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I got behind on watching The Office and just watched Scotts Tots and the Christmas one. Yeah the Scotts Tots plot was hard. I laughed harder than I have in a LONG time during the Christmas episode. I don't know if it's because we've been sick and I just needed the emotional release, or what, but I laughed and laughed and laughed! I don't think I've laughed that hard since my daughter was born. It was funny seeing her mimic me laugh like that, too! Anyway, I was giggling from the beginning, when Dwight said something like "This was a successful unveiling!!!" and then I lost it when Michael said he was a man and better to play Santa Claus and you'd know if you sat on his lap that it was true. I might have to watch that again! And Phyllis playing Santa was too cute, especially her accent! I loved the 12 drummers drumming at the end! Awwwwww!!!!!

I guess I still need to watch the clip episode. Maybe next weekend! Birth should be coming up! I bet it will be something special, I don't think they'll let us down!! It does seem like the show is winding down, though.

They could bring back Holly, that would liven things up!
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i didnt hate the clip show. i thought it was sweet, but def a waste of a new episode!
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The last episode was kind of forgetable. I hope they step it up. I'd hate to not love the show anymore.
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So, I actually liked last night's episode!
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Me too. Hilarious. Pams belly is getting bigger! I thought that whole daycare scene was awesome.

Poor Andy though. All that trouble and she STILL expects to be asked.
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I thought last night was back to the classic office we all love. The daycare thing had me laughing out loud. I love how the dc guy said something like, "Have you ever thought that maybe you aren't as adorable as you think you are?"
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Yes, I enjoyed that episode more than most.
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and the Suck It! I need one of those.
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"Have you ever tasted a rainbow?"

Suck it!!

That was the best episode of this season.
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Originally Posted by Hatteras Gal View Post
"Have you ever tasted a rainbow?"

Suck it!!

That was the best episode of this season.

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This is one of my favorite shows I must add. I enjoying watching most of the episodes. I am trying to remember which episode was my favorite. I have to post that another time though.
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is the baby ep tonight? nervous!
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I was just thinking I missed The Office tonight - good to know the Olympics was on. Can't wait for the baby to be born!
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yeah, i thought i heard a commercial saying "the baby will arrive on thursday" or something. maybe they said "the thursday after the oympics".

she needs to read "Birthing from Within"!
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just bumping to see what everyone thought!
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Originally Posted by rhiOrion View Post
just bumping to see what everyone thought!
well, i really didn't care for the L&D nurse.... but, the episode wasn't as painful as I was prepared for.
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I don't usually watch it, but that was a great episode! I was almost crying when she finally got breasfeeding to work at the end. I wanted to slap that nurse!
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omg!!! dh & i almost wet our pants when she nursed the wrong baby!!!!!!!

from a just watchin tv perspective-hysterical episode-we enjoyed it.

from an ap pers., was happy she wanted to bf so badly etc. never saw a bottle which was also cool.

thought they did a great job of capturing the anxiety of getting a good latch etc.

can a man become a LC??? for some reason i thought you had to have breastfed...
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the nurse was annoying, because Pam had to audacity to actually educate herself I was lmao when she nursed the wrong baby, and was so happy when the baby finally latched.
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