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Yes - any child dealing with hitting, aggression, above normal tantrums, bloated belly, diarrhea, constipation, red ears, red cheeks, red under eyes, dark eyes, funky skin stuff, ADD/ADHD, been diagnosed with bipolar, sensory, aspie, -----really anything you should look at those things - priority one - a stool test.  It tells what good flora is in the gut, what bad flora is present, bacteria, strep, yeast and more.  Another great read is : Children With Starving Brains: A Medical Treatment Guide for Autism Spectrum Disorder, Second Edition ...........Don't let the word Autism freak you out - these doctors happen to be those who have dealt with the above symptoms in all kinds of children but since Autism is a noted epidemic - well catchy title works for us dealing with the epidemic.


I would suggestion you look at the following: Look at what is being consumed by your child? Most artificial dyes, preservatives, and flavors are made from chemical derived from Petroleum-yep you are eating a form of oil. High Fructose Corn Syrup can last on your tongue for up to 7 days -causing those lovely sweet cravings and desires.  HFCS also comes with a serving of mercury, lets say a bonus of the toxic process to make it.  Food Allergies and sensitives are huge- gluten is huge and has been modified and "Monsantoed" in ways our bowels can' t handle, milk is the same way.  What environmental factors are there (live by a highway, power lines, coal plant, cleaning products - tons of chlorine and fluoride in the water out here)?  Family story is very important as well - bowel issues, depression, anxiety, skin conditions, allergies, cancers, thyroid issue, and more all are associated in someway to your immune system -it is not all neuro.  80% of your immune system is in your bowel, so most of the time their are problems with both.  Ask yourself "does my child stare off even for 5 seconds, like they are not even aware of the world? (possible absentee seizure) It happens that fast and without a single body movement.  What else??   


Your prenatal history is important and hindsight so don't guilt yourself about what you didn't know, educate yourself for tomorrow and the future. 


Now I am not a doctor, but a very educated mother who has turned researcher and google med student in order to heal my son, since 99% of mainstream still thinks Autism(although we know it was vaccine induced autistic like symptoms) is a freaking checklist of behaviors when in reality you heal the issues in the body and poof the autistic symptoms disappear and the diagnosis is removed. 


There is a great doc - Dr. Nomita Pothuluri understands this very well.  My husband will be joining her shortly.  They understand both sides of medicine - traditional and alternative.    Feel free to email me if you have more questions or concerns or just want to talk.



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Folic acid is huge!  Not absorbing this correctly is due to Cerebral Folate Antibody Receptor.  Dr. Quadros out of the East Coast identified this giant problem and created a test to analyze blood for this.  Spinal is the next level of testing.  Guess what blocks or binds to the folate??? Animal Milk Protein ---AHHAHAHAHA! No more raw milk, cheese, goat, sheep anything milk from an animal.  This is huge for your immune system as well.  My son was just diagnosed with very high block receptors and has been taking colostrum for a year which has been depriving his body of much needed folate.  He actually will need the broken down version of folic acid ---folinic acid at an obscenely high dose. 


Google Quadros and Cerebral Folate Antibody Receptor, mind blowing stuff!  Makes you wonder why more of mainstream medicine isn't paying attention to this stuff.  Seriously, feeling sluggish oh just eat better and exercise or take an antibiotic you are probably dealing with a bacterial infections when all along your cells Mitochondria ---hello cell energy is on the freaking floor....Your not crazy cause you are eating better and exercising and still feel like crap there is shit going on in your body----let's test for it, find it and heal it!  and get the crap out of our food and water! Okay okay off my soapbox! LOL

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Wow, Oceanblue.  That's a LOT of information.  I will look at it and see if I have any questions.  Thanks!

We definitely don't do food coloring or HFCS in general.  I try to stick to a vegetarian organic diet.  However, we DO eat gluten and dairy.  I have been thinking about cutting those out, but it would be a challenge.  He also was recently tested for food allergies and came back negative for all of those, but others have said it can be an intolerance (not necessarily an allergy) causing the problem.

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I posted part of what's below on another thread that was discussing another issue my son is having, and I thought it might be good to post here. . . . . .


