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I did it...I scheduled...

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A c-section. After thinking and talking a lot about it with DH and our OB (whom is the most amazing woman, btw), I opted to schedule this kid for December 22. It has been a hard decision for me/us, but it makes the best sense for us at this time.

And, yes, I continue to talk myself into this...ugh.

And, to add icing to this cake, I have my follow-up gestational diabetes test on Saturday morning...sigh. I have gained a LOT of weight...oh, 30 pounds or so, and I am only 25.5 weeks, so a positive won't surprise me much. But, I digress...

The best part was finding out the lactation consultant will be int he operating room ready to get this little guy nursing instantly :, and he'll room-in, just like my other kids. THAT is a big relief.

I am also opting to have a tubal whilst in there since it takes almost no extra time. DH is still thinking about a vascectomy, but we'll see. It's def not because he won't that I have decided to...

So, there you have it. I cannot believe I am coming home with a new son on Christmas Eve. YOWZA!
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DDC crashing. Congrats on making an informed decision that best suits you and your current situation. Best wishes!
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ooh thank god....I am not the only one. ..I have been kinda scared to post it but I will be having a c-section also, I had an emergency c-section with my son after 3 days of intense labor. But I will be breastfeeding this time so I feel a little better about it.
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I have a December 22nd baby & we came home Christmas Eve...it was really great:

I am glad that you have found a way to celebrate the birth of your baby.
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Hey, it's whatever works for you right? If this is what your heart/gut says to do, then more power to you!

Congrats on making a decision- I'm sure it was a hard one!

(and congrats on having the courage to post it- I know how hard it can be to be the odd one out sometimes )
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Hi... I just wanted to say that I respect your decision and my C was super easy. You hear all sorts of horror stories but it really wasn't that bad. The reason I really want to VBAC is to have the experience, not an aversion to my last birth (like going to the dentist (Ohhh god, not the dentist)).

Christmas is a wonderful time to have a baby. How amazing...
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Thanks for your kind replies. It IS hard to post about this here. I was a pretty staunch natural birther with my first, whom then decided to put me through a nightmare of a birth...well, maybe nightmare is too strong of a word. I just know at one point I screamed at the nurse, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME>>>STOP!!!!" At which point DH just about threw her out of the room. She was trying to inserta catheter into my very swollen urethra prior to an emergency c/s after 6+ hours of pushing. Nice. I still can hear my own voice. Ugh.

DD was born via c/s because I had gestational diabetes and just feared the worst again.

This kiddo was a toss up. I thought I could home birth...maybe even unassisted, which we talked about briefly. BUT, then I got to thinking about all of the possibilities, my previous experiences, and teh timing of this little one's birth, as well as my desire to take care of birth control forever. So, c/s it is.

I am still coming to terms with this, but am 85% okay.

Thank you all!:
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I am glad you have made a decision. That could not have been an easy one to make. And just to think, you will have your LO by Christmas!

Already talking about a birth is making the time seem to fly much faster!
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I know it must be a hard decision to make, but you have to go with what makes you feel safest.
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i agree with pp, you have to do what's best for you, your family and your lo. i can understand what a hard decision it must have been - i was minutes away from being told i had to have a c-section and by some miracle it didn't happen. but coming to terms that it might happen was very difficult. hugs to you mama!

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Hey, we're about birthing options around here...and it sounds like you're happy with your decision. That's all that matters!

Now, with 12/22 you might have the first of our January babies!!
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That must have been a really hard choice to make!
A baby by Christmas though, how wonderful! Can't say that I'm not jealous!
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Thanks again for the support everyone.
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All I care about is whether women are making truly informed decisions, and it sounds like you definitely are -- so well done you! Best wishes for a great birth.
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depending on what happens with my previa situation, i may need to do the same. i m glad you are pleased with your decision. that is the important thing!
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My OB doctor will not let me have a VBAC after my complications with my DS which resulted in a emergency C-section. My C-section & tubligation will take place January 21st (my birthday) if he doesn't come early. I will be only 10 days shy of my due date. I am really nervous but feel the C-section will be best for baby & I.
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Congratulations on making a tough decision that is best for you and your baby.....it sounds like you will have a great Christmas this year, with a new baby to celebrate with your family
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