something tells me she is!:LOL
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They played a Basketball game on the channel we usually get Model on!! Man!
My cousin let me know who won, but I am hoping to catch a re-run....it's on Saturday night isn't it??

Glad to see Yoanna win.....
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