I am hoping not to continue a debate about meds/no meds, or whether I am not doing the right thing or not.  I would prefer not to have more criticism or critique of what I am doing or not doing, or not doing enough of, or anything along those lines.  That's simply not helpful to me as a person.  It makes me feel defensive, hurt, and judged, and it doesn't provide anything helpful or beneficial.  Criticism makes me not want to return to MDC, to not read or post on these threads anymore. 


Trust me, I get MORE than enough criticism and blame from my parents.  Criticism is not what I need.  I am a single mom with few resources under extreme stress and with very little emotional or any other kind of support.  Whenever my son acts out, my parents are furiously angry with me and attack and blame me for his behavior.  My mom even said today that they were no longer going to help me and that I should give my son up for adoption.  Today has been SO shitty, you don't even know.  (Can I say that on MDC?)  In the past MDC was the place I came to get good suggestions and some emotional support, but now it's often an equal dose (or more) of criticism, which is something I don't need.  Seriously, put yourself in my place.  How would you feel? 


There have been a lot of mamas who've offered some great suggestions about my son over the year or so that I've posted about my son's behavioral problems.  (My first post on this thread was September 2009.)  However, there have also been some people who've been critical about how I am responding to my son's issues, particularly those who INSIST that my son needs medication, and some have even gone so far as to suggest that I am abusing/neglecting my son because I haven't medicated him.  While I may reach the point where I decide to try this, I don't think it's the magical cure that some people think it is.  And it's not without possible side effects, and very severe side effects, in some cases!  My family tends to respond with severe reactions to many different kinds of medications.  I am allergic to several different kinds of medications, as is my mother and several other family members.  (My mom was once prescribed the vitamin niacin for high cholesterol.  The first day of taking it, her face swelled up so much she looked like this woman except her face was bright red and her cheeks were more swollen!  I am not kidding!  We had to rush her to the ER.)  I am the kind of person who gets the awful, weird side effect that no one ever gets.  I am very sensitive to medications.  Is it unreasonable to think my son might be the same?   Isn't it reasonable to be cautious and concerned? 


In any case, I think that it's each parent's role to decide what's right for their own children.  I wouldn't criticize any of you for choosing to medicate your children, or feed them meat, or eat a non-organic diet, or not vaccinating because you think it's unsafe (or the reverse), or letting them watch TV, or drink unpasteurized milk, or whatever ways you choose to raise your child, and I would like to be given the same respect and consideration.  I may think "I would never do THAT!" but I would never say that to any other parent.  I think outside of giving our children proper care (food, clothing, shelter, and love) and medical treatment for obvious medical emergencies (your child is having trouble breathing, you call 911!) that most of the rest of it is up for us to decide what's right for our kids.


Yes, I have asked for help in posting about my son, but there's a big difference between offering suggestions ("I would try medication if he were my child") and criticizing someone for not choosing to follow your suggestion. 

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Have you had a professional evaluation done on your son?  Forgive me but I haven't read all 25 pages of this thread but things seem really tough for you and your little one right now.  I had a friend who was have some serious issues with her child and went through the alternative medicine route for a couple years with no success.  She ended up at Mayo clinic and her daughter had a phyiscal issue that was the culprit and with the help of the doctor things have greatly improved.  Best of luck and take care.

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I thought the MDC was an information center and to each as own on what to do with the info? Seriously - guilt! Who needs it? Us moms can do it on our own, don't need others to join in on the situation - geesh     ROTFLMAO.gif


Waiting to get help isn't helping anyone so don' t let time pass you by and make more guilt that you didn't do something sooner...


