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Homemade Halloween Costumes!

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Anyone else starting to work on them yet? I finished DS's tonight, and I think it turned out pretty well. He loves it!

From the side
With the hood/antennae
Runaway bumble!!!!

Anyone else?
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beautiful job Dd wants to be an ant I do not even know where to begin!!!!!
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Great job, mama! Both the kid and the costume are very cute!

DD wants me to make her a "fancy" witch costume. She was with me at the fabric store the other day and saw some cool spiderweb fabric she wants me to make into a costume for her. I'm hoping to make a devil costume for DS2 and DS1 already has his costume figured out (Indiana Jones).
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Very cute!
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DD's Halloween costume will actually be my very first sewing project! She wants to be a big cat (lion, tiger, leopard, whatever) and I asked my mother to help me sew it from a pattern when she comes to visit in a few weeks. I'm excited! I don't even know how to thread the machine yet
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All of you sewing mamas need to post pics when you finish the costumes! I can't wait to see them!
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DD wants to be Cinderella. I found the pattern at the thrift store. I just finished washing the fabric and cutting out the pattern. I need to press and cut out the fabric tonight. I want to get it down early because I've been known to procrastinate and I don't want to be pulling an all nighter. DS wants to be "Ash Ketchum" from Pokemon, it's pretty easy to do that one.
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How cute!
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My kids already have their costumes (they are going to be teddy bears). Every year we buy/make them in August WAY ahead of time to beat the rush. Maybe next year I will make them something but they are at the age they like to pick among many already made items.

I will be painting their faces!

I have made several costumes for them. Cats, owl, eagle. Felt is the easiest material to use for costumes IMHO! Last year I crocheted them kitty hats (w/ ears) and matching tails. Easy peasy!
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The bumblebee is sooo cute!

I'm hoping to finish my daughter's costume this weekend.She wants to be a flower fairy queen.Originally she wanted to be an onion.I had no idea how I was going to do that.Two years ago she was a broccoli and that was hard enough to figure out.

I've sewn her clothes out of old curtains and now I need to dye them.I have half of her wings into shape.So I need to finish the wings and make a crown.Hopefully I can get it done today.
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dd#1 is going to be a native american
dd#2 is going to be a cup of hot chocolate
dd#3 is going to be a bunny rabbit or a clown

i haven't made the others yet.
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