So with that said - did you have IGG panels or IGA panels done.  My  son has no allergies but clear sensitivities - hello yogurt+ nick's bowel =20minutes later diarrhea!  I do know for myself I have to limit certain foods - like chocolate or my sugar is out of wack and I turn into "crabby mom".  A lot of people try to keep a food diary - what is eaten, how much time until a b.m(sorry gross).  and descriptions - smell, color, size.  Now know that our lovely water in the toilet covers up a mess load as I swore to the doctors my sons poops looked just fine, no smell from the toilet to then catch one for the poop test and bam - blood in the stool and a room clearing smell (yeast)....  Don't let the toilet fool you:)


Sounds like you eat well.  Maybe consider removing gluten for a few months - yep that long.  I did it cold turkey for my son and he woke in the middle of the night in horrific stomach pain for the first few nights -get gripe water-awesome e at relaxing the bowels and works fast...  Gluten removal is compared to a drug user stopping cold turkey - I kid you not! Gluten has an opioid affect on the body.  You can have no infractions at this time - think of someone addicted to drugs.  They stop but getting even the smallest amount make the body react strongly and desire more - same with gluten - just a heads up on that.  Also vegan - do you do a ton of soy?  Really limit that the peptide in soy reacts the same as gluten also has the estrogen issue. 


Sorry if I am rambling at this point.  Hope the info helps! 


If anyone is medicating their child or thinking about it Frontline did a great series on The Medicated Child - 6 series on Youtube...

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Hi, i have only scanned most of these 25 pages.  But, i was wondering if you had tried homeopathics?  There are many homeopathics and you can search in cetain databases with specific details to get the right one.  Also, Rescue remedy works wonders for me when i am in a rage it comes in drops and also a spray that my kids love.

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Oh my, mama, my heart goes out to you and your little boy.  I wish you strength to keep being the good mama you are.  I know it's not easy.  hug2.gif


I also highly recommend finding a classical homeopath.  I had excellent results with my young ds when he was diagnosed with sensory issues.  I am happy to say he is doing just great now.


Also, I think it's worth a shot to try an elimination diet.  Or find a naturopath to help you on your journey.  If I remember reading correctly, you had bad luck with naturopaths, but maybe in the Finding My Tribe section here, you could find a good one? 


Many blessings to you and your boy.  I wish you the very best.  --joyfulheart


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I just had a thought.  I HAVE had my son vaccinated (though haven't completed his most recent vax set because I got more concerned about side effects), and he did have a severe reaction to the DTAP vaccine (twice).  His doc thought it was probably pertussis that caused the problem.  He had a 106 temp, if I remember correctly.  I wonder if he had a vaccine injury?  Could that cause behavior/brain problems?  Does anyone know anything about that?  I guess I should check that forum.  Is there anything that can be done, if that's the case?



You really need to visit the vax forum more often, read the past archives and start a thread there with a link to this thread so people understand where you're coming from. I would guess they would refer you to a good DAN dr who can help any vax related issues your son might have. They could help with your exemptions too.


That was actually the first thing I asked you a year ago (whether or not your son was vaxed) I do think it could be a major contributor as well as the abuse he suffered. I don't recall you mentioning a serious vax reaction before (106? holy cow!) but I hope it was jotted on his charts, it might have got him a possible medical exemption for at least that one. My own son had no fever or fussiness at all but seriously regressed in potty and babbling for one month after one of his as an infant (we did EC) - and we only did ONE that day (it was Hib), it was his 2nd shot, he did do well with the DTaP and we finished that series... he hasnt been vaxed since 7months and is over 3 now.  I can't imagine what having 6 at once or doing the usual schedule might have done. Autism is in my family, I feel we might have dodged a bullet there.







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Thanks everyone for the helpful posts.  I will be posting an update later when I am not so swamped with the holidays.  Things have been up and down for us, and I am just hoping we can get through Christmas without any big blow ups.


Happy holidays to everyone!

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A quick reply to the person asking about whether my son has had any professional evaluation.


He is currently receiving treatment from the following professionals:


  • Child psychologist (has seen for over two years)
  • Child psychiatrist
  • Child trauma therapist (specializing in EMDR)
  • Pediatrician
  • Behavioral pediatrician
  • Occupational therapist
  • Acupuncturist, Doctor of Chinese medicine
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Quick question:  do these professionals consult with each other about your son?  They need to all be on the same page with your son.  Otherwise, they could very well be undoing what good the others are doing and negating everything.  they need to be all working in the same direction.

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Hi Sewchris:


Yes, they do consult with each other more or less.  I also always double check things with everyone. 


Merry Christmas --- or Happy Holidays if you don't celebrate Christmas!  champagne.gif


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How are things going now, Mama?